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Disclaimer:  If you’re in a committed, happy marriage or relationship, this probably isn’t for you.

If not, then read on.

This proven method has been shown to help older men attract, date and seduce younger women…

…even if you’re well into your 40s, 50s, and 60s.

No matter what you look like, your height or the state of your bank balance.

Find out how it works here:

How to effortlessly attract women in their 20s and 30s (even if you’re over 40)

This may surprise you, but it’s true.

Certain women in their 20s and 30s actively WANT to sleep with older men.

They prefer them to men their own age, in fact.


Because older men represent maturity.



That’s all VERY sexy and attractive.

They’d love to meet an older man who has all this to offer – and pursue a hot, fun relationship with them.

Unfortunately, most older men don’t have a clue how to actually pick these women out.

Even if they do accidentally stumble on a woman who prefers the older man, they don’t know what to say or do to spark that attraction.

Here’s what I mean by this.

You’ve often got to give a younger woman “permission” to express her attraction to you.

Even if she thinks you’re absolutely irresistible, many women will be afraid to reveal their attraction openly.

That’s just how it is – societal pressure and all that.

Your job is to spot that attraction below the surface – and make her feel unafraid to express herself.

Sound difficult to you?

Rest assured, it definitely isn’t.

With the right approach, it’s incredibly easy to do all this.

A friend of mine has been studying these kinds of relationships for YEARS to understand how older men and younger women end up together.

He’s dated quite a few younger women himself.

And he’s sharing a few of his most effective tips in the following video.

If you want to attract younger women, regardless of your age, check the video out here:

Attract women in their 20s and 30s by doing THIS

Talk soon,

Taylor Snow

PS: This Mistake Prevents Men From Getting Laid

Hey mate,

If you want bang tons of girls, there’s one crucial thing you need to understand…

For this generation of younger girls, I’m talking 18 to 26…

Their social prestige means EVERYTHING.

And the surest way for their reputation to be destroyed is if they’re seen doing anything deemed controversial…

Whether that’s having a bunch of one-night stands, engaging in group orgies, or sleeping with men old enough to be their dad..

Even though it’s 2021, and there’s WAY less slut-shaming than ever before…

Some young women still have a huge fear of it… depending on their social circumstances or particular upbringing.

So right now, I’m going to focus on these young ladies… (not the boat load of young women who hold their “slut-flag” high!).

This means as an older man if you show you can’t be discreet…

Your chances of getting the lay with this type of woman drops to practically zero.

And these socially conscious young ladies hate nothing more than an older man who insists on public displays of affection or PDA’s.

I mean it makes total sense from the guy’s point of view – he’s with a young hottie and wants everyone to know about it.

He’ll be celebrated and revered for banging someone decades younger.

But for a woman it’s a completely different story.

She’ll be aware of the judging glances and quiet whispers when people see a much older man touching her…

Knowing exactly what people are thinking and saying about her:


Sugar baby…


Is it fair? No.

Is it reality? Hell yes.

All it takes is ONE incident and her reputation can be irreparably damaged in her social circle.

Once that happens, she fears her female friends will turn on her and men won’t want her as their friend.

So it’s absolutely critical you avoid doing anything in public that puts her reputation at risk.

You want her to have plausible deniability about why she’s with you… other than it being romantic or naughty.

If someone questions her, she can claim you’re an uncle, a work colleague, a family friend, or whatever other excuse she wants to use.

But if you’re trying to hold her hand, kiss her, hug her, etc, then that plausible deniability goes straight out the window.

However, when you pull back in public you’re showing a ton of social intelligence…

This not only protects her reputation, it makes her even more attracted to you.

Now, this is only one mistake you need to avoid if you want to sleep with gorgeous young women.

99% of older men never get laid with these women because they don’t know about these east-to-avoid mistakes.

The 1% of men who DO enjoy a nooky paradise… as they scoop up all of the women who fantasize about being with an older man.

If you want to join this exclusive club then you need to check out this controversial video from aging lothario Bill Grant.

Bill has slept with more young women than Warren Beatty and for the first time ever he’s showing you how to do the same.

Because the information you’re about to learn is potent, please promise me you’ll use it responsibly.


PS: This Sucks… But It’s Here To Stay

About half of the men who read this post are single… if that’s you, I strongly encourage you to read this when you have a chance.

In this post, I’m going to unpack some opinions, observations, predictions, and recommend a resource that I think is essential for the next few years socially.

Tinder is here to stay

I hate Tinder and all of the other dating apps.  I have said many times in many of my videos, posts, and even inside of programs, that it’s a fad that ought to be avoided because it takes everything interesting out of the human mating ritual and boils it down to facial features and 5-second decisions.

Honestly, if you are extremely handsome, look great without a shirt on, and have a puppy (or can borrow one for your photo), you probably love Tinder!  

But this actually creates two big problems for most of us:

For 99% of men who get close to zero interest on Tinder, it’s a nightmare (even if you’re getting some swipes, the total opportunity is small, so your chance of creating a successful match that really works sexually, romantically, and emotionally is depressingly small).

And for 99% of women, it’s a nightmare because, again, photogenic women have a massive advantage, AND women don’t actually like to choose men based on physical appearance.  It’s a much less important attribute for them in terms of their real preferences in mate selection, and so the men they are most likely to match with are still likely to get squeezed out by their own limitations in choosing based on a face.

But even though Tinder is an absolutely shitty way to meet a lover/mate/partner, it’s only going to become more important in terms of its influence on the future of dating.  This was already inevitable anyway because technology does not tend to move backward… but now Corona has massively accelerated our ride into this inevitable future of electronic socializing.

Electronic Socializing Is (Very Likely) The Future

In-person social venues will return, but dating apps will increasingly rule the way singles meet.

The reason that this is true is, like all recent tech advancements, it’s more convenient and it feels efficient.  You can “approach” 200 mate possibilities in an hour in your pajamas… rather than have to get all dressed up, find parking, stand in a line, and then deal with the internal awkwardness of walking up to a stranger, often getting rejected.

I have always held that there is just no substitute for meeting in the flesh, hearing their voice, maybe sharing a dance, touching someone’s hair, smelling them, feeling the awkward sexual tension develop, human to human.  And so I have always held that this electronic nonsense, from the earliest “We met on Match!” weddings, was going to remain a small-time in terms of authentic relationships.

But something unexpected has happened to our culture (or at least it was unexpected for me).  Some kind of evil mixture of porn-brain, pick-up artists, feminist reaction to both of those, and then #metoo and woke man-canceling has created a culture where, increasingly, it’s inappropriate to express sexual interest in person… and yet totally accepted over electronic devices.

Sexual courtship has ALWAYS been context-specific.  The things said in a single’s bar have always had a different standard of normal from the office or a neighbor’s BBQ with the kids around.

But this new shift in acceptable context has gotten quite weird. 

Receiving dick pics has become normal for women on a smartphone app…  But there are fetish sex parties in San Francisco where, “Hey, check out my dick!” is still going to be weird.

The bottom line is that based on investment capital pouring into dating apps, and the social norms of Millenials and Gen Zs, this trend is going to be a continuing for a long while.

I truly hope that we see the pendulum swing back because, in my observation, this is a terrible way for men and women to find each other romantically.

Why Women Ghost and Flake On Dating Apps and Texting

One of the things that make the electronic courtship so frustrating is that it sparks antisocial behavior because of a lack of social consequences.

On the men’s side, there is the shotgun approach to finding sex and the ease with which men can intentionally make a woman uncomfortable with a dick pic.

But let’s talk about the women…

As I mentioned earlier, physical appearance is not a high priority for most women when it comes to choosing a romantic partner.  

If she’s looking for a one-night-stand, then perhaps it becomes more important (along with safety… an assessment that the guy she’s interested in doesn’t seem rapey or like a needy stalker, which is hard to do by texting with him).

But if she’s actually hoping to meet a man that she’ll date, spend time with, maybe become her boyfriend, maybe even create a family with… physical appearance drops much lower on her list. 

The result is that when a man swipes right, it’s because he’s interested in meeting that woman in real life, right now, and hopefully end up having sex with her.

When a woman swipes right… it’s a bit more complicated.

Maybe she’s interested, but it is hard to figure out if a man is a stalker or a man she’d actually be interested in spending time with based on a carefully selected photo and a crafted profile. 

Usually, it’s more of a game for women, a way to pass the time.  She’s not at all convinced she actually wants to actually meet him, much less have sex with him, tonight or ever.  But it’s kind of fun.   

Also, she’s likely starved for real affection, and the app is like a social dildo that lets her connect to the idea that she’s feminine and attractive.  The female version of men who play first-person shooters on their phone to get a jolt of testosterone.

With that level of investment, it just doesn’t feel like a loss if she forgets about the guy that wrote some cheeky texts.

To sum up the imbalance here, you have to understand the vast gap in motivation– 

A man is trying to get past the texting to hopefully get to a sexual encounter.  All of the good stuff for him is at the other end of this investment.

A woman is having some harmless entertainment on her smartphone.  That’s the good stuff.  Past that, if she actually meets up with the guy, there’s a universe of potential awkwardness, probable disappointment (again, everything available on the dating app is super-low on her priority list for an actual lover, so the odds are stacked against her), and a non-zero chance of physical danger.


Understanding all of the above is going to give you a lot of insight into why things go down the way they do on dating apps and all other text-based relatings.

Generally, when men ask me for advice about some woman they’ve been texting with, I punt and say, “Honestly it’s not my wheelhouse.  I’m an ‘in person’ guy, and I met my wife before this stuff took over the social universe.”

That is the truth of it, but I have lately understood that it’s not good enough, and I’ve been really investigating this entire thing more carefully.

It’s my strong opinion that any man who has more to offer than a pretty face gets the hell off the apps and into real social environments if they possibly can.  It’s so much more enjoyable and so much more real, and if you get comfortable in the IRL world, it’s just much more efficient use of your time. You’ll get real dates, real romantic partners, and real relationships in a fraction of the time with a whole lot less frustration.

That said, even when you meet a woman in a social venue, particularly if alcohol was involved, she’s going to spend some time texting with you before deciding if she wants to see you again, or she was just drunk and caught up in hormones the night you met.

If you can’t get her on a date, get her on a zoom.  The closer to reality, the better… For BOTH of you.

And finally, my strong recommendation is that if you feel helpless and confused in the apps-and-texting universe (particularly if you’re a bit older and returning to the dating world after a relationship ended and aren’t a “digital native”), you would very likely benefit from a program created by my close friend Christian Hudson called “How2Text.”

Christian is not a bullshit PUA or a slick marketer (actually his marketing is extremely slick, but he’s actually a concerned and highly brilliant teacher).  

When I say he’s a close friend, I mean I officiated his wedding and our families frequently hang out together.  

And when I say he’s brilliant, I mean he has spent a ton of time really thinking this stuff through, testing it with real clients in the real world, and has worked tirelessly to create courses for men, as I have, that carefully balance the little easy hacks that men want with the deeper stuff that men need.

And he’s a generation younger than me and really gets this stuff at a deep level.

In the interest of absolute transparency, Christian and I also have a business affiliate relationship, meaning I am getting paid for the endorsement.  But that does not change these two facts:

1) I am frustrated as hell with having to punt every time a single man asks me about this absolutely crucial piece of modern dating, and I’m committed to providing you with something meaningful and valuable.

2) If I was single again, Christian is 100% the man that I’d personally go to for help in decoding the texting/dating apps universe.

It’s my personal perspective that nothing is magic and nothing is going to make this texting thing an ideal situation for men (or women).  But sharpening your skills at utilizing texting as a “social tool” is simply no longer a negotiable option in the modern world of dating.   

That’s why I strongly recommend that, regardless of your current level of skill or understanding, you do yourself a favor and check out Christian’s “How2Text” Program.

For Passion,

Taylor Snow

P.S., If you have any deep insights of your own around dating apps and electronic communication in flirting, I’d LOVE to hear from you.  I’m definitely in a learning phase on this stuff.  Also, if you go through Christian’s program, please drop me an email and let me know your thoughts on the materials and how they worked for you in real situations.

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