Secret To Making A Girl Squirt Video

Video On How To Make A Woman SQUIRT During Sex For The First Time EVERY TIME
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Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Contrary to what you might think, the ability to make your wife or girlfriend squirt with orgasmic joy isn’t restricted to highly skilled adult stars.

With Jason Julius’s exciting Secret To Making A Girl Squirt Video Coursetutorial, you can watch the exact techniques for making your wife or girlfriend squirt every single night…

…demonstrated on HD video by hot sex instructors.

But there’s bad news:

Your chance to get this program ends in just a few hours – once the timer runs out, it’ll be GONE.

So don’t delay.

Head here now to secure your copy of the program…

… AND Learn How To Make Her Squirt before time runs out…


This is no bits-and-pieces, half-baked program only giving you the basics.

Jason has assembled some highly advanced and pleasurable techniques – and made them incredibly easy to master almost instantly.

Here’s just some of the stuff you’ll discover:

–    How to give her the deepest, most intensely pleasurable squirting orgasms of her life…

–    Increase her libido and make her desperate for a squirting orgasm every night…

–    Get her comfortable with trying new bedroom techniques – that fulfill both of your wildest sexual fantasies

–    Amplify the power of her orgasms to make her scream your name in pleasure…

AND, most importantly of all:

–    The 7 simple positions that get her gushing with wild, unforgettable squirting orgasmic pleasure.

There’s no financial risk whatsoever – it’s covered by Jason’s unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee if you’re in any way unsatisfied.

If you’ve ever wanted an exact set of techniques to give your wife the kind of powerful squirting orgasms that get her ADDICTED to sex with you…

…and watch them demonstrated by topless instructors on HD video – then I reckon you’ll rather like Jason Julius’s  “Secret To Making A Girl Squirt Video”.

But there’s not much time left – you need to act now.

To discover the “Secrets To Making Women Squirt Orgasm Shortcuts”, just follow the link below:

Discover Jason Julius’s “How To Make A Girl Squirt Video Course” by getting your own personal copy here

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What to Do in Bed with Your Woman Tonight ( Making Her Squirt Video )


More than anything…

More than a fancy ‘dinner date’… more than flowers and chocolates… more than a designer pair of shoes or flashy handbag…

Your woman wants GREAT SEX tonight, on Valentine’s Day.

Of course, your woman likely wants great sex every day – but tonight is especially important…

You see, if a woman doesn’t get satisfaction in the bedroom on Valentine’s Day, she feels like she’s ‘missing out’, because she assumes every other woman will be ‘getting laid’ all night long, climaxing numerous times in the process!

With that thought in mind, I highly recommend you watch THIS video on how to make women squirt now (before you end up in bed with your woman tonight).


Well, in the video you’ll be shown exactly how to make a girl SQUIRT insanely with powerful full-body squirting orgasms.

If you want to fully satisfy her, and have her SCREAMING your name all night long (and bringing you breakfast in bed in the morning – with a HUGE smile on her face), this is a very good thing!

Note: all women can be trained to have total-body squirting orgasms.

But, most men don’t know how to do it.

Once you’ve watched THIS video you’ll know exactly how to make women squirt 😉

>> Watch it now

And, I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

====>> How to make a woman squirt with total-body squirting orgasms (video)

Female ejaculation what does it mean? game fast spankwire good tips to

How To Make Her Squirt Orgasm Shortcuts 


A couple of years ago everyone started talking about “squirting” and female ejaculation…

First, it became a subject of sex educators and tantra practitioners… how some women ejaculate “like men” when they have powerful orgasms…

Then it became a big thing in porn (quite a bit of which was fake)…

And then it became a topic among women: “oh honey, until you’ve squirted you haven’t really LIVED!”…

And finally, it became a big topic among men: “If you can’t make your woman squirt then you’re not really satisfying her and you’re not a REAL man!”


So here are some important squirting orgasm shortcuts that you need to know:

– First of all, YES, absolutely learn about it, do it, experiment with the techniques, enjoy it… but don’t buy into the silly hype that if you aren’t experiencing female ejaculation with your woman that there is something inferior about you or your sex life!

– Second… DON’T FORGET TO PUT DOWN TOWELS (which is very serious business because some women will soak through the sheets and into the mattress and it won’t dry for days)

– Don’t make a big deal out of it (if a woman gets a whiff of pressure because your ego needs her to perform this trick to feel like a real man, it ain’t never gonna happen)– deep trust is a major key to allowing her to surrender enough to “let it happen”

– When she feels like she’s going to pee if you don’t stop, you know you’re doing it right.  Encourage her to press it out by pushing against your finger or penis with her G spot

– Some women have very tiny intra-urethral glands, and less than teaspoon might come out… and some women have larger glands and more than 8 ounces so might come gushing out… prepare for anything, and don’t be freaked out and think you’re doing it wrong just because less comes out (or much more, or whatever)

– Make sure your partner pees first, since if her bladder is full, some urine is likely to be expelled with the ejaculate, which is going to embarrass her and make it difficult for her to do it in the future

And that brings us to today’s heads up and brief review:

My good ol’ pal, the sexy and smart Jason Julius, has a new online tutorial called the Secret To Making A Woman Squirt Video Course which is… well, exactly what it sounds like…

It’s a video format for those “visual learners” (and/or folks who just wanna watch!), and it’s super easy to follow along.

It includes a “naked instructor” who narrates and explains what the couple in the bed are doing.

After some explanation of how female ejaculation works, the instructor does a strip-tease and then goes into the bedroom to narrate and explain the techniques… not the typical school experience…

If you’ve got the “naughty teacher” fantasy, then this is going to be your flavor.

Bottom line:

“Squirting Orgasm Shortcuts” by Jason Julius is just exactly what the name implies– no more or less.  It’s clear and concise if you want a visual “how to Make A Woman Squirt”.

Check out the high-quality, professional video with some samples from the program here >>

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The Difference Between Male & Female Sexuality (important)


Most men are CLUELESS about the differences between Male and Female Sexuality.

Trouble is…

If you don’t understand the differences (at least on a basic level), how can you expect to blow your woman’s mind in the bedroom?

You can’t.

It’s impossible!

To make your woman cum like crazy – you have to understand how she works.

Here are some Key Points – burn them into your memory!…

For Healthy Men, Sexuality is all about:

– Dominance
– Taking the Lead
– Being in Control
– Being Powerful
– Liberating Women

For Healthy Women, Sexuality is all about:

– Being Submissive
– Requiring Permission
– Giving in
– Surrender
– Release

A very powerful way to get your woman to fully GIVE IN and SURRENDER to you in the bedroom (and make her completely addicted to you) is to train her to squirt.

Most men think some women are squirters and most are not.

But that’s just B.S.

Any woman can be taught to squirt – click here to learn more now

And, I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

P.S. Squirting Orgasms are the perfect expression of female orgasm… a total body RELEASE that leaves your woman in puddles of pleasure!

Click here to learn EXACTLY how to make your woman squirt!

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It Tasted Like Her Pussy…


Ahh, squirting.

Isn’t it just one of those silly old myths like mermaids or unicorns?

Well, no, actually. Female ejaculation is a real thing, and not as elusive and mysterious as many people mistakenly believe they are. The evidence is clear for all to see here:

How To Make A Girl Squirt And Completely Drench The Sheets…

Now, in case you’re wondering like the many men who ask this question:

“Isn’t the female ejaculate just pee (because it certainly looks like one)?”

Well, just as there’s long been a debate about whether women can really squirt (they can, duh), even scientists are weighing in on whether the liquid that’s expelled is pee (it’s not, duh again).

And that’s one sex myth you can put to bed right away.

How can you know?

Take it from this guy Todd, who went down on a woman during a one-night stand when suddenly there was this spray, like a hosepipe.

It went in his mouth and all over his face. Todd was rather confused, trying to swallow, before he realized what was going on. Neither of them said anything, and she didn’t seem surprised, so he got the feeling it often happened.

And Todd, who’s had a woman let out a spray right into his face at that instance, described:

“It tasted like her pussy.”

So, the debate of whether “squirt is or isn’t pee” has been put to rest once and for all.

Here’s another thing that’s for sure…

There is now a movement spreading of women who’ve discovered the insane pleasures of squirting… and are becoming OBSESSED with it.

That’s why many men are going online to learn how to make women squirt since some women are rejecting any man who can’t give them such incredible, body-quaking pleasure at will.

Look, at some point, your woman is going to hear about other girls having squirting fun with their men and wonder, “How come I don’t get to squirt?”

What are you going to do?

It would be a shame if you end up like one of those guys who just “doesn’t get it” and only gives his woman second-class orgasms… It would be such a shame because it has never been this EASY to learn how to give your woman the wettest, most intense Orgasms ever with these…

Powerful How To Make Her Squirt Techniques That Soak Her With Her Sexual Release

Homemade Female Ejaculation with vibrating egg with toy step by step of

Get ready to become a squirting master and transform into her most favorite MAN ever!

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

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Secret To Making A Girl Squirt Video


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