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Taylor Snow Romance Dating Relationship Sex Sexual Wellness Health BloggerTaylor Snow Romance is a hopeless romantic that loves to write sexy, sweet, feel-good erotic romance short reads with gutsy young heroines and the badass alpha men who love them and can’t live without them.  


Her passion for building healthy relationships is evident in her marriage, which only grows stronger with the passage of time, so she dedicates her life to making other relationships just as satisfying.

Wielding her marital success and experience as an educational tool, Taylor dedicates her life to providing time-proven solutions to problems arising in relationships. Thus, her books center on marriage, dating, relationships, sexual health wellness as well as personal development

Her writing career was inspired by a compelling innate need to provide practical solutions to problems arising in relationships, so she spent the past twenty years establishing herself as an authority in her niche, providing innovative advice for married and unmarried couples. She has a proven record of helping people become the best versions of themselves while still getting the most out of their relationships.

Besides her knowledge of the dos and don’ts of a healthy relationship, Taylor has also amassed a vast expertise in other professional fields, namely internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  She is also an alumnus of the University of Central Florida where she bagged a degree in computer science and sociology.

When she’s not building up relationships or submersing herself in self-improvement, you’ll most likely find her on a vacation or spending time with nature in an outdoor camp. Married with three kids, she currently resides in Orlando, Florida, with her family and her beloved Chihuahua, Coco.

She makes a solemn promise to keep you fully educated with reliable and useful content in the dating, relationship, and sexual health & wellness niches, as well as in her kindle eBooks.

As a future bestseller, your support is her inspiration.

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Dr. Leonel Shub, MD Dr Leonel Shub Sexual Health & Wellness Expert– Emergency Medicine Provider, Sexual Health And Reproductive Health Physician, Occupational Medicine Specialist, and Emergency Response Attendant. >>> Dr. Leonel Shub Bio


Nick BareNick Bare BPN, Founder of Bare Performance Nutrition with a demonstrated history of working in the sexual health wellness, nutrition, and fitness industry. Strong business development professional with a Bachelor of Science (BS) focused in Nutrition from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Author of “25 Hours A Day – Going One More To Get What You Want”. US Army Veteran with time spent as an Infantry Platoon Leader and Ranger School graduate.

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Dr. Ari Magill, MD,Dr. Ari Magill, MD, earned a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Texas in Austin, TX, and graduated with an M.D. from UT Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, TX.  Dr. Magill completed a neurology residency at the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ and completed a movement disorders neurology fellowship at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Center in Aurora, CO. He formerly practiced as a staff neuro hospitalist at Northwest Medical Center in Tucson, AZ.  Currently, Dr. Magill conducts independent VA disability exams on veterans who sustained a traumatic brain injury and serves as a clinical research investigator for the IMA Group at their Alea Clinical Research facility.

Dr. Magill enjoys medical writing and has a special interest in cognitive, behavioral, and memory disorders and functional medicine health coaching.  He is passionate about advancing dementia treatment through clinical research and aggressive lifestyle change aided by the judicious use of sexual health wellness, reproductive health, and nutrition supplements.  Dr. Magill is an avid bicycle rider, a film enthusiast, and enjoys playing basketball in his free time.

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