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Advanced Techniques Of Making A Girl Squirt
(G-Spot Stimulation & Squirting Orgasms)
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If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a REAL man, a TRUE maverick in the bedroom…

If you’ve always wanted to quickly and easily give a woman some full-body, convulsing g-spot pleasure…

Then you’ll be pleased to know that there are only 3 simple steps that can produce that giant leap in your sex life – and have your woman absolutely blown away by your sweet finger-noodling.

Advanced Techniques Of Making A Woman Squirt When She Cums

This has none of the usual hype and nonsense you see surrounding the mysterious world of “making women squirt”.

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the secrets you’ll discover inside…

* How to prepare her body and mind for the “pleasure dump” that the 3-Step Maneuver will give her…

* A two-step “catch and release” method that allows you to treat her body to a merry-go-round of g-spot climaxes… and keep the pleasure going all night long…

* A counter-intuitive way to program her mind to enjoy a sensational g-spot climax even without stimulating her spot…

* The “Happy Hummingbird” AND the “Pleasure Pulse” – 2 finger fucking techniques that make it IMPOSSIBLE for her not to burst forth and splash all over your wrists…

* The difference between g-spot and squirting pleasure and why it matters. Plus, how you can make both happen to her at the same time… even if she struggles with standard O’s now…

And that’s just a small peek behind the curtain.

Look, squirting explosions brought about by skillfully stimulating her “hidden erotic spot” is a whole new level of bedroom skill for every guy.

No matter if you’re a beginner, expert, or even if you think your skills will work because it “worked” for the last girl you slept with.

These secret “universal” techniques will work for every lucky woman you’ll use them for, and will put you over the top as a real confident man in her eyes. Grab your copy here…

How To Make A Woman Squirt By Tickling, Teasing, And Pleasing Her Inner Hot Spot

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

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Skills Of Making Her Squirt So Neat (They Deserve An Award)


Now, when it comes to pleasing your woman in bed… have you ever wished you could learn one technique that is so powerful…

So instantly effective…

And allows you to overwhelmingly punch above your weight… that it actually forces your wife or girlfriend to have the most EPIC orgasm of her life?

It’s all revealed here:

Squirting Technique So Powerful (It Deserves An Award)

This is like a small hinge that swings big doors, producing an over-the-top climax in your woman – with just a simple knowledge of how a woman’s pleasure circuits work.

But I must warn you it has a ‘dark side’. Because women who experience such pleasure will develop a deep emotional bond for the man she shares this kind of orgasm with.

So, please use this power responsibly. And be very selective about the women that you decide to share this incredible “gift” with.

But used correctly, this is going to get you INSANE results with your woman once you learn how to connect with the “orgasm trigger” that every woman has.

A secret trigger that once flicked on… has the happy side effect of causing her to crave sex with you.

Even if you can’t last long enough.

Even if she’s been faking her climaxes all this while.

YOU are going to be the one MAN that changed it all for her…

How to Make A Girl Squirt And Delightfully Give Her Powerful Gushing Orgasms

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Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

Learn How To Make Her Squirt By Touching Her HERE…


The Squirting Orgasm is a MYSTERY to many men and women.

Truth is, most women can experience Squirting Orgasms. But, most women haven’t. Not yet, anyway.

And, that sad fact won’t change, unless more men educate themselves on the techniques required to give women these incredibly powerful squirting orgasms.

It’s my experience that almost no woman can give herself squirting orgasms (not the first time anyway).

So, it really is up to us guys to STEP UP and make it happen for them.

Sure, it takes a little work.

But, the ‘work’ is hardly a chore 😉 It’s not like filling out a tax return!

And, once you master how to make a woman squirt – and your woman experiences what it’s like to enjoy ‘total-body squirting orgasms’ – she’ll do ANYTHING you like in bed 😉

Click here now to learn all you need to know about how to make a girl squirt during sex

And, I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

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Why Women Get Overly Emotional, Angry, And Irrational (And What YOU Can Do About It)


Many women act in ways that make guys think they’re CRAZY. They get overly emotional… they get overly ANGRY… they act in ways that aren’t at all rational or logical.

The question is:


The obvious answer that comes to everyone’s mind is: “it’s just the way women are”

But, I call BS on that.

Here’s the truth:

A LOT of the time, when women act all emotional, and angry, and crazy, it’s because they are STARVED of true Sexual Satisfaction.

Notice, I’m not saying it’s because they aren’t ‘getting laid.’ I’m saying that it’s because they are starved of sexual SATISFACTION.

It’s true…

When a man fails to truly satisfy his woman in bed, on a regular basis, she starts acting CRAZY.


If you want your woman to be much more pleasant to be around, and you want a much better sex-life, the ‘next step’ is clear…

Start giving her the kind of SEX that’ll blow her mind. And one perfect way to do that is making her SQUIRT During SEX.

And, you can find out exactly how to make a woman squirt by clicking here now

Have a great day…

And, I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

P.S. >> One great way to totally satisfy your woman in bed is to give her Squirting Orgasms. And, you can learn exactly how to make a girl SQUIRT by clicking HERE

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So Dirty, So Edgy, So Much Couples Fun


Ever wished there’s a set of female pleasure-giving moves to rule them all?

Like a perfect stroke piling up her Big O’s one by one…

Her engorged clit vibrating in all directions…

Her g-spot throbbing against your penetrating piston…

And her legs shaking as she finishes off squirting all over you?

Well, guess what – there is.

In fact – these moves PILES UP her orgasms to a point you can’t count them no more…

It might look like an exaggeration when you first hear of it…

But if your woman hasn’t experienced any two out of these four coveted climaxes, then she shouldn’t go through life WITHOUT doing so.

However, one of them is already over-rated.

Climaxing via the clit is common among women.

In fact, 80% of women need some form of clit stimulation during intercourse.

That’s OK if all she wants is a quiet “Oh My God” and a deep sigh of relief at the end.

But the real fun STARTS when you go beyond her tiny little bud…

The truth is, combining any of the 4 techniques you’ll see in a moment can move her mind, body, and soul… leaving her a lasting impression that you are as THE man in her life.

Look, there’s an incredible amount of untapped sexual power inside every guy like you.

All it takes is for you to tap into these 4 easy sensual moves to put this inactive dormant sexual power into action…

And the best part?

This is arguably one of the most powerful techniques to make her experience her different kinds of orgasms all at once…

…allowing you to go in and out of her “orgasmic domain” like a walk in the park.

…and turning her soft “Oooh My God” sexual moans to explosive erotic firecrackers.

Here’s How to Make Her Squirt Effortlessly In 4 simple Moves…

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Try these tonight and you’ll see what the female body is truly capable of.

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


This Body Part Is Hornier Than Her [CENSORED]?


Recently I re-discovered an extraordinary “squirting orgasm hack”.

See, I normally teach about bedroom techniques, positions, and other powerful stuff, but this time you won’t do any of that. In fact…

You’ll only focus on the ONE organ that is hornier than her “love hole”…

Think you can do it?

(Hint: It doesn’t involve stroking any of her body parts.)

The truth is, there’s a reason behind this little challenge.

I won’t question if you know how to finger a woman, eat out her va-ja-jay, or how to make her squirt because chances are, you know one or two of these things.

But if I were to ask if you’re totally confident you can get any woman off – consistently and WITHOUT fail – would you be able to give a resounding “YES”?

And if so, how do you make sure it’s enough to keep her obsessed with you?

Look, this is where a lot of guys struggle the most. Often we’re so crazed about a woman’s naked body that we neglect her most important body part that can single-handedly send jolts of incredible pleasure to every nerve ending…

…charging her up like a horned beast even before you get inside her “woman cave”.

That body part is her BRAIN.

Which is why I almost agreed with an article I read in a men’s health magazine.

The author laid out 11 types of female climaxes, which are all correct… but she forgot one.

And it doesn’t involve a lady’s clit, g-spot, a-spot, tits, or all other kinds of climaxes you’ve probably heard before…

But if you want to unlock her most erotic and explosive squirting climax…

Then it’s about time you mastered exactly how to make women SQUIRT…

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Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

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He is well-known for his practical techniques and deep understanding of the emotional and psychological aspects of sexuality, which he combines to provide comprehensive coaching to his clients.

His work on female orgasms has particularly gained him recognition, and he has developed a range of techniques and approaches to help women experience more intense and frequent orgasms.