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One Squirting Orgasm Is Not Enough,
Nikki Wants MORE…
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Hi, Jason Julius here,

A common occurrence after going through The Female Orgasm Blueprint and learning how to make a woman squirt is that once you give your woman amazing full-body squirting Orgasms, she’s going to want to “experiment” more and take things even further.

Which is awesome; getting adventurous in the bedroom is always great fun…

Check out the question I got from Nikki, whose boyfriend just recently learned how to make her squirt using the techniques she and her boyfriend learned from my program The Female Orgasm Blueprint 

**Email from Nikki**

I have learned so much from you about squirting orgasms and how to make women squirt, and as a result, my sex life has been beyond wonderful. 

I experienced this for the first time with my boyfriend a few months ago…and yeah…we sure do have to put the towels down and change the sheets often!

But, now I want both the G-spot Orgasms and the clit Orgasms at the same time. 

Is this possible? 

Wanting It All,

**My Response**

A great question…

And, hey, I can’t blame her for wanting it all.

Once your woman learns what her body is capable of, she’s going to want to explore all possible orgasmic experiences…

The answer to her question is, yes!

Having a G-spot O and a clitoral O at the same time is called a blended orgasm and can be VERY powerful.

It’s also quite easy to pull off…

Personally, I like doing a blended orgasm with G-spot stimulation along with giving my woman oral pleasure.

All you need to do is combine one of my G-spot techniques from module 5 of The Female Orgasm Blueprint with the way I’m going to teach you to go down on your woman in module 7.

You just might want to wear goggles, because you’re going to get wet 😉

Get access to The Female Orgasm Blueprint And make any woman squirt like THIS

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Talk soon,
Jason Julius


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Men Making Women Squirt With The “Cosmic Clit” Technique


Ever heard of the Cosmic Clit Technique?

If you haven’t, don’t fret.

It’s nothing weird, although this squirting technique can feel heavenly, even out of this world for the woman in your life.

In fact, many guys even use a variation of it all the time…

The “Cosmic Clit Technique” For Her Sensational Pleasure

For example…

Have you ever made your woman moan and groan in delight as you rub, stroke, or even lick her clitoris?

For most of us, that can feel like an astronomical achievement on its own.

But you know what?

The Cosmic Clit Technique is just a simple tweak to what you may already be doing, that stimulates BOTH her clit and her g-spot at the same time… immediately DOUBLING the pleasure she experiences with YOU.

In fact, “doubling” her pleasure is an understatement, as the ecstasy that comes from stroking the g-spot the right way is infinitely more pleasurable than anything your lady may have ever experienced before.

But that’s not all…

Because as you add the “Boob Bomb Technique” and the “Anal Abound Approach” into the mix, you’re going to make her cream herself in one mind-blowing release after another.

Until she collapses into your arms in a puddle of soaking post-coital mess.

So, if you’re ready to make your female partner tremble in delight and bring her to a climax so powerful that she squirts, then you’re in the right place…

Here’s How To Make Her Squirt AND Open Up Her Orgasmic Floodgates Like THIS…

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(With these techniques, you’re going to bring your woman from “drought to deluge”… transforming her into a human geyser and bestowing “unspeakable pleasure” on her body)

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


How Making Her Squirt Ruined His Marriage?

Ummm, yeah…

I don’t think so…

Check out this email I received…

** Email from Kev **

Hi, Jason. Some women can’t handle the squirting orgasm. It seems to scare them. It was a Sunday afternoon when the now ex-wife and I got to playing around in the bedroom. I was making her squirt orgasm many times before, but this time it got out of hand.

After about her 6th one she jumped out of bed begging “no more, no more.” It was kinda funny, really, her standing there half bent over with her hand out like she was stopping a school bus or something. “No more, no more.”

That very day was the turning point in our relationship. It went downhill from there.

So there are some women who can’t handle that volume of pleasure.


** My Response **

Sorry, Kev. I have to 100% wholeheartedly disagree with you, man…

I imagine there was a lot more going on there that caused your relationship to fall apart than your mad orgasm-giving skills…

If anything, the orgasms you were able to give your now ex-wife were the thing that held your marriage together for as long as it lasted.

Thanks for the email, though. You made me laugh…

If you think your woman can handle it (Pro Tip: She Can), get all my techniques On How To Make Women Squirt And give her the most intense orgasms of her life right here.

Peace out,
Jason Julius

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Pro Tip For Before Making A Woman Squirt

Sometimes the hardest part of how to make a woman squirt for the first time is getting her to relax and release the ejaculate fluid when she has an orgasm.

The reason is that, to her, the sensation of the ejaculate fluid building up may feel very similar to needing to pee. (even though she doesn’t have to)

For obvious reasons she’s not going to want to let it flow when she’s uncertain what’s going to come out.

For these situations, here is what I recommend.

Have her use the restroom beforehand and totally empty her bladder; then when she feels the “needing to pee” sensation during stimulation, she’ll know it’s not pee but female ejaculate fluid.

And she can feel free to open the floodgates.

I know you want more tips and techniques on how to make a girl squirt…

Good news…

You can get everything YOU need right here.

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Peace out,
Jason Julius


Don’t Be A Jerk

The following is an email that I received from a woman who wanted me to warn you to only use your orgasm-giving powers for good, not evil…

** Email from Mary **

Hi, Jason. I write you with an overwhelming sense of sadness and frustration. I met a man who I hit it off with. Everything was great–and then we were intimate.

It was the single most remarkable night of my life. I thought I had experienced “good sex” up to that point, but this one night dimmed everything from my past.

I had one squirting orgasm after another. It’s as though once the floodgates were opened, there was no stopping it!

I’m still in awe that my body is, or ever was, capable of such ecstasy. I am a 43-year-old woman. I can’t believe what I’ve been missing for so many years.

The sad part is this… The man who brought this night to the place he did for me turns out to be married, not separated as I had thought (and was told). Worse for me, he has no intentions of leaving his wife.

My heart and body feel defeated. Teased. Lonely. I beg you to emphasize something to the men out there who read and follow your material…

The ability to take a woman to a place like that is virtually spiritual. It is so beyond words to describe the ecstasy a woman feels.

If used properly, the technique could be THE most powerful tool in your sexual belt! It’s game-changing. It’s LIFE-changing.

However, if not used properly, it is a weapon. I feel so lost and devastated by the fact that this man won’t be a regular part of my life.


** My Response**

My heart goes out to Mary…

The man who led her on, thinking he was separated and then proceeding to give her the best squirting orgasms of her life with no intention of ever being with her again is a total and complete jerk.

Honestly, It sincerely breaks my heart whenever I hear stories like these…

Mary’s right.

Making a woman squirt is such a powerful climax and can be likened to a sexual spiritual awakening of some kind, and it has the potential of making any woman madly fall head over heels for you.

That’s a lot of power…

The truth is, I have no control over how you’ll use your new powers after going through The Blueprint.

I just pray and hope that you’ll do the right thing.

Please use this power of how to make women squirt responsibly.

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Talk soon,
Jason Julius

The Orgasm That Was BANNED


What do you do when you get banned from giving women the kind of pleasure that gets them weak in the knees?

The Orgasm That Was Banned In The UK

Apparently, the British Board of Film Classification had a problem with female ejaculation and decided to censor X-rated films produced in the UK that featured female squirting scenes.

(They also take issue with bondage, spanking, face sitting, and a whole bunch of other “dirty acts” that they feel are too obscene or dangerous for viewing)

Seeing as most smut ends with the guy “coming” with such wild abandon you have to wonder how much the cleaning service charges to steam clean the semen out of the drapes, carpet, and the couch, and it’s really sad that any woman having a powerful squirting orgasm is forbidden in the UK.

As a matter of fact, the squirting ban was enforced because it was difficult to differentiate between female ejaculations and pee.

But at least now you know no UK-produced smut is going to piss on your leg and tell you it’s raining female ejaculate, as the saying goes (kind of).

Fortunately, the ban makes no difference to how much pleasure YOU can give your lady in the bedroom.

You can continue making a woman squirt to her heart’s content if that’s what she desires.

In fact, more than ever before, it’s now is MUCH easier to turn on the faucets and learn how to make a girl squirt in wild, hot explosive Orgasms… because there is now a brand-new set of resources that teach you how to do just that…

You can see and experience it for yourself here:

Techniques For Making A Girl Squirt In Explosive Pleasure

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The power to her sexual pleasure lies firmly in your hands.

So go ahead and start making her squirt, and give her the wettest, most unbridled ecstasy you know she deserves.

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

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Men Making Women Squirt Video


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His work on female orgasms has particularly gained him recognition, and he has developed a range of techniques and approaches to help women experience more intense and frequent orgasms.