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It doesn’t matter if you’ve been married for decades or in your very first relationship.

Any man can start giving his wife (or girlfriend) the kind of incredible squirting orgasms that she’ll never forget – with the right techniques.

To watch these techniques in action, performed by a hot sex instructor, just follow the link below.

Watch Videos On How To Make Women Squirt  During Sex With 1 Technique TONIGHT


Got a story I want to share with you today.

It’s from Craig.

A subscriber of mine who’s been married to his loving wife for nearly 30 years.

He dropped me an email just last week, explaining that whilst they enjoy a pretty healthy sex life…

…he’s very interested in taking things to the next level.

He wants to give her deeper, more powerful orgasmic pleasure because he (correctly) think it’ll strengthen their emotional bonds…

…making them feel even more lovingly intimate towards each other.

But he was worried there might be a catch.

See, Craig is 71 – and he thought his sexual peak was long gone.

He didn’t think he had the physical capability to do any better in bed than he was currently.

I’ve seen this story many times before: a huge number of men have similar limiting beliefs about their ability to improve.


Here’s what I told Craig.

Your ability to make your lover squirt is NOT dependent on your age or previous sexual prowess.

All a man needs, whether he’s young or old, is the right techniques.

To enlighten Craig, I sent him a video explaining 7 highly effective techniques for stimulating squirting orgasms – all with sexy video demonstrations.

Good news – Craig’s just been back in touch with me.

He’s amazed at how well they worked.

With these techniques, he was able to give his wife the first squirting orgasm of her life after just a few days.

She experienced her second one the very next night… so powerfully that she was shrieking Craig’s name all night long.

And she’s even told him (I’m paraphrasing here) that he’s giving her more pleasure than when they first met.


If a 71-year-old can achieve such amazingly rapid results, then there’s nothing stopping any man from doing the same, whatever his age.

Just follow the link below to watch the video I sent Craig – and see how it could help you give your partner multiple squirting orgasms.

Watch This Guy Giving Instructions On How To Make Women Squirt During Sex [NEW VIDEO]

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A Simple Trick That Makes Any Girl Squirt


Hey mate,

Have you ever heard of Oxytocin before?

It’s known as the “love chemical” and is released inside a woman’s body during an intense orgasm that will make her feel a gut-level biological attraction for you.

But here’s the thing… it doesn’t happen every time she has an orgasm.

Only if it’s intense enough.

Studies have shown that Oxytocin is at its highest when a woman is “squirting”.

So if you want to make a girl addicted to you, even obsessed…

You need to use this squirting technique.
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Most women have never even experienced an intense squirting full-body orgasm before.

That means the moment you give her one, she will be in complete shock.

How to make a girl squirt is a skill that can be learned and replicated.

Heck, you can even make her squirt multiple times a night.

It doesn’t matter the size of your dong, what matters is how and where you touch her.

-> Learn how to make her squirt during sex in this video

Trust me, your girl’s gonna love you for it.


Squirting “Hacks” From Men Who Got It RIGHT


Thanks to the *Zeigarnik Effect, I can finally share this piece of good news with you.

(*It’s a psychological event where you remember uncompleted tasks more easily)

Anyway, as you already know, I like to experiment with a woman’s “erotic spots” to find out which one she responds to better…

And then I intentionally focus on that area more. (especially if it’s routinely ignored by men)

Here’s what I found out that will give you an EDGE in the bedroom:

Squirting Orgasm Shortcuts (view in private)

Why am I telling you this?

It’s because I want to put an end to what other experts say that squirting is for certain “types” of women only…

That a woman is most likely gushing out pee rather than actual female-cum.

Not true.

That fact is, you can give your lady the juiciest, most intense, most powerful climaxes she’s ever experienced…and even amplify her pleasures for as long as humanly possible.

The trick here is knowing WHAT to do when her arousal level is sky high…

WHEN to keep a constant rhythm so the stimulation doesn’t break…

And HOW to leverage on this one bedroom position guaranteed to make her squirt…

When you get all these 3 easy things right, you’ll make her spray wildly like a hosepipe on a hot summer day.

Look, if you feel you’ve tried it all to learn how to make her squirt and it just doesn’t happen…

Then you’ll get a lot out of this…

The sex position that makes her squirt like crazy…

video shows Making A Woman Squirt during sex while ejaculating on demand

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

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Hold Her Tight. She’s Going To Squirt HARD


Ever felt like your best moves in bed aren’t good enough?

Ever been in a situation where you think your thrusting is going great… and yet she just lies dead beneath you completely unresponsive to you going in and out?

I know, we can’t always be at our finest moment every time. And neither can she.

That’s why she hopes you do THIS at least once in bed…

Because this single profound experience will get her to a place you want her to be…

A place where she can fully surrender herself both mentally and physically…

So that she feels more emotionally connected to you and reach her full orgasmic potential – such as experiencing a climax that’s far more intense than her regular O’s.

Here’s what I mean:

Think of her like a connoisseur in a wine cellar. She chooses her vintages with care. The reds and the whites run past her lips. And when she finds ONE that suits her taste, it takes permanent residence on her shelves.

Likewise, she’s on the lookout for that one big climax that she can go back to, again and again.

Except, you don’t give this to her like you’re handing her a cheap bottle of wine.

Truth is, you can easily do this by making a few simple adjustments in the bedroom…

Like the way you use your fingers, hands, and mouth to stimulate her lady bits.

The result?

You gotta hold her tight… because she’s going to squirt HARD.

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(If you’ve ever seen a girl squirt and it turns you on… you will love this even more.)

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


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How To Make Her Squirt Video Guide To Female Ejaculation


Chances are you’ve heard about (and probably seen) female ejaculation.

And chances are, if you haven’t personally given a woman a “squirting orgasm” yet, then you’re pretty damn curious about trying it.

Yes, it’s real, and yes, there are specific techniques on how to make a girl squirt that can help you achieve it.

The fluid comes from the intra-urethral glands (sometimes called the “female prostate” or Skene’s glands), and when it starts to build up in the urethra during sexual excitation and G spot stimulation, a woman starts to feel the urge to pee.

Releasing this fluid during orgasm results in a powerful, full body, and generally pretty mind-blowing orgasm for your partner.



Quick and important note here:

I’ve gotten quite a few emails from men who feel inadequate, insecure, and frustrated because they haven’t ever made a woman squirt.

These men ask me questions like, “Is it true that squirting orgasms are the most intense and fulfilling kind of female orgasm?” or “If she doesn’t ejaculate does it mean she’s faking it?” or “Will a woman never be fully satisfied by her man if he can’t make her ejaculate?”

No, no, NO!

NONE of those things are true.  

It is one of the unfortunate truths of all humans everywhere, that we’ll latch onto just about anything in order to prove to ourselves that we’re unworthy or inadequate.  Don’t let yourself play that game.

Female ejaculation is GREAT!  As are all of the wonderful and pleasurable things that you and your partner can share together during love making.  PLEASE do not obsess over that one thing you haven’t done yet– WHATEVER that one thing may be.  

It’s so stupid to focus on the things we haven’t got in life rather than allow ourselves to fully feel the depth of gratitude for all of the things that are going great in our lives.

And now, with that out of the way, I love that you’re interested in learning how to give your woman this particular pleasure, and I’d love for you to succeed!  And that’s why I put a ton of great female ejaculation tips into Revolutionary Sex.

However, if you are a visual learner who understands how to do things best from watching someone else do it, then, as always, I recommend you check out my pal Jason Julius’s How To Make A Woman Squirt video guide to the “squirting” orgasm right here >>

I always recommend Jason’s stuff for 3 reasons…

1) We’re old friends.  So yes, I’m biased.

2) He’s a meticulous researcher and I love that… both for all of the details that she includes that other teachers sometimes miss– but even more so because of all of the complete bullshit that other people tell you that he leaves out!

3) I have no explicit video demonstrations in any of my programs, and I probably never will.  And I don’t have to, because I think it’s a very minor part of what helps a man become a great lover, and Jason is already shooting high-quality video that I can recommend.

So my friend, if you still want a video “How to Make A Girl Squirt” guide for female ejaculation, then I recommend you check out this one:

Techniques for female ejaculation video >>


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Teaching How To Make Women Squirt Video


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Sex Coach & Female Orgasm Expert at Orgasm Blueprint Arts Inc

Jason Julius is a leading sex coach and female orgasm expert with an impressive track record in helping individuals and couples achieve greater sexual satisfaction and intimacy. With a passion for human sexuality, Jason has dedicated his career to studying the intricacies of female anatomy and the physiology of orgasm.

He is well-known for his practical techniques and deep understanding of the emotional and psychological aspects of sexuality, which he combines to provide comprehensive coaching to his clients.

His work on female orgasms has particularly gained him recognition, and he has developed a range of techniques and approaches to help women experience more intense and frequent orgasms.