Sleeping With Younger Women Review

Why Older Men Have Sexual Power
Over Younger Women?
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What I’m about to reveal to you here is kinda fucked up…

And if you’re a younger guy, it may even piss you off.

But it’ll give you an important insight into a woman’s sexual desires…

And reveal what makes them wet and extremely aroused beyond their control.

Want to know what it is?

It’s that many women get turned on the most by men who are much, much older than them.


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Why is this the case?

It’s because it’s in their DNA.

Back when we lived in tribes, women were wired to be attracted to the leader of the tribe…

And who was the leader?

It was the older, more experienced man who had proven himself capable of thriving in life.

And even though we no longer live in tribes…

Many women still feel sexually drawn to older men, just like their ancestors did.

In some cultures, it’s still common to see girls in their teens and early 20s with men twice or even triple their age…

That’s the norm.

It’s really only in the politically correct, western culture that it’s frowned upon…

Even though it’s the way nature has wired us for the past tens of thousands of years.


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And because it’s less socially acceptable here, women have learned to lie about their true feelings and fantasies…

They rarely openly admit to lusting after their father’s friends…

Or their teachers and professors…

Or the gray-haired gentleman they see on the train every day.

I’ve even had girls tell me that when having sex with their boyfriend, they were secretly fantasizing it was his dad who was railing them instead.

Yeah, that’s pretty messed up… but it’s just the reality of how some girls feel about older men.

And deep down, they feel sexually deprived because the older men they want to bang aren’t making a move on them.

Why not?

Because most older men have been brainwashed into believing they’re too old to fuck sexy, young women.

The things they believe are working against them, are often the biggest things that turn on these “daddy chasers”.

One man who doesn’t suffer from this brainwashing is Bill Grant.

Bill is well past 50 but constantly sleeps with the hottest and youngest women.

There’s nothing special about him at all… he simply knows how to take advantage of the fact that many young women want to be with an older, experienced man.

And for the first time, Bill reveals exactly how any older man can enjoy this same success.

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Jack Slade

P.S. The info Bill reveals in this video is controversial to say the least. He’s had multiple demands to take it down or face the consequences.

Honestly, I don’t know how long he’ll keep it up with the heat that it’s drawing.

All I know is you’d be crazy to miss this while it’s still online and accessible.

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PS:  1 Sentence To Attract Younger Women (This Line Makes Young Women Chase You)



Are you interested in dating and sleeping with younger women?

Maybe even MUCH younger?

If so, you’ll want to pay attention because I’m about to reveal a killer technique for you right here.

This was given to me by my friend Bill Grant.

If you haven’t heard of him, Bill’s a 56-year-old playboy who sleeps with more gorgeous women in their 20’s than most men could ever dream of.

And even though he’s bald, short, and looks kinda like a retired middle school teacher…

That doesn’t hold him back at all from hooking up with sexy young women who should be completely outta his league.

So I asked Bill if he’d share just one tip…

Something YOU can say to the next young woman you want to have sex with.

Ready for it?

Ok, at some point during the conversation you tell her this:

“You really should find a nice boy your own age.”

And if you’re not sure what’s going on under the hood to make that line so powerful, let me break it down for you…

1) People, especially when they’re young, don’t like to be told what to do.

So by telling her to find a guy her own age, her natural reaction will be to rebel against that and do the opposite.

2) Girls want to sleep with men, not boys. Plus, adding in ‘nice’ will turn her off even more from that idea.

There isn’t a hot girl under 25 anywhere in the world who fantasizes about bending over for a ‘nice boy’.

3) You’re showing you don’t need her. In fact, it seems like you’re actively doing your best not to sleep with her.

This will make her curious about you, and she’ll wonder if maybe she’s not up to your standards.

And there’s nothing hot young women love more than a challenge.

A simple line like this really sets you apart from all the other older men who usually fawn all over her and try to prove themselves to her.

Now, even though Bill has proven lines like these that get young women to chase you…

His real skill is in spotting the young women that already want to sleep with an older man

Meaning you don’t even have to do much talking, or anything for that matter, to make her like you.

So if you’re the kind of guy that’s interested in finding the ‘sure thing’ with no chance of rejection…

You’ll want to go here to check out Bill’s simple secret to find these hot women who have a hidden older man fantasy.

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