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How To Activate A Woman’s Attraction For You
With These Secret Stealth Attraction Words
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Did you know that there exist special words that spark romantic and sexual interest from women pretty much on command?

Sounds like a teenage boy’s fantasy, isn’t it?

Fortunately for you, these words are real – and they’re highly effective.

Using them correctly can increase the likelihood that beautiful women want to date you… maybe even sleep with you.


Well, head to the link below to find out exactly what these words are – and how to use them…

Activate a woman’s attraction for you with these specific stealth attraction secret words

Warning: Contains adult content

It’s been debated on more TV shows than I can count:

Is it okay for men to learn specific techniques that give them the power to attract more women?

Well, many writers and TV hosts seem to think “no”.

They argue that these kinds of techniques are often used to manipulate women.

As a result, many dating coaches and gurus get a pretty bad press.

However, I’m not sure this is fair.

I personally think it’s absolutely a good idea to teach men the methods that improve their results with women.

The techniques themselves aren’t inherently negative – the problem lies with the men using them.


Stealth Attraction Trigger Words PDF List disc 1 Secret Program Free 33 Techniques ReviewIt’s true that some men use dating advice to build dehumanizing, unhealthy relationships with women and treat them badly.

They’re a stain on the community and it’s never acceptable.

But again, I don’t think the techniques are to blame.

The vast majority of dating coaches I’ve worked with have healthy motivations.

They’re only trying to help men become the best versions of themselves.

And what’s a common by-product of this new attitude? More romance and sex.

I’ve actually found that as men develop the dating skills they’ve been lacking…

…they treat women with more respect and dignity.

Even if they were completely hopeless to begin with.

By developing these simple “attraction skills”, they’ve suddenly got MANY more dating options open to them.

They don’t feel the desperation that drives so many of those malicious behaviors…

…since a single rejection won’t hurt them anymore.

They know they’ve got the power to attract and date a woman who meets their standards, so the stakes aren’t so high.

And – crucially – this actually makes attracting women FUN.

For both the man and woman.

I honestly believe this stuff can transform a man’s self-esteem and help him live a better, more enjoyable life.


Rant over. Time for some specifics.

For a set of words that can instantly spark attraction in women, just click below…

Make women CRAVE you with these exact stealth attraction words list

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Spark instant attraction in gorgeous women with these EXACT Stealth Attraction Words List


It’s surprising just how many men convince themselves not to approach beautiful women.

“I’ll bother her.” “The moment’s just not right”.

In fact – the reverse is often true.

Most women would LOVE you to walk up confidently and deliver a seductive, charming approach that triggers her deepest attraction for you.

And there’s a few specific words and phrases that ANY man can use to provoke that exact response.

Find out which words (and when to use them) in the link below.

Stealth Attraction Program : Secret Trigger Words That Get Beautiful Women CRAVING You

Remember, women ENJOY feeling attracted.

Everyone does.

There’s nothing that pretty woman wants more than you to be most charming guy she’s ever met.

Or simply make her day with flirtatious banter.

Unfortunately, there’s a good reason this doesn’t happen more often.

Whilst it’s good to listen to your impulse and approach women…

…I’d recommend doing a little groundwork first.

WAY too many men charge in without knowing what they’ll say.

PUA Stealth Attraction Review secrets revealed sao 7 27 richard la ruina secret stepsThis leaves them more nervous, causing them to stumble over their words… leading to some very awkward conversation.

But even the slightest preparation helps the flirting flow far more effortlessly and naturally.

Now, this doesn’t mean scripting out an ENTIRE conversation that you’d never remember.

Just start with a pre-prepared opening line, deliver it as smoothly as you can, and go with the flow from there.

Have a few (no more than 3) in-conversation lines to fall back on if you get stuck.

And that’s it.

Not only does this make the approach itself a lot less daunting, since you know exactly how you’re going to start…

…it removes the “mental pressure fog” of pressure in the conversation itself.

This helps you follow the flow more easily.

You can give appropriate responses to exactly what she’s just said…

…showing her that you’ve listened and have some level of interest in her as a person (beyond just her looks).

Women find it extremely attractive when a man engages with her on this deeper level.

There’s a good chance she’ll now want to get to know you – perhaps in a more sexual way…

And that’s only scratching the surface.

For a set of specific, attraction-triggering words that you can casually slip into conversations…

…that leave women hopelessly infatuated with men who use them in the just the right order, at just the right time…

…simply follow the link below.

Say The Secret Words In The Stealth Attraction Disc 1 Below To Get HER Instantly Lusting Over You

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Here’s How To Get Women Chasing YOU With This “Stealth Attraction 33 Words PDF”


Forget games and guesswork when it comes to attraction.

There are precise triggers that you can use to spark instant attraction in women…

…so much so, in fact, that THEY start approaching YOU.

This is a simple, predictable method that means a lot more success – and a lot less rejection.

Here’s the easy steps you need:

Stealth Attraction Program : Secret Trigger Words That Get Women Chasing YOU

Try this thought experiment on for size (it’s for a reason, I promise!).

Imagine this hypothetical situation…

There’s a beautiful woman across the bar.

In this situation, you’ve been told by a “higher power” (doesn’t matter who) that if you approached this woman and said 3 specific lines to her…

…she’d give you her number.

So: if you knew, with 100% certainty, that saying those 3 lines would guarantee success – and you wanted to get this woman’s number in the first place…

…would you do it?

Obviously (surely?) you’d say YES.

And why not?

There’s nothing to lose – and the prize is within your grasp.

Let’s snap back to reality.

Sadly this 100% “magic bullet” for attraction doesn’t exist in the real world.

(Sorry to disappoint!)

But I’ll tell you what DOES exist:

Effective methods for communicating with women that activate the exact “triggers” for making them DEEPLY interested in you – and approaching you.

Now, if I told you what these were – would you follow them with the same confidence as those hypothetical “lines” in my example?

Surprisingly, most men wouldn’t – they tend to deny it’s possible or not take the necessary steps.

That’s just human psychology – even when the evidence of something working is right under our nose…

…a voice in our mind tells us “this couldn’t possibly work for me, as I’m different because of x”.

Most men go through these doubts at some point – you may well have done yourself.

It’s only human, even if the thing we’re worrying about could change our life.

But here’s the bottom line.

To build an extraordinary life – such as getting incredible results with women – it’s vital to put the doubts to one side and focus on the outcome.

Think about why it COULD happen – and fully focus on making the outcome real.

Think about how GOOD it would feel to achieve it.

By taking control and focusing on the goal, instead of the doubts, you’re so much more likely to make it your reality.

Sound good?


I’ll stop before I get too spiritual.

For the practical, real-world steps to take to transform your results with women, give this video a watch.

It’ll show the exact triggers that make women desperate for sex with you – and how to activate them in a simple, rejection-proof way.

Here’s the link to get started:

“Rejection-proof” Stealth Attraction Secret words list that make women DESPERATE for sex with you

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Unlock PASSIONATE Arousal In Gorgeous Women (In A Few Words)


 “If I don’t have 10/10 looks”, men often tell themselves…

“…she’ll always go for the better-looking guy over me”.

However, this isn’t the right mindset.

I won’t pretend looks have no impact at all.

But, whether you look like a Hollywood A-lister or not, women can go MAD for you when you tap into their deepest curiosity and desire.

And there’s a few simple words you can use to make her FAR more attracted to you…

…and DESPERATE to get to know you better.

(Maybe even on a more physical level.)

Start using them today by following the link below.

Secret stealth attraction trigger words PDF to make her uncontrollably drawn to you

Think about the actor Ryan Reynolds.

(Not in a jealous “he-stole-Blake-Lively-from-me?” rage. Or is that just me?)

He regularly tops “sexiest man alive” polls, and women absolutely adore him.

However, I recently watched a few of his interviews.

I noticed he had several other appealing traits (besides his looks).

He’s charismatic, confident without being arrogant, and genuinely funny.

You can imagine he’d be great to grab a beer with.

So what are men like him doing (consciously or not)?

They’re showing women why they’d be fun to spend time with.


You DON’T have to look like Ryan Reynolds to live a life women want to be a part of.

It doesn’t mean going rock-climbing every day.

It simply means showing her you’re enjoyable to be around and someone who has a unique, interesting personality that it benefits her to know.

Good news – you’ve already got one.

Proving it to her can be extremely straightforward.

The next time you’re chatting to a beautiful woman…

slip a funny story about yourself into the conversation. 

Good story-telling is a GREAT way to connect with women more personally.

It shows her a) your sense of humour and b) that you aren’t afraid to make fun of yourself.

This light-hearted (but confident) honesty is an extremely attractive trait to women and it could leave her fascinated by you during your very first conversation.

But there’s some secret words you can start using TODAY that activate her deepest interest in you even faster

…and (potentially) could even develop into more SEXUAL interest.

To discover what they are, just follow the link below…

Use The Phrases In This Killer Stealth Attraction 33 Words PDF To Become Irresistible To Her

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Talk soon,


PS: If you want to read a more comprehensive and in-depth review of the stealth seduction words, methods, and techniques, check out this link for Richard La Ruina’s Review: Be sure to pimp your dating and seduction game with the techniques you learn from this PUA training.

So Who Is Richard La Ruina? A Brief Introduction

If you are new to the pick-up artist (PUA) scene, you may be wondering who Richard La Ruina is and what he does.

Richard La Ruina is a dating and relationship expert who specializes in helping men who struggle with nervousness and insecurity when it comes to approaching attractive women. He is the creator of the StealthAttraction, a dating system designed to teach men innovative techniques that can override women’s defensive behavior and make them more interested in casual sexual encounters.

Through his coaching, La Ruina aims to empower men to have more successful and fulfilling experiences with women, while also addressing common anxieties and misconceptions about dating and relationships.



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