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Secret Stealth Attraction Trigger Words that’ll Make Your Wife Want Sex TONIGHT ( Video )
How To Get Her Wet With Words Review

With Richard La Ruina – The Gambler


A woman’s mind contains many secret doors.  

And if you know the right words, you can unlock those secret doors and unleash sexual desire like you haven’t seen in years. 

To find out how to do this tonight with your woman, check out the following:

The stealth attraction secret words that’ll trigger uncontrollable sexual desire in your wife or girlfriend

Have you heard the news? 

Women are hard-wired to find “sexist” men more attractive. 

That verdict comes from a recently published scientific study, which was performed at the University of Kent and Iowa State University. 

Specifically, what scientists found was that women rated “benevolent sexists” — men who treated women as frail and delicate — as more attractive than men who treated women as equals or those who didn’t give women any special treatment. 

And while this bit of research is interesting, it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

That’s because the seduction advice that comes from a science lab is about two decades behind the seduction advice that comes from real-life experts.

The real-world stuff goes way beyond being a “benevolent sexist” (though it certainly doesn’t require actually being sexist or behaving like a jerk).

It just comes down to using the right kind of language — which taps into the hard-wired, deep-set female psychology, and makes even the most frigid-seeming ice queen look at you with sudden sexual interest. 

This is something that works. And you can use immediately, even with a partner of many years. 

If you want to find out more about the real “research” into what seriously turns women on, check out the following:

Discover The Stealth Attraction Secret Words 5-word question that triggers lust in a woman’s mind

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PS — Interestingly, scientists also found that “benevolent sexists” were more attractive even to staunch feminists.

And in the same way, the kind of advanced seduction advice I’m talking about works with all women — even those with big careers, big paychecks, or strong feminist ideals. 

To find out how this works, check out this link here


PS: WIFE: “I’ve Never Been So Sexually Attracted To YOU…”

To help your wife (or girlfriend) rediscover her lust for wild, passionate sex…

…7 simple phrases could be all it takes to get her tearing your clothes off with that “I want you NOW” look in her eyes.

Even if she’s been a total “ice queen” in the bedroom for years.

Discover what these phrases are – and when to use them – in the link below.

Spark Her Deepest Sexual Urges With These 7 Simple Stealth Attraction Words List


I had a subscriber named Daniel contact me recently, worried that his sex life was flatlining.

Whilst he was still deeply in love with his wife, they hadn’t had sex in over 18 months.

Crucially, he’d lost the motivation to even suggest it anymore.

Were they deepening the emotional bonds of their relationship with sensual, passionate intimacy every night?

Of course not. Mostly nights, they just sat lifelessly in front of the TV.

Here’s what I told Daniel – and what any guy stuck in a dead bedroom should hear:

Not even suggesting sex, and neglecting good small talk, is a common trap for many couples.

I know, I know – small talk can feel awkward sometimes.

But I assure you, it definitely isn’t.

It’s a very effective tool for setting the scene before sex, getting your partner giggling erotically about the upcoming night of fun.

I decided it would help Daniel to send him a few subtle phrases that he could mix into his small talk…

…that were specifically designed to reactivate his wife’s libido.

And, sure enough, he emailed me a few weeks later…

…barely able to contain his delight at how his sex life had transformed.

The effects had been rapid, to say the least.

He excitedly telling me that since he’d started slipping these phrases in conversation…

…he’d awakened an irresistible, primal sexual craving inside his wife.

One he didn’t even think existed.

Night after night, they were practically breaking the bed as she couldn’t keep her hands off him.

And she’d whispered those soft, seductive words in his ear:

“I’ve never been so sexually attracted to you”.

Quite a turnaround.

Plus – here’s the best part:

There’s nothing stopping other men from using these simple phrases to reactivate their own partner’s sex drive.

Even if she hasn’t shown a desire for intimacy in YEARS.

Discover The Stealth Attraction Words List Daniel Used To Get His Wife BEGGING Him For Sex Every Night By Clicking Here…

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PS: Use This “Stealth Attraction 33 Words PDF” Questions To Unleash Your Wife’s OR Girlfriend’s “Nympho” Side…


Sexual arousal can’t happen without the right stimulus.

Yes, your wife’s (or girlfriend’s) libido is that predictable.

And when you know exactly how to stimulate her, you can boost her “drive” practically on command – even if she’s never had much of a sexual appetite.

For a simple 5-word question that makes her visibly hornier, check out the link below:

Make Your wife (Or Girlfriend) BEG You For Sex With These Stealth Attraction 33 Words PDF Questions


Female sexual psychology isn’t an impossible, confusing code.

I’m sure frustrated men across the globe will have a different opinion!

But you don’t need to present her with bulletproof, logical reasoning to make her want sex.

In this case – the “right” method isn’t the most difficult one.

All humans, women included, are governed by predictable behaviour patterns.

Put the right stimulus in and you can predictably get a certain response.

And yes, this applies to your sex life too.

When you use exactly the right words and general approach, getting your lover extremely aroused – and ready for sex – becomes a simple, step-by-step process.

Now, you might think your lover’s attitude to sex is just too conservative.

Or that she hasn’t been interested in sex for months, years and even decades.

But here’s the thing – it doesn’t matter what “surface-level” circumstances seem to affect her libido, or what her usual conscious objections are.

The right stimulus will target her deepest, subconscious sexual desires…

…the desires that evolution hard-wired into her to keep the human race going.

And that’s the beauty of this principle.

You don’t have to awkwardly convince her that sex would be a good idea, with the same old canned lines.

Because you’re triggering something that already exists inside her.

And when you’ve got the tools to spark her in-built arousal psychology in this consistent, biological way

…you’ll be enjoying lots more passionate, bed-breaking sex – as her libido flips into overdrive.

So, what stimuli can help you do this?

To get hold of a 5-word question that helps you predictably make your wife hungry for sex, just follow the link below…

Ask Your Lover This “5-Word Question” In This Stealth Attraction Disc 1 To Leave Her Uncontrollably Aroused

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Sexual Language Hacks To Make Her Say “Call Me…”


A totally normal conversation can leave a woman smouldering with desire for you.

Nothing awkward or weird, nothing explicitly sexual.

Specific words and phrases have been shown to hit that “sexual sweet spot”.

Any man can drop them into his conversations with women…

…and simply watch the bitten lips, fluttering eyelashes, and “you up?” texts roll in.

You’ll find them by following the link below…

Hidden trigger words that make a woman crave your attention

I recently saw a tweet asking people to “name 5 things you could talk about for 30 minutes, without prompting”.

All kinds of hobbies, sports and TV shows were rattled off.

It reminded me that everyone has topics that light a fire in their soul.

They love talking about them, because they have a genuine passion for them.

It then hit me – it’s something sexually successful men are great at identifying:

These “golden nuggets” that a woman loves to talk about.

They don’t just say “that’s nice” when she tells them about her interests.

They listen, ask questions and get her revealing more about herself.

It can be very easy to work out her “nuggets”:

Commenting on the author of a book she’s reading, or asking what got her into a sport she plays, are just two examples.

Very simple observations – but on what really excites her, which she can’t give a simple “yes/no” answer to.

Finding her “nuggets” is attractive for many reasons:

You’ve just triggered that special excitement she only gets from talking about her deepest passions…

…and she won’t forget a man who made her feel that way in a hurry.

It also shows you’re a good listener, fully engaged in a conversation that flows much more effortlessly for both of you.

Someone genuinely interested in connecting with her on a deeper level.

Psychology 101: we tend to like the people who like us back.

She’ll start asking herself “damn, this guy is really into me.

He seems interested in me beyond my looks.

He makes me feel good – I could talk to him for hours about the things I love.

“I should get to know HIM…”

And it gets better.

There’s a shortcut to sparking these intense feelings of attraction and desire in women:

Using specific words and phrases – in entirely normal conversations – that position you as an attractive, self-assured man she can’t stop thinking about.

(Maybe even on a sexual level…)

Discover these “verbal signals” in the link below:

Words and phrases to spark intense female attraction

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PS: For a more detailed Stealth Seduction review by Richard La Ruina of PUA Training University, check out the following link: https://www.taylorsnowromance.com/stealth-attraction-secret-reviews-pua-disc-1-trigger-33-words-pdf-list-program-video-techniques-methods/. Wishing YOU ALL the best as you use these Pick Up Artist (PUA) seduction and attraction techniques in your dating game


PUA Stealth Attraction Review

How To Get Her Wet With Words Review


Stealth Attraction Review

What Is The Trick With Get Her Wet With Words Review

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