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A few basic body-language tweaks can completely change the impressions women have of you.

Put simply, you could become more attractive, sexually appealing, interesting…

…before you’ve even opened your mouth.

It’s all explained in the FREE eBook I’ve got for you today (minus a small shipping charge) by dating expert Richard La Ruina.

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Body language tweaks that make men irresistible to women [EBOOK]


Among other things, Richard focuses on the importance of a good first impression.

What’s the first thing a woman notices about you?

Unless you’re shouting around a corner, the answer (he suggests) is body language.

Of course, with everyone home right now, this might seem difficult to put into practice.

But I’ve got good news: the principles are exactly the same when you’re talking to women via webcam, or a video messaging app.

As long as women can see you, body language is important.

Anyway – the science supports Richard:

According to Helen Fisher, an anthropologist at Rutgers University, we decide whether we find someone attractive in less than 1 second.

Our brains quickly analyze the other person’s appearance, along with the personality traits they’re unconsciously showing.

How do they show these traits (appealing or otherwise)?

No, it’s not through a handsome face.

You guessed it – through body language.

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard people banging on about body language before.

Especially when it comes to attracting women.

Problem is, they never properly answer the million-dollar question:

What actually IS this kind of body-language?

For this particular purpose (i.e. attracting women), it’s body language that makes you look a) open and b) available.

It can be really basic and simple stuff: smiling, uncrossed arms, gesticulating a little as you talk.

The key is to look like you’d be happy to have women in your personal space – and that means drawing attention to yourself.

When you look calm and confident in your surroundings, women will want to join you in them.

Your existence looks fun, after all, so why wouldn’t she want to take part in it (as soon as she’s allowed to do so)?

By being unafraid to show your true, interesting self, you can answer this question for her.

And Richard’s eBook contains several more advanced body language techniques…

…designed to activate a woman’s strongest, most intense sexual desire.

They’re part of his eBook on everything you need to know about attracting the women you want – which you can download for free in the link below:

Attract women with your body language (use these specific tweaks for instant arousal)

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PS: Gorgeous Hollywood Actresses – What Makes Them Say “Yes” To A Date?


This could make “leagues” history.

This simple technique I’ve got today can give you the power to ignite the attraction of the most desirable, stunning women in your lives.

She’ll be captivated by you – no matter how popular and successful she might be.

Here’s how this technique works:

Beautiful Hollywood celebrities CRAVE men who use this simple technique (try it today!) 


I’ve just remembered a tweet actress Brie Larson sent a few years ago:

“I merely smiled at a TSA agent and he asked for my number. To live life as a woman is to live life on the defence.”

It got me thinking.

Now, you may believe she overreacted.

But I’m not going to deny how this interaction made her feel – extremely uncomfortable.

On some level the guy misread the situation.

This tweet was retweeted over 4,000 times. That’s a lot.

It clearly resonated with women across the world.

However, the lesson here isn’t the one you might think.

Should the TSA agent should never have approached Brie Larson?

Was there never a hope she’s be attracted to him?


Don’t be afraid to take a chance.

There is ONE big error he made, however, that it’s important to recognise.

I’ll bet this got overexcited at chatting to this famous, stunning woman.

He probably forgot to establish any kind of RAPPORT before going for the number.

No attraction or “spark” had been established – she had no reason to be interested in him yet.

He COULD have been the man of her dreams.

But by jumping the gun, he became “just another guy” – and made her defensive.

The point being:

TAKE YOUR TIME before making a move in a similar situation.

Show her your personality (yes, that word, but it’s true) first.

Show her why you’re such fun to be around.

Then, once she begins to imagine herself in your exciting life, real attraction and desire for you starts to develop.

THAT’S when you can ask for her number.

Whether it’s Brie Larson or any beautiful woman, the same applies.

Best of all, your wealth or looks barely matter.

ANY man can build this kind of seductive rapport almost instantly…

…with this set of powerful, easy techniques to ignite her curiosity – and make her desperate to know you on a more sexual level.

Start using them today by following this link:

Quickly spark interest from gorgeous women by doing this

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The Natural Book Review

The Natural Book Review Richard La Ruina PDF



Richard La Ruina PDF Review summary ending vs movie quotes wiki passage of time buy for sale prologue study.

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Richard La Ruina, also known as Gambler, is a well-known international relationship expert and coach who established himself as a dating guru and pick-up artist in the UK market.

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Despite his success with women, Gambler admits to facing rejection in the past, acknowledging the challenges of dating. This motivated him into becoming one of the best dating coaches by teaching men effortless techniques of attracting and seducing women