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As a man you’re not “supposed” to know this…

But there’s one secret fear every woman has when she meets with a guy…

And it’s about her being attracted to him and then sleeping with him… without even knowing why she did that.

In fact, one of the most common things you’ll ever hear from these women is, “I’m not the kind of girl that does this… but it just… happened”

Strangely that’s also the kind of stealth power you’ve in your hands right now… that takes advantage of a strange psychological loophole – using innocent sounding words casually injected into your normal conversation to get her so horny she has no choice but to ride your D-train.

There’s a fascinating science behind it, and you can see it for yourself here (not PG-13 though):

Naked, Writhing, Moaning (Psychological Loophole That Gets Women Horny)

In fact, you’re also about to unlock a few weapons-grade seduction secrets you can use to create an instantaneous attraction and sexual chemistry in any woman that you meet. For example:

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* How to make a girl you’ve known for years suddenly start to want you… crave you… and need you…

* How to introduce yourself to a woman in a way that instantly gets her horny…

* How to develop x-ray vision into a woman’s mind… and know exactly what she’s thinking. So you can remove her objections before they ever come up (this stops her from saying no)…

* How to control the secret “silent language” of your body to draw women to you from the moment you step into the room…

* How to make a woman think you are an incredible conversationalist (Even if you have nothing in common with her… and no interest in her aside from getting into her pants)…

* How to make women do what you want them to do… and love doing it (this can be anything… just use your imagination).

And yes, you too can totally pull these off with almost effortless ease. See here:

Spreads Women’s Thighs On Command…

Some say this is the most powerful seduction technology ever devised. Check out the link above and see if you agree.

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Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


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You’ve heard of Roger Bannister, right?

The first man to run a sub-4-minute mile.

He passed away earlier this year.

Here’s what I find fascinating about the story of Roger Bannister.

Before him there had been no-one recorded running a sub-4-minute mile EVER.

From centuries of recorded history not one person was found to have run it faster.


Roger could have sat around and said “well if it was possible then someone would already have done it by now”.

(This, by the way, is a common excuse people use for not trying something new)

But he didn’t.

He gave himself FAITH.

And he developed a belief that he could make it happen.

And so he trained and trained – and he VISUALIZED seeing himself breaking the 4 minute barrier.

And eventually he did it.

Now here’s what’s especially fascinating.

Within a year of Roger breaking the barrier a bunch of athletes came along and started running sub-4-minute miles as well.

Isn’t it interesting how for centuries no-one could run that fast, but then suddenly a bunch of people start doing it as soon as Roger Bannister did it?

By him breaking that record he gave people the belief that they could break it too.

The key underlying lesson here is BELIEF.

Roger gave himself the belief through faith.

And others gave themselves the belief through seeing a role model – in this case Roger Bannister – do what they thought was impossible.

So let me end today with a thought.

What if your lack of belief is holding you back?

What if you could experience wild and endless success with women?

What if you could meet, date and sleep with your dream woman (or women)?

What if you gave yourself the BELIEF that this was possible?


I know it’s hard to take a leap of faith like that when you’re not seeing great results yet, so do the following…

Learn from a role model.

Learn from someone who’s already mastered success with women and has refined it down to a science.

See this in action here…

Dating expert reveals his personal proven success strategy for meeting and dating your dream woman

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