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If you’re not already aware, it’s a set of powerful sex and arousal techniques – compiled by my good friend Lloyd Lester…

…that allow you to give your wife (or girlfriend) unforgettable, shrieking orgasms in just a matter of seconds.

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Here’s just some of the top-secret techniques that Lloyd’s going to share with you:

–    “Erotic Action at a Distance” method – explains how to work your partner’s “arousal mechanism” and rapidly increase her desire for sex;
–    “Cloak and Dagger” amplifier – how to use language (in a completely innocent way) to fill her mind with sexual cravings;
–    “Black Hole Rapport” – how to unlock the most primal sexual urges from the arousal centre of her brain – and help her feel safe and comfortable enough to act on them;
–    “Erotic Inception” – a simple method to “plant the seeds” of sexual arousal in her mind that grow into a full-blown desire for sex…

…and much more on top of that.

And I haven’t even started on the 3 exclusive, FREE bonuses for turning up the heat even further.

Look, I’m confident that this program can help you build this kind of lust-filled sex life that makes other couples jealous…

But I understand if you’re still skeptical.

After all, it’s a big promise, and Lloyd knows that.

So he’s covering it with an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee.

If you’re unsatisfied in anyway, just get in touch with Lloyd’s team and you’ll be given a 100% refund.

It’s very generous, I know.

And that’s because Lloyd is so committed to helping as many men as possible become the best lovers they can possibly be.

With his simple techniques, your lover could be screaming your name for hours on end, overcome by the unbridled passion she could only experience by getting intimate with you.

Deep down, I’m sure both of you crave that.

So make it your reality – whilst you’ve still got the chance.

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PS: How To Give Your Wife (Or Girlfriend) A 15-Minute Screaming Orgasm On Command


If you fancy giving your partner prolonged, screaming orgasms multiple times a night – then just follow the link below.

You’ll discover a powerful sex technique for sending her into a deep orgasmic bliss, delivering the most intense, body-shaking pleasure of her life… 

…that lasts for an incredible 15 minutes at a time.

Little-known technique gets her body quivering from mind-blowing orgasms on command


I speak to lots of couples about their unsatisfying sex lives.

I often find myself asking the same question, time and time again:

Why are so few couples willing to try out new moves and techniques?

After all, sex is an incredibly intimate and personal act.

You fully explore each other’s bodies, helping you discover their specific “turn-ons”…

…and understand exactly how to deploy them when turning up the heat in the bedroom.

All ensuring that she enjoys the maximum comfort and pleasure possible.

But lots of couples aren’t doing all the “exploring” they could be.

Look, if you’re completely happy with your current situation, then of course you shouldn’t feel obliged to change.

Nevertheless – here’s what I’ve observed.

By trying out a wider variety of techniques, it’s likely you’ll BOTH enjoy the sex more.

It’s all to do with how her body (and mind) adapts to your methods.

Basically, her brain learns quickly: once it gets used to the surprise of a particular mental or physical stimulation method, it stops producing such strong pleasure.

When you try out something new, however, you’re tapping into a brand-new seam of pleasure within her body.

And this could potentially transform the quality of your sex.

If you’re not yet comfortable with trying something completely new yet, here’s my suggestion:

Make a tiny change to a method you’re using already.

No matter how tiny it is.

If it’s physical, change the angle or speed; if it’s “dirty talk” then try some different words.

The point is to prove that making even the smallest changes to your sexual routine can amp up the pleasure the very first time you try them.

Once you’re comfortable with that, there’s another, bigger change you can try.

It’s got the potential to make things even steamier.

My friend Lloyd Lester recently discovered a powerful new shortcut for giving women powerful orgasms – that triggers her intense climax in just seconds.

And now it’s your turn.

Regardless of your age or sexual experience.

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PS: Give Her Orgasms On Command So Intense She Nearly Passed Out…

 If you’re not man enough to be the source of her bedroom pleasure…

Then she might be “so over you” already.

I still hear relationships entering the dark stages when the orgasms just aren’t happening.

(Even if you think it does… she’s probably just faking it to soothe your ego.)

In fact, a recent study shows that 80% of women have faked it at one point or another.

And faking it means that you don’t learn what she likes or doesn’t like, so you both always end up feeling unsatisfied.

Sure, she may know you’re giving your best effort in the bedroom…

But maybe you’re still lacking this special skill? (gives her fast-action orgasms on command)

You see, some pretty standard bouncing just won’t make the cut.

Not even those weird positions or fingering techniques make for a great bedroom experience… especially when you don’t know what you’re doing.

Instead, you can leverage on a powerful, step-by-step approach that conditions a woman to achieve an incredible climax in just seconds…


By using these principles of neuro-psychology… to INSTALL an automatic “switch” in her hidden pleasure zones…

(Bet you haven’t seen her so horny that all hell breaks loose in the bedroom).

So here’s what you need to do…

  1. The faking O’s need to stop, as it doesn’t do you both any good…
  2. To stop it, simply trigger her orgasmic “auto-switch” right away so she won’t have time to do the faking…Here’s the step-by method I’m talking about:

Fake to REAL orgasms (so intense she might lose consciousness)…

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester



Orgasm By Command Review


Sex Coach & Sexual Wellness Expert at Ask Lloyd Lester

Lloyd Lester is a highly sought-after sex advisor and sexual wellness expert with over a decade of experience in the field. His comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the areas of sexual health and performance have helped countless individuals and couples achieve greater satisfaction and fulfillment in their sex lives.

Lloyd's journey into the field of sexual wellness began when he experienced sexual challenges of his own. After years of struggling with premature ejaculation, he decided to seek out solutions to his problem. He tried various techniques and products, but nothing seemed to work.

It wasn't until he stumbled upon a holistic approach to sexual wellness that he was able to overcome his challenges and achieve the sexual satisfaction he had always desired.