Man Tea Rock Hard Formula Review

Got Questions About Man Tea?
Here Are The Answers…
Adam Armstrong Man Tea Go All Night Formula Reviews Rock Hard Ingredients for sale amazon

With Adam Armstrong and Elwin Robinson

Guys are going crazy for Man Tea Rock Hard Formula – practically fighting to get their hands on some before the prices go WAY UP in a few days’ time.

Right now, I’m getting bombarded with emails asking me questions about this powerful, all-natural ERECTION-BOOSTING tea.

Instead of answering everyone individually, in this post I’ll share the 5 most common FAQ’s about New Alpha Nutrition Rock Hard Formula

Question #1: Why Is Rock Hard Formula Better Than ‘Big Pharma Dick Pills’?


‘Dick Pills’ are ARTIFICIAL.

And have many side-effects.

Rock-Hard Formula is different because it’s 100% natural. Safe too.

‘Dick Pills’ can make you HARD – but they don’t tend to give you TRUE DESIRE. And they don’t tend to increase staying power dramatically either.

Rock-Hard Formula will make you HARD, and Horny, and it’ll do great things for your stamina too.


Question #2: Will It Work For Older Guys?



New Alpha Nutrition Rock Hard Formula is appropriate for guys of all ages.

Vinny in New Jersey, USA has been using Man Tea for quite a while now. He reports getting:

“Spontaneous erections throughout the day”

He’s 62.

Another guy, Dave, is in Australia. He sleeps with 3 different women on a regular basis – occasionally all in the same day.

He’s 73.

So yeah – Rock Hard is good for guys of any age!

Question #3: What’s In It, and Is It Safe?


Rock Hard is 100% natural and SAFE.

No sugar, no artificial sweeteners of preservatives. No Trans Fats.

Just Ancient Chinese Superherbs that each have over 2,000 years of proof behind them

Question #4: How Do I Take It?


It’s really quick and easy

Simply add 2 teaspoons of the ready-made, ready-mixed powder to a mug of warm (or hot) water.

Then stir, and drink.

Anytime of day, you like. Though morning is best.

Question #5: Is It Guaranteed?


Yes. It certainly is.

When you invest in Rock Hard Formula today, you do so with total peace-of-mind – because you’re covered by the following guarantee:

30 days, 100% satisfaction, or your money back. No questions asked.

So what are you waiting for?

Click here to get your hands on some Rock Hard now (for much better erections)

man tea go all night formula new alpha nutrition review ingredients results Adam Armstrong recharge strength for sale amazon


Talk soon,

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

PS: WARNING: In less than 48 hours, the price of Rock-Hard Formula will go WAY UP.

Click here to avoid paying more


Right now, you can get your Rock Hard Formula at a whopping 34% OFF the usual price…

Or, if you buy in bulk – you can save even more

A gigantic 51% OFF to be exact!


Rock-Hard Formula is a SAFE and NATURAL way to improve your Sexual Performance (and your overall health).

Drink 1 cup a day (or simply add the ready-mixed powder to a smoothie once a day) – and you’ll experience:

More reliable erections

– HARDER erections

20, 30, or even 40 minutes plus ‘sexual endurance’

– Bigger ‘Money Cum Shots’

And, of course:

A much happier, much more SATISFIED woman in your bed! 😉

Click here to get your Rock Hard now – before the price goes WAY UP


What’s not to like?

Oh, and Rock Hard also comes with a BIG Guarantee (so you can try it with NO RISK)..

And, you can save better than 50% OFF when you order today🙂

>> Click here to take advantage now

And, I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

PS: It Hurts When THIS Happens.

Did you know that every year, thousands and thousands of marriages and relationships end in divorce or break-ups?

Do you know WHY this happens?

Contrary to what most people believe – and at great risk of being incredibly NOT Politically Correct – I’ll tell you anyway:

A huge number of marriages and relationships end up in breakups or divorce because the man wasn’t fully SATISFYING the woman sexually.

You see, couples who have genuinely GREAT ‘Bedroom Fun’ – on a regular basis – very rarely, if ever, split up.


When the sex is BAD, or it’s not happening – frustration and resentment build…

And, women often CHEAT to get it better elsewhere.

This is a huge problem right now…

Men with low testosterone, low ‘sexual appetite’ – and little ability to ‘Get Hard and Stay Hard.’ It’s leading to a lot of frustrated women who are behaving very BADLY.

To stop women behaving badly – you HAVE TO give ‘em good sex.

Now, if you have problems in this area – with low testosterone, and issues ‘getting it up’ – don’t you think it’s about time you fixed it?

If you don’t – it could get messy, and expensive.

Truth is…

Most supplements don’t work…

And, most DRUGS are DANGEROUS.

Yet, that’s where Rock-Hard Formula comes in to save the day. Because:

– It’ll make you HARDER…

– It’ll help you LAST LONGER…

It’ll give you increased semen volume when you ‘finish’ (something women LOVE)

– Your T-Levels and ‘Sexual Appetite’ will also grow when you take it

– Your order is covered by a 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee – making your investment a no-brainer because it’s RISK-FREE


– You get Bonuses worth 400 bucks when you order within he next 48 (and, potentially the ‘Super-Bonus’ worth another 150 dollars 🙂

====>>Click here to get it now (while we still have stock, and before the price goes WAY UP, in less than 24 hours)

Talk to you soon…

Your friends,

Adam Armstrong


PS: Get And Stay Hard On Command With The Ancient Chinese ED Formula

Ancient Chinese societies had some very unusual beliefs about sex.

By producing thicker, firmer hard-ons and performing better in bed, they’d increase their “sexual energy”.

To them, this was the ultimate purpose of life.

And good news – the highly effective method they used to stay harder for longer…

…can also help the men of 2019 perform better in bed, feel more vitality and give their partners night after an unforgettable, steamy night.

Follow the link below to discover this method.

Increase your libido and stay hard for longer with this all-natural solution


I received an email this week from Ronald, a man in his late 60s.

He’s been married to his wife Simone for three wonderful decades, he tells me.

But in the last few years – his sex life had completely dried up.

His performance had been steadily declining for the last 15 years.

He could barely stay hard for 30 seconds, and his stamina and libido were way down.

And whilst Simone way trying her best to reassure him, he knew he wasn’t giving her true sexual satisfaction.

So, afraid of disappointing her even further, he’d stopped suggesting sex altogether.

He was really concerned that he’d “missed the boat” to ever boost his sexual performance – and now he was emailing me for help.

Well, time to earn my salary!

Here’s what I told Ronald:

Age does NOT have to hold you back in the bedroom.

New Alpha Nutrition Rock Hard Formula Review ingredients customer reviews fda Adam Armstrong phone noPhysically or mentally.

It’s true that the bodily processes behind hard-ons CAN slow down as you age.

But by giving your body the right “support”, you could get these processes firing again…

…and enjoying the reliably rigid hard-ons of your teen years.

No, that doesn’t mean using dangerous and expensive ED drugs.

Older bodies often stop producing the right bodily substances needed for the erectile process to function properly.

But that’s where those ancient Chinese elites come in.

They discovered huge quantities of these substances in a set of rare (but natural) foods.

Once they started eating them, they couldn’t believe how much their sexual performance improved.

(Even if they didn’t truly realize why this was happening.)

And modern scientists have now combined these substances into a solution that modern men like Ronald – no matter what their age…

…can use to get harder and send their lovers wild in bed than they ever thought possible.

Find out what it is in the link below…

Get huge, powerful erections on command with this ancient Chinese hard-on secret

Talk soon,

Elwin Robinson

man tea: rock-hard formula for sale Adam Armstrong Go All night formula ingredients results new alpha nutrition review recharge strength


PS: The drug-free way to eradicate ED… without expensive surgery

Don’t think money has to be an object to getting hold of the most effective ED solutions.

Money can buy you lots of nice things, sure.

But you don’t need costly drugs or expensive surgery to get your hard-ons THROBBING.

Instead, their effects can be replicated with completely natural substances.

Discover the natural substances that transform your sexual performance beyond all recognition…

…giving you thick, throbbing hard-ons – by clicking below.

Banish ED for good and get RAGING hard-ons with this drug-free method


Imagine, for a second, that you won the lottery.

What would you splash out on first?

A car?

College fees?

Fancy penthouse?

Probably not, I’m guessing, a solution for ED.

But when my subscribers tell me about their ED-related issues…

…they feel like they’d need to win the lottery to afford a solution that actually helps improve their performance.

They think they’re stuck with 2 options:

 1. Undergo expensive surgery to tackle the underlying cause;

 2. Buy tons of prescription drugs, which aren’t always a guaranteed long-term solution.

I’m not saying these things can’t help improve sexual performance.

But they’re just not affordable for most people…

…and the costs are too great for them to risk something going wrong.

So ultimately they do nothing.

And their hard-ons remain limp and disappointing.

But let me tell you something.

No matter your budget, there IS hope of hard-on improvement.

Why do people think they need to splash their cash?

Personally, I blame the outdated science relied on by much of the pharmaceutical industry.

When surgery and drugs were first recommended as the best ED cures, our understanding of what caused ED was totally different.

The effects of these expensive ED cures can now be replicated.

At a tiny fraction of the cost to the consumer.

Best of all, men can start seeing these effects by harnessing the processes they’re already using in their day-to-day lives.

For example, take blood circulation.

You don’t need to rely on the blue pill anymore.

Instead, try adding iron-heavy foods to your diet.

They supply your body with the exact chemical compounds to get your hard-ons THROBBING in no time.

And there’s a whole bunch of herbs and substances that have a similar, hard-on enhancing effect…

…making them thicker, stronger and more engorged than drugs or surgery could ever have managed.

Follow this link to find out what they are (and the best way to prepare and eat them)…

How to get thicker hard-ons without breaking the bank (drug-free)

Talk soon,

Adam Armstrong

Adam Armstrong Man Tea Results Rock Hard Formula Ingredients Reviews For Sale Amazon Does It Really Work New Alpha Nutrition Recharge Strength

3 Simple, Proven Ways to Last Longer In Bed

I remember that in my teenage years, I spent an awful lot of time thinking about how to LAST LONGER in bed.

I don’t mind admitting to you that these thoughts came from a place of deep insecurity and worry. Quite simply: I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to last long enough to SATISFY women in bed.

Today I’m grateful that I’ve gained control of my body to the point where I can last as long as I like…

And, that’s a great ‘thing’ to have MASTERED – because it allows you to focus on simply ENJOYING giving your woman PLEASURE (and receiving pleasure in return), as opposed to approaching SEX from a place of fear, insecurity, and with feelings of inadequacy.

Sadly, I realize that for a HUGE number of men, figuring out the ‘how to last long enough to blow your woman’s mind’ thing is NOT easy…

And, many guys ‘suffer in silence’ for years (as do their women). Never really have SATISFYING ‘action’ in the bedroom.

If you want to LAST LONGER SEXUALLY – I’m here to help…

With 3 simple suggestions that are proven to work…

Here they are:

1. Stop Worrying About Premature Ejaculation (Blowing Too Soon)


I know it’s tough to STOP worrying about the thing that is giving you nightmares – but stopping worrying about it is the first step to fixing it.

Think about it…

The Golfer who worries about hitting his ball in the water – hit’s it in the water most of the time!

Same in the bedroom…

Worry about ‘blowing too soon’ – and it’ll be your reality.

TIP: Spend a few minutes each day imagining yourself lasting as long as you like during sex. Do this often enough, and with enough intensity – and your Brain will see it as REALITY. Then it’ll actually start to become your reality when you ‘get it on’ with your woman.

2. Practice


I’ll get very personal with you right now and share a BIG SECRET…

When I was in my teenage years, I used to ‘self-pleasure’ with a stop-watch by my side.

I know, I know

What a LOSER 😉

But, here’s the thing…

I trained myself to masturbate from lasting a minute to a few minutes, to 10 minutes, to 30 minutes or more – every single time. Without fail.

Should you give the ‘stopwatch technique’ a try?

You could do a lot worse.

And, unlike me – you don’t have to tell anyone you’re doing it! 🙂

3. Fuel Yourself for ‘Sexual Excellence’


Stick with me here:

About 30 minutes before my strength training workouts I drink some Branch Chain Amino Acids.

Within 30 minutes of finishing my workouts – I drink a smoothie with Grass Fed Whey Protein, easily digested carbohydrates, creatine and a few other ingredients.

I do this before and after EVERY workout. 5-7 days a week.

Why do I do this so religiously?

Because it maximizes my performance.

Can you take a similar approach toward your Sexual Performance?

You bet you can.

Just take 2 teaspoons of Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula every day.

Because Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula will maximize your ERECTION HARDNESS, staying power, and the size of your ‘Money Shots.’ Not to mention your T-Levels, and ‘Sexual Appetite’ too!

Consider it ‘Fuelling yourself for Sexual Excellence.’

Click here to learn more about Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula

And, I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Elwin Robinson

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Adam's expertise in men's health includes a focus on nutrition and exercise, as well as hormonal balance and mental health. He believes that good health is not just about looking good, but also about feeling good and having a positive outlook on life.

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