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Here’s a reminder of everything you’re getting with RHF.

1. A safe and natural “superherb” formula for improving your erectile and sexual function, regardless of your age and fitness level.
2.    An easy way to increase your testosterone levels.
3.    Bigger, more powerful loads and a boosted libido.
4.    Unbreakable Erections and sexual confidence and high levels of sexual performance night after night.
5.    More intense orgasms.
6.    More energy and stamina in bed.

And much more besides.

This really is an all-in-one “sex life supercharger” that can give you newfound levels of virility and “drive” in the bedroom.

All without weird drugs or pumps or surgery.

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There’s absolutely no financial risk to you whatsoever.

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PS: Drug-Free, Surgery-Free, Man Tea Rock Hard Formula To Get And Stay Raging Hard?


It shouldn’t cost your life savings to get the sexual performance you want.

There’s a set of completely natural substances that can be used to replicate the hard-on erection enhancing effects of expensive ED drugs and surgery.

The men who’ve used these substances have seen their hard-ons become thicker, firmer, and longer lasting than they ever imagined.

See what they are in the link below…

Why you don’t need expensive drugs and surgery to get ENGORGED hard-ons


Many men think addressing the root cause of their ED is beyond their budget.

To them, there are only 2 choices.

Surgery – which might work but is way too expensive for most ordinary people…

…or drugs – also costly, various health risks, and no guarantee they’ll work anyway.

Some choice.

Look, men today have so many responsibilities to juggle.

Caring for their family, work, bills…

…it isn’t worth the risk to them or their loved ones to pay for this stuff.

And they remain stuck with their substandard hard-ons, unable to improve.

That’s what they think, anyway.

Because the reality is completely different.

man tea: rock-hard formula for sale Adam Armstrong Go All night formula ingredients results new alpha nutrition review recharge strengthIn the last few decades, our scientific knowledge of ED – and how to address it – has completely transformed.

ED cures which were once incredibly, unaffordably expensive…

…can now have their biological effects on our erectile function replicated.

At a fraction of the price.

In fact, we can do this by tweaking processes we already use on a day-to-day basis in our lives.

For example – we know how important blood circulation is for powerful hard-ons.

Men can boost theirs by getting more iron-rich foods into their diet – and they’ll soon notice how much thicker and longer-lasting their hard-ons have become.

No more relying on the “blue pill” for a fleeting, temporary boost.

And there’s an even more powerful diet tweak I’d like to share with you today.

One which could give you lasting improvements to your sexual performance.

A special set of natural herbs and substances have been scientifically proven to help men produce much thicker, longer-lasting hard-ons.

Best of all, they can be WAY more effective than surgery or ED drugs.

If you want to try them yourself, just follow this link:

Natural herbs for getting and staying hard on command (no drugs)

Talk soon,

Adam Armstrong

Adam Armstrong Man Tea Results Rock Hard Formula Ingredients Reviews For Sale Amazon Does It Really Work New Alpha Nutrition Recharge Strength


PS: Is this chemical RUINING your hard-ons? How to reverse its effects…

Every single day, millions of men worldwide pump this chemical around their bodies.

It can have a direct impact on their hard-on quality, stamina, and T-levels.

Fortunately, it’s never been easier to give your body exactly what it needs to reverse the effects of this chemical…

…and effortlessly last for HOURS in bed as you pleasure your woman with RAGING hard-ons (not to mention cover her in HUGE loads).

Discover the all-natural method here:

Do THIS to enjoy amazing stamina and shoot HUGE loads in bed


OK, I’ll quit stalling.

This hard-on and stamina damaging chemical is CORTISOL.

It’s pumped around our body in dangerous situations, preparing us to “fight or flight” the problem to overcome it.

A bit crude, but it’s served us well through thousands of years of evolution.

But these days, men are more stressed them ever.

Financial worries, family issues, and 24-hour news all contribute to the general stress we feel.

Why does this end up spilling over into the bedroom?

Well, the more cortisol your body produces, the less testosterone it produces.

Solid T-levels are crucial for top-quality sexual intimacy.

The higher your T, the better your sex drive, stamina, and confidence in the bedroom.

Unfortunately, cortisol is tough to shift.

It can accumulate unchecked in the body for DECADES.

When guys over 50 can’t get hard, it shouldn’t really be a surprise, given all the cortisol that’s built up without them noticing.


Whilst they might think their genetics have doomed them to live out the rest of their life with weak hard-ons…

…this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Reversing the effects of cortisol – and increasing sexual stamina and performance levels – CAN be done, no matter how long or stressful your life has been.

What’s the secret to turning things around?

Putting the right things in your body.

You can bring down cortisol levels with compounds found in foods on your supermarket shelf…

…sending your T-levels soaring again.

That means getting and staying pulsatingly hard almost effortlessly…

…plus shooting bigger loads and enthusiastically penetrating your lover for far longer.

And you can find the compounds that do all this – and more – in 7 natural “superherbs” that help you fight back against cortisol.

Get hold of them by following this link:

7 “superherbs ingredients” for producing rock-solid hard-ons and boosting your stamina

Talk soon,


How To Get Hard And Stay Hard


How to Avoid ‘Erection Issues’


These days ‘Erection Issues’ are becoming more and more common – affecting men, an ever-growing number of men, at younger and younger ages.

To combat the problem, I’d like to give you some tips, techniques, and strategies on how to AVOID ‘Erection Issues.’ And, I’ll share those tips, techniques, and strategies with you – for FREE – right here in this email 😉

Let’s get into it…

If You Want to Avoid ‘Erection Issues’ (or FIX existing issues):

Get adequate rest every night. Minimum 7 hours for most men

Drink plenty of water. 2 liters a day at the least

Eat a natural, unprocessed, preferably organic diet (and be sure to avoid GMO food of all kinds)

Expose your skin to a little sunlight each day (it’s good for your Vit D and Testosterone Levels)

Take a contrast shower (alternating hot and cold water) at least 3 times a week

Fix any ‘Toxic Relationships’ in your life

Find your passion. Then spend at least an hour a day on it

Do all that you can to DE-STRESS

When you do all those things – you find your health improves dramatically. And, when your health improves – so do your ERECTIONS!!!

Of course, you should also take Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula 

…Because it’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to enjoy harder, longer-lasting erections…

Click here to learn more

And, I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

PS: 5 Tips for Harder Erections (use them ASAP)

I’d like to share 5 Tips with you that’ll help you get Harder, more Reliable Erections. We talked in detail about some of these in the Zoom Call (link above, in the opening sentence of this email 🙂

1. Work on your Health

When your health improves, so too does your performance. Mentally and physically.

You can’t expect to have RockHard, reliable Erections, last 30 minutes plus – and blow your woman’s mind, every time –  if you’re a physical wreck. 

In contrast, if you’re VERY HEALTHY – both mentally and physically – it’s highly unlikely you’ll have any performance issues (ED or PE). 

So, “YES,” if you want amazing performance in bed – do ALL that you can to get HEALTHY!!!

2. Use a Cock Ring

This is a simple device that you can buy from many stores online – even Amazon.

Here’s how it works:

    • You put it around the bottom of the shaft of your penis when you are hard
    • OR: some are designed to go around your balls and the bottom of the shaft of your penis

Then you ‘get it on’ with your woman as usual.

The difference is: the Cock Ring helps to keep blood in your penis, giving you harder and more reliable erections. For many guys, it’s a “Game Changer” – allowing them to stay hard and fuck like a Boss (where usually they’d go limp and leave their women totally UNSATISFIED).

Also, in my experience, they can also greatly intensify your orgasms.

3. Choose Sex-Positions Wisely

Many guys find it easier to maintain an erection in certain positions. And, a lot more difficult in others.

Gravity might have something to do with it…

For instance, when you’re on your back, and your woman is on top, gravity is NOT helping to keep blood flow in your penis. It’s doing the opposite!

In contrast, when you’re on top of her, gravity is helping to keep blood flow in your penis! It’s helping to keep you hard.

That said, everyone is different, and everyone has their own preferences. Your job is to figure out which positions help YOU stay hardest, for the longest, and use those positions! Particularly at the start of the ‘session.’

4. Chill Out About It!

Years ago, when I had severe digestive issues (including a bleeding Stomach Ulcer), I went to see a Naturopath (a kind of alternative Doctor), and he said:

“Adam, I just think that part of the solution is to chilling out about it”

Now, don’t get me wrong. “Chilling Out” was only 1 part of the way I fixed my Stomach Ulcer, but he was right…

I was getting so STRESSED about it – it was making it worse.

Many guys have a similar issue with SEX and ‘getting harder erections.’ They get so worked up and stressed about it, that they cannot get an erection. 

Now, I understand that ED is embarrassing. Humiliating even.

Yet, at the same time – getting super stressed about it will NOT help.

So find a way to chill out, and get as stress-free as possible BEFORE you have sex. This could really help you to get harder, more reliable erections.

5. Take “Man Tea Rock Hard Formula

Rock-Hard Formula works by increasing your Testosterone Levels. And, improving your Circulation

This is a powerful combination, assuming you want to feel like THE MAN outside of the bedroom – and perform like THE MAN inside the bedroom!

Here’s why I say that:

When you take Rock Hard and improve your Testosterone Levels and Circulation:

    • You’ll be more Confident. Period
    • You’ll have more Drive, Determination, Ambition, and general ‘get up and go’ (you’ll get your MOJO back)
    • You’ll have a higher sex drive
    • You’ll experience HARDER erections
    • You’ll SATISFY your wife
    • If you workout, you’ll get stronger and your muscles will grow bigger

What’s not to like?

Well, there is one thing actually – it tastes BITTER! 

But, which would you rather?

A bitter taste and a cock to be proud of? Or, no bitter taste and a limp noodle between your legs

It’s your call. (And remember – raw honey or organic maple syrup masks the bitter taste perfectly!)

>> Click here to learn more (and save more than HALF OFF)

Talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong




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