Top Signs A Girl Wants To Sleep With YOU

Nonverbal Signs She Wants Sex With YOU
nonverbal Signs She Wants Sex With You signs she wants you to make a move on her


Women give off a number of subtle non-verbal signals that show whether they’re sexually interested in you or not…

…and when they WANT you to come over and “charm the pants off them”.

Find out how to spot them in the link below – and make painful rejections a thing of the past.

Spot the silent signs a girl wants you to approach her

Lots of men are clueless at picking up whether a woman’s interested in them or not.

If you’ve ever approached a gorgeous woman in a bar because you saw her smile at you…

…only for her to politely apologize that she’s just not interested…

…then you might have questioned your own ability to read signals.

A study in 2008 asked 280 college students to examine various pictures of women.

They had to categorize each one as “friendly”, “sexually interested”, “sad” or “rejecting”.

Not only did the female students correctly categorize more pictures than the male students…

…many more of the men misinterpreted “friendly” signals as “sexually interested” – and vice versa.

Not only can men see attraction from women when there isn’t any…

…they’re often missing clear signs of attraction from women who are interested.

Look – even the most desirable men you know have been rejected countless times.

Every woman’s different, and will give off slightly different non-verbal cues to indicate sexual interest.

However – it’s entirely possible to get better at reading these cues.

Even if you’ve been too scared to ask a girl out in your life…

…you can become far better at spotting the women who actively want you to approach them…

…and waste less time being embarrassingly rejected by the ones who aren’t.

Here’s a basic non-verbal cue to look out for.

If she’s clearly comfortable in close physical proximity to you – that’s a potential sign of attraction.

She might lean in towards you, crossing her legs towards you, or aligning her torso with yours.

Body proximity’s just one of many possible ways she might signal her sexual interest.

Click the link below to find out many more signals women use to get you to approach them – and how to close the deal afterwards…

The Top Signs A Girl Wants To Sleep With YOU  – And Here’s How to Recognize Them

Sexual Signals Women Give When They Want Sex become aware of sex signals from women

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The Small Telltale Signs A Woman Wants To Sleep With YOU (Tonight)


Yes, it is possible to know what a woman thinks of you. 

You just have to look at the small “tells” on her face, in her posture, and in her voice. For more info:

Discover the unmistakable signs a woman wants to sleep with you subconsciously


Do you know the story of how X-rays were discovered?

A guy named Roentgen in 1895 found that a part of his laboratory equipment was glowing when it shouldn’t have been.

He obsessed over this fact for the next several weeks. 

He kept experimenting, theorizing, tweaking his equipment.

And he gradually pieced together the whole story. Just a couple of months later, he announced his discovery of X-rays, a kind of light wave beyond the visible spectrum.

The thing is, when this happened, Roentgen’s colleagues weren’t amused.

Not because they doubted that Roentgen was right about X-rays.

But simply because they knew they’d need to go back and examine all the research they had done to that point — and throw much of it away.

Here’s why I bring this up. 

These are the small tells that all women give off when they are sexually interested in a guy.

In a way, they are just like X-rays.

They let you “see” inside of a woman’s head to know when she wants you to approach, chat her up, and yes, take her home to bed. 

And like X-rays, you simply don’t have the eyes to see these subtle signs she wants to sleep with you.

Many guys don’t even WANT to know these signs exist — because that would mean having to go back and recognize all the easy sexual opportunities they’ve missed in the past.

However, a few guys will definitely profit from these “Signs A Woman Wants You to Approach Her” Signals

All it takes is two steps:

1) Learn what these signs are


2) Act on them in real life.

I can’t help you with #2.

But if you want information on #1, here’s where to go:

Get X-ray vision by learning the signs she wants you to approach her

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PS — One statistic I’ve read is that the average guy gets checked out 18 times each day by beautiful women. 

How many times were you checked out today?

If you want to find out what opportunities you’ve been missing, take a look at the link below

Unmistakable Signs a Woman Wants to Sleep With You subconsciously

Signs She Wants To Go Home With You signals women give when they want sex

3 Clear Signs A Girl Wants To Have Sex With You (Powerful Dating “Hack”)


Just Imagine for a moment that it was possible for you to know EXACTLY what a woman you liked was thinking…

…And imagine if you could USE that to 10x the likelihood of successful make-out, dating and/or sleeping with her.

Well, it’s possible.

Discover how to read these signs here…

The 3 most important clear signs a girl wants to have sex with you


One of the best kept secrets is that women LOVE sex.


They really do.

To some men this is obvious.

But too many men walk around with this delusional idea that sex is something that has to be earned by men.

Or that sex is something that women treat men to when they behave right.

Well, listen.

If you buy into this way of thinking it will be true for you.

You’ll give a woman permission to have total control over when you have sex.

And in many cases – that means HARDLY EVER.


Because as soon as you let a woman decide she LOSES ATTRACTION FOR YOU.


Women want and need a man who is willing to take the lead.

Women want to be led, rather than have to take the lead.

And if you take this lead – and you do a few other things right as well – she will be DESPERATE to have sex with you.

The key of course is knowing when it’s appropriate to take the lead and when you’re being too pushy.

An arrogant pushy jerk is not who you want to be.

But being a soft man who walks around constantly asking for permission from women is not who you want to be either – if you want lots of sex at least.

You want to find that sweet spot.

You want to be the kind of man who’s comfortable taking the lead and he does so at the right time.

Make sense?


The way to do it by understanding how to READ a woman.

A woman may be horny and giving off unconscious signs she wants to have sex with you or she may send signals she likes you and wants you to take the next step, and so on.

But these subconscious signs she wants to have sex with you are SUBTLE.

Most men flat out MISS THEM completely.

And that’s why most men aren’t able to use them to get the results they want with women…

…And it’s why most men are not satisfied with their dating and sex lives.

Put an end to this today.

Discover the 3 key signs a girl wants to sleep with you AND she’s just waiting for you to make the next move here…

3 subtle signs she wants you to make a move on her (VIDEO)

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PS – Using these “signs a woman wants you to approach her” to your advantage can help you experience tremendous success with women even if you don’t fit the social stereotype of an “attractive man”.

In other words you can be short, ugly, poor, bald, shy and this will STILL work.

Click here to discover how to recognize signs she wants you to approach her…

Signs She Wants You To Make A Move On Her signs a woman wants to be approached by YOU



5 Unmistakable Signs a Woman Wants to Have Sex With You ( It’s Time to Approach Her…)


Being rejected is a part of life for men.

No matter how handsome or gifted they are with the ladies.

(Not much comfort, I know.)

BUT – there are ways to get rejected less often.

There are 5 unmistakable signs a woman wants to have sex with you that women (knowingly and unknowingly)…

…use when they’re silently praying for a charming, interesting man to approache them.

To find out what these signals are, just follow this link:

5 obvious signs a girl wants you to approach her and say “hi”


Ever felt your confidence take a hit after getting rejected?

It’s a totally normal human response.

But – and I know how this might sound a bit harsh…

…it’s completely the wrong mindset for future success with women.

Let me explain.

If you’d approached her in a slightly different time and place, she could have been all over you.

Yes, really.

She just wasn’t in the right mindset to appreciate your advances in that moment.

Our moods and feelings have a HUGE impact on how we feel about new people, irrespective of how they act.

There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with you specifically.

Look, you could be each other’s soulmates.

If you approach her when she obviously wants to be alone – she’ll still react badly.

When should you approach her, then?

Firstly, you DON’T need to run through some complex algorithm in your head every time you approach someone.

Lots of it is just common sense.

Approaching a woman with headphones in, for example, is much less likely to work than approaching her at a party.

But there’s some more subtle cues you can keep an eye out for.

For example.

Is her body language “closed off”? (eyes down, arms crossed, etc.)

She probably doesn’t want a conversation right now.

If she looks more open, talkative and happily socialising with everyone…

…THEN it’s perfectly acceptable to shoot your shot.

Don’t let doubt paralyze you from action.

After all, she’s actively trying to be social herself.

Of course she expects men to walk up and introduce themselves!

Her being in a social mindset makes it SO much easier for you to build rapport.

She wants you to be a charming, interesting man with a sense of fun – so go for it!

But knowing when to pick your moment is just the first step.

A number of other more direct signs she wants to sleep with you that straight-up suggest that she’s waiting for you to come over, make a move on her, and take her home with you.

Discover her strongest indicators of interest in the link below:

5 signs a girl wants you to approach her AND introduce yourself

How To Tell If She Wants YOU To Make A Move signals women give when they want sex

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Would You Try To Do THIS At The End Of A Date?


Hey man,

If you have a girl that you really like but don’t have any idea how to approach her, you need to watch this video.

It’s a little painful to watch …

In fact, it hits a little close to home with me.

Or at least it hit close to home with the “old” me.

Anyway, I know one of the biggest problems guys have is approaching girls that they really like, and getting those girls to take them seriously.

There’s nothing worse than the smile and hug and “oh, you’re so sweet!” when you want nothing more than to get naked with this chick and make her worship at the altar of your manhood.

In this quick video I’m going to tell you how to get “heard” by any girl you’ve got in your sights.

How to make no bones about your intentions, and get what you want – without ending up like the poor bastard in this video.

Watch The Subtle Signs She Wants To Sleep With YOU Tonight

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