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How To Attract A Girl Who’s Not Interested (Use THIS F-Formula Flirting Technique To Turn Her On )

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If a woman shows no interest in talking to you, leaves you on read, and barely responds to your attempts at making conversation…

The reason is plain and obvious.

She’s not getting an “emotional high” from interacting with you.

Without that…

It’s literally impossible for her (or any girl) to be interested in talking to you.

And if she’s not willing to invest in a conversation…

…you can be assured that she’ll never want to go on a date with you… and much less to the bedroom.

Luckily, the solution is very simple.

There’s a secret flirting technique that can give a girl that “emotional high” she needs to get hooked on you.

This little-known flirting method can instantly spike her interest… arouse uncontrollable desire… and make her desperate to wrap her legs around you…

Even if she hated you at first… swore she would never date you… or only saw you as a friend.

In fact…

Thousands of guys are already using it to attract gorgeous, high-quality women into their lives (and bedrooms)… almost effortlessly.

No reason why it can’t do the same for you.

Watch my friend and top dating expert, Marni Kinrys, reveal this amazing F-Formula Flirting secret here:

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Taylor Snow Romance


THIS “Push-Button” Attraction Secret Will Blow Your Mind


You might find this surprising…

Research at several top universities now shows that a woman does NOT actually fall for a guy.


She actually falls for how a guy makes her FEEL.

And the “feeling” that pulls a woman to a man faster than anything is…

…sexual tension.

When there’s sexual tension between you and a girl, she will naturally…

-> Touch you more often

-> Get close to you physically

-> Fight for your attention

-> Giggle and smile at your worst jokes

-> Stare at you with those seductive “bedroom eyes”

-> But MOST importantly…

Your interaction will automatically escalate to a number exchange, a date, a passionate make out and hot wild adventures in the bedroom.

There’s no real “effort” involved.

You don’t have to think about making moves. You don’t have to play games.

One thing just leads to another… seamlessly…

And in no time…

You find yourself in bed together… ravishing each other’s naked bodies.

The best part is:

Even though most men have no clue how to create this type of sexual tension (or chemistry)…

It’s actually dead-simple.

In fact…

There’s a secret flirting method that can flood any interaction with intense sexual tension… at the push of a button.

Use it next time you talk to a girl you like (online or offline)…

…and she’ll be desperate to wrap her legs around you within minutes.

My friend and top dating expert, Marni Kinrys, reveals everything about this F-Formula Flirting secret here:

>>> THIS Secret F Formula Flirting Method Creates Intense Sexual Tension (And Makes Her Want You Instantly)

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Until next time,

Taylor Snow Romance


P.S Btw, thousands of men are already using THIS secret flirting technique to attract gorgeous women into their lives (and bedrooms)… almost effortlessly.

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No reason why it can’t do the same for you.


How Small Talk Leads To Rejection (And What To Do Instead To Attract Any Woman In 3 Mins FLAT! ) 


A recent study suggests that…

A woman knows whether she’ll sleep with you or not…

…within the first 3 minutes of your initial interaction.

The unfortunate thing is…

Most men waste a lot of that crucial time engaging in boring small talk… that ignites no attraction.

“Where are you from?”

 “What do you do for work?”

 (…awkward silence…)

 “Umm, do you like rock music?”

No woman enjoys a conversation like that.

And it immediately puts you on the highway to rejection.

Or just pushes you deep into the dreaded friend zone… with literally no hope of ever getting a second chance.

However, the good news is:

While most guys struggle to make conversations fun and engaging… (because they don’t know how)…

It’s actually much easier than you think.

In fact…

There’s a secret flirting method that can spice up any conversation instantly.

This flirting method can inject loads of sexual tension into any normal interaction… at the push of a button. (Online and offline).

And it turns women on so much, so fast… that…

Not only do they want to talk to you more and see you more often…

But they become eager to touch you, kiss you and let you take control of their bodies. (So all that pent-up sexual tension can be released.)

Just use THIS flirting technique next time you talk to a woman you like… and see what happens.

Since thousands of men are already using it to make gorgeous women lust after them…

I’m confident it can do the same for you.

My friend and top dating expert, Marni Kinrys, reveals everything about this F Formula Flirting secret here: 

>>> Download The Flirt Formula PDF Flirting Method To Inject Sexual Tension Into Any Conversation (And Make Her Crave You)

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Until next time,

Taylor Snow Romance

The 3 Reasons Why Girls Reject You (SIMP alert)

Let’s get straight to the point…

Here are 3 simp behaviors that make girls reject guys almost on autopilot:

1) Fear of Showing Intent


Are you her pen pal?

Are you her game jester?

Stop wasting time by never taking the interaction forward.

You have to follow through and ask for the date.

When you’re just texting & gaming her WITHOUT actually setting up the date and moving things forward, the girl will classify you as:

“The fun guy who gives me attention and practises his flirting skills on me.”

And next thing you know…

She’s out on a date with the straight-forward guy who doesn’t beat around the bush.


A girl doesn’t necessarily need to “like” you or find you funny.

Girls fuck guys who they respect.

Which side of the coin do you want to be on?

For a lot of guys, overgaming is a crutch.

They use it to delay REAL action-taking.

Cease the buffoonery and get closer to her panties.

2) Being Clueless About Escalation


There’s a name for relationships with no 18+ physicality…


But a lot of (inexperienced) guys feel awkward touching a girl.

Typically, their best bet is to use some alcohol courage… have a wild night… and not remember a single thing afterwards.

It’s safe to say that you don’t go from name introductions to penetration in an instant.

You escalate gradually, for example:

Introduction → Small talk → Teasing → Flirting → Touch → Poundtown (population two. Three, if you’re lucky)

When you take it one step at a time, she progressively gets more and more comfortable.


Always gauge her reaction first.

If she doesn’t seem down with your flirty comments, don’t launch for the kiss…

Remember to act accordingly, boys.

3) The “Shit Test Pussy”


Do you back down when she checks your frame…

Or do you DOUBLE DOWN on it?

I’m sure you already know this but…

A girl challenging you is in reality a “frame test.”

She wants to see if you’re congruent.

If your words match your actions.

Or if there’s a MASSIVE discrepancy between them.

In a nutshell…

Girls test you by teasing you about something or purposefully challenging you to see how you’ll react.

So don’t freeze up.

Simply recognize it… smirk… and double down on your frame…

Be it with humor, exaggeration or nonchalance.

And that’s it for today.

So remember…

Be a man, don’t be a simp.

My friend and top dating expert, Marni Kinrys, reveals a  flirting technique that you might want to look at. Follow the link below… 

>>> Use THIS Secret Wing Girl Method F Formula To Inject Sexual Tension Into Any Conversation (And Make Her Crave You)

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Talk soon…

Your Wingman,

Taylor Snow Romance


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