Orgasmic Thrusts Review

Don’t Fail Her On First Thrust (Here’s How)
lloyd lester orgasmic thrusts review


Ever wondered why some guys make love with their wives or girlfriends 5X a week…

While others had their last romp ages ago?

Look – you’ve probably realized by now that almost all of bedroom problems start with that penetrative “unit” between your legs.

But to have sex many nights in a row – well, that kind of power and ability has to start somewhere.

My advice?

Just don’t fail her on your first “thrust” (here’s how)…

Do this and you’re 90% on the winning side.

In fact, as she relishes your “hard shaft” FILLING her inch by inch… the rest is just a matter of staying that way for longer.

You see, women often turn ice-cold in the bedroom simply because of a LACK of excitement.

When she sees her man is not “firm” yet she immediately thinks it’s her fault.

But… little did she know that no guy on Earth wants that to happen!

Truth is, nobody is ever contented with just the first thrust… and most men just want to break out from mediocre sex.

Like grasshoppers jumping from one leaf to another, most of us are bold enough to let go of the same old tricks to find a new one that WORKS.

And why not?

This guy, Paul, did it too.

His wife hasn’t slept with him in four long miserable years…

Until one night he tried this “trick” on her while she was cooking dinner.

And guess what – they made out right there on the kitchen counter!

So what did Paul do differently?

Ah, you’re going to love every bit of this…

Penetration so good – she goes  into a head-spinning CLIMAX…

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Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester



PS: #1 Thing Women Really Want In Bed?

This may come as a surprise to most men…

Did you know a woman’s body takes longer than a man to lose arousal after orgasm?

Because of this, there are different “kinds” of orgasmic experiences that a woman can have.

For example:

* A singular orgasm occurs when her arousal rises, peaks at climax, and then tapers off.

* Multiple O’s may occur with only a small dip in arousal between them.

* An extended climax where her arousal continues to build and build indefinitely.

(and we guys just have a one-and-done kind of climax)

But nothing quite stirs the erotic desires of a woman, sending pulsating tremors of pleasure from her lady-bits…

Like this kind of orgasm…

In fact getting her off like this will have a bigger impact on your sex life than anything else you’ve ever learned!

Do this one thing well, and she will want you like a dog in heat every time you get together.

A lot of men underestimate just how IMPORTANT this skill is to a woman.

Which is why I want you to go check this out right now…

How To “Slide” Into Her Like A Champ…

Believe me, your woman is going to thank you for it!

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

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