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3 Best Oral Sex Positions For Her
the best oral sex positions for women



Most men love to try different intercourse sex positions but forget there are many different ORAL sex positions that can make a huge difference to her sexual pleasure.

Discover 3 oral sex positions that’ll more than DOUBLE her sexual pleasure here…

The 3 best oral sex positions for intense orgasms ( Orgasmic Licks Guide)


Just “turning up” for oral sex is not enough.

Yes, most women are grateful to experience it.

But giving oral without any real intention or thought means you’re robbing your woman of 10x the pleasure she could be experiencing.

And one important factor to her experience is body position and angles.

The wrong angle or position can feel like extended monotonous pleasure.

But the right angle or position can feel like a heart-pounding whirlwind of sexual experience.


Just rotating your tongue with passion is not enough.

There’s a method to giving a woman the kind of oral experience that makes her DESPERATE to return the favor.

My buddy Lloyd Lester is a master of this approach.

He knows exactly which positions, angles and techniques drive a woman crazy with pleasure.

And he’s now teaching other men these very techniques.

To discover them, head over here now…

Sex expert shares his personal “high pleasure” oral sex techniques

Talk soon,


PS – Oral sex can be easy IF you follow proven steps.

Discover some very powerful oral sex techniques by clicking this link…

best oral sex positions for a woman

PS:  88% of women prefer THIS over intercourse?

Did you know that fewer than 30% of women experience orgasms during intercourse alone?

Think about what that means…

No matter how confident you may be about your ability to satisfy a woman – there’s still a 75%  chance your woman is NOT climaxing during sex.


Close to 90% of women are able to orgasm when their men do this one simple thing…

Do THIS to give your woman an incredible orgasm


My buddy, and leading sex expert Lloyd Lester is a master of this simple thing and so I asked him to share his thoughts on it:

For most women, nothing comes close to the pleasure they get from this crazy act (and you can be pretty sure she’ll climax every single time).

Believe me, a woman NEVER forgets a man who gives her heart-thumping, deep throbbing pleasure this way.

When you get her orgasmic passions surging like the Niagara falls, she will want to return the favor…

And in ways that are too raunchy for me to describe in this website 😉

Once you “get this”, she’ll be making noises like you’ve never heard from her before.

Her thighs will quiver, her eyes will roll to the back of her head, and her body will arch backwards in response to the crazy pleasure you’re giving her.

Your sexual confidence will skyrocket.

Because you know you can please her like no others guys can.

In fact only 1% of all men know how give women this kind of pleasure… masterfully and CONSISTENTLY.

Here’s how YOU can be in that 1% sexual elite…

Do this to unleash her orgasmic floodgates



PS: Give Your Lover Toe-Curling Oral Orgasms (Step-By-Step Oral Sex Guide)


It’s weird that oral sex remains such a taboo for countless couples.

Especially given how many of them seem to actually enjoy it.

Yes, really:

According to a study by the National Survey of Family Growth, 95% of both men and women enjoyed receiving oral sex.

You don’t even need lots of experience to give your partner toe-curlingly intense oral orgasms.

With these simple, highly effective oral techniques, you could have her screaming your name from the top of your lungs tonight.

Watch them demonstrated on the guide below by hot sex instructors by following this link:

How to make her scream from oral sex


So why is oral sex still such a taboo for most people?

I’ve got a theory – you may disagree, but many couples I’ve worked with admitted it applied to them.

Think about the last really difficult task you faced in your life.

Did you put it off for ages, fearing the effort?

And once you actually did it – it turned out to be way easier than you’d expected?

You’re not alone.

Anticipation of effort is a progress-killer in so many areas of our lives.

This happens a lot with sex, since couples are frequently hesitant to change anything.

They fear that if they try something new, only to discover they’re not very good at it…

…they’ll simply go back to their old ways, since it’s easier than sticking with something they want to improve at.

So they keep their current level of sexual satisfaction – and never “shoot for more”.

The taboo nature of oral techniques makes them seem even more mysterious and complex.

But I’m about to help you see the light.

See, you’ve already got the ability to give your lover amazing oral sex.

You just need the right method to unlock that power.

In reality, oral techniques DON’T have to be any more difficult than standard sex techniques.

There’s nothing weird or confusing to learn – the right, simple method can completely transform your pleasure-giving abilities.

(After all, the best method isn’t necessarily the most complicated one.)

And my friend Gabrielle Moore has provided a bunch of step-by-step guide on how to give incredible oral sex.

You can copy the exact methods used in this guide to give your woman night after night of insane, body-shaking oral orgasms.

Oh, and did I mentioned they’re performed by a group of hot sex instructors?

(As if you needed any more tempting.)

Follow this link to start watching:

Send her into a steamy sexual frenzy with these oral sex techniques

Talk soon,



PS: How To Give Her Incredible Oral Sex [Step-By-Step Guide ]

Do you know how to use your tongue properly?

Not for eating, drinking and talking… but in the bedroom?

By using the right oral techniques, you can give your woman ridiculously powerful orgasms…

…all thanks to the power of your tongue.

To watch a step-by-step demonstration of these techniques (by hot sex instructors, I might add) just follow this link…

Give her INSANE, soaking climaxes by using these oral sex techniques


What separates a “so-so” oral orgasm from a “that was AMAZING, body-shaking orgasm?

Men will scratch their heads for years trying to solve the mystery.

Often they’ll try and tweak the little details to get the extra edge.

I’m talking speed, angle, intensity and sequencing.

All important stuff, sure.

But sadly, the orgasms most men give their partners are less “that was AMAZING”…

…more like “I’m sure you did your best, honey.”

OK, she probably won’t be that blunt.

She may enjoy them – to some extent.

But tweaking the little stuff doesn’t matter if you make the single, FUNDAMENTAL mistake that so many men make during oral sex.

Here it is:

They think that simply sticking their tongue “in there”, moving it around and hoping for the best…

…is all it takes to fully satisfy her.

If only that were true.

Again, it’s not that she can’t EVER enjoy this approach.

But without the right overall approach to oral sex – or the right specific techniques…

…99% of the time, you’ll only give her a fraction of the maximum potential pleasure.

And I want the absolute best for you.

Nice, aren’t I?

But seriously:

Whilst women like normal orgasms well enough…

…deep down, they crave a man who can send shuddering, electric waves of pleasure searing through her.

Don’t panic: that man can absolutely be you.

Not that she’s going to leave you because of subpar oral sex, obviously.

That’s not what I’m getting at.

But you’re depriving her of HUGE amounts of pleasure if you’re not maximising the quality of your oral sex.

Fortunately, the solution takes no more effort than standard oral sex.

You just need to do the right “stuff” – i.e. follow the right techniques and methods.


Enough from me.

To find out what the right “stuff” is, go to this link to discover the exact step-by-step techniques you can follow…

…to give your woman the deep, unforgettable oral pleasure she’s always CRAVED:

Powerful oral sex techniques that get her soaking wet (and SCREAMING with joy)

Talk soon,




Orgasmic Licks Review


How To Give Women Sensational Oral Sex

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