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Adam Safron, a neuroscientist from Northwestern University, reviewed some scientific research on orgasms back in 2016.

He was trying to find out what sets off the chain reaction in a woman’s mind…

…that leads to hear experiencing a truly pleasurable, screaming orgasm.

After finishing his study, he wrote the following in his conclusion:

“Synchronization is important for signal propagation in the brain, because neurons are more likely to fire if they are stimulated multiple times within a narrow window of time.”

Here’s what this means decoded:

To give your woman better orgasms, stick to a rhythm during sex.

I’ll try and break down the science even further to explain why this works!

When we keep to a consistent pattern in our sexual stimulation (that’s the syncronization)…

…each thrust gets our neurons firing at almost identical frequencies.

This activates something called “neural entrainment” in the brain.

Every identical neuron fired makes her sexual pleasure – and her resulting orgasms even more powerful.

Not bad.

But that’s just scratching the surface.

To begin with, all this happens in the unconscious part of your lover’s brain.

However, this state of pleasure can become SO amplified…

…that it spreads to the conscious, self-aware part of her brain.

At that point, your stimulation can send her into a full-on sexual “trance”.

There’s some amazing psychology behind all this.

“Entrainment”, I’ve discovered, can trigger the same kind of brain activity that intense prayer and meditation does.

The consequence?

She starts to feel such strong pleasure from your thrusting that she enters a state of unique, unforgettable pleasure.

Unsurprisingly, she’ll enjoy this a lot.

Her brain logs this new form of pleasure.

She starts to fantasize about experiencing it again, sending her sex drive into a frenzy – and unleashing sexual desire you had no idea she possessed.


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Bohemian Rhapsody runs for a little over 6 minutes but the record producer at that time always thought it was “too long”.

And he must be right – considering today’s pop songs are 3 and a half minutes on average.

But you know what? When it comes to pleasuring women, I pity any lady whose man thinks 6 minutes is forever. And that’s because giving women orgasms can require some serious legwork. But the great news is, it becomes a LOT easier for you…

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Women faking orgasms. Poor sex life. Cheating. And overall unhappy relationships.

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Unstoppable Orgasms Review

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