Primal Potency Review

Introducing “Primal Potency”
(For Testosterone And Performance)
Adam Armstrong Male Vitality And Virility ingredients recipe formula pdf download

I’m excited! Why?

Because Elwin and Adam Armstrong have just launched a brand new, custom created Formula that’s going to help you experience:

– Increased T-Levels…

– Stronger Sex-Drive…

– Harder Erections, and more.

This new Formula is called:

Primal Potency.

PrimalPotency is a truly unique, one of a kind Formula. Unavailable anywhere else.

It’s a combination of the very highest quality animal foods in the world. Mixed in very precise quantities, to give you increased vitality and virility.

You can take it alongside any other Formula from The New Alpha (the ingredients are dramatically different). And, I know you’re going to LOVE it.

Since consuming the ingredients in PrimalPotency I’ve noticed that:

My T-Levels have gone up (based on the fact that: my sex-drive is higher, I’ve gained muscle and strength, I’ve lost body-fat, I have more energy)

My erections are even harder (like, nasty hard. That kind of hardness that just makes
your woman totally WET and HORNY)

>> Click here to learn more about PrimalPotency (and please be aware that: if you’re 40 plus, and you want better performance in the bedroom, this one really is a “must”)

Your friend,
Taylor Snow

Male Vitality And Virility Supplements by Adam Armstrong ingredients recipe formula

A “Missing Ingredient” That Gives You HARDER Boners (Time Is Running Out)


Note: PrimalPotency is selling out FAST. We’re aiming to keep the initial launch window open for only a couple of days.

However, we may sell out before then. So if you want to try
it – NOW is the time.

>> Here’s the link

As a kid, I grew up in a household where my Dad never ate meat (because he didn’t like the thought of eating animals) and my Mother rarely ate meat (I’d see her eat a steak, or chopped liver, maybe 2 or 3 times a year).

This had a profound effect on me…

And, really put me off eating meat.

I’m nearly 40, and I’ve still never eaten RED meat in my life! Can you believe that? I lift weights (I’m strong), I box, I teach men how to fuck…

I do all this manly stuff…

And yet, when it comes to red meat, I just can’t stand the look of it.


I’m very in tune with my body, and I’ve always felt something was MISSING from my diet. And, last year (in 2020), I discovered what it was…

No, I didn’t start eating STEAK like all my buddies…

But, I did start eating specific types of ORGAN MEATS. Of course, I didn’t cook them, or eat them whole (I’d puke). But, I did figure out a way to get ALL the benefits of these organ meats (probably the most powerful foods on the planet), without having to actually cook them, chew them and so on 🙂

What happened?

Everything changed:

– I finally fixed my digestion (after years of issues, no matter how clean and healthy my lifestyle was)

– My energy went through the roof (I promise you – nobody else doing what I do for a job spends as much time as I do exercising, and hanging out with my kids. Most people doing anything like what I do are working every hour God sends, hopped up and
stimulants all day long, and very VERY tired)

– My sex-drive and erection quality went “next level” (just last night, me and my wife fucked and it was just bliss. I just got HARD and it just wouldn’t go away… I ploughed her over and over again, and she came over and over again, and I just experienced pure ecstasy the entire time)

The point being…

In PrimalPotency one of the key ingredients is the specific organ food that totally transformed my energy, performance and digestion. And, you get to consume it in capsule format, in the highest quality, most potent form possible (meaning: it’s quick, easy and you don’t have to cook or taste it!)

More Info About PrimalPotency:

PrimalPotency is our brand new Formula for male potency. Take it to boost your Testosterone Levels, supercharge your Sex-Drive and get much HARDER Erections

You can take PrimalPotency alongside any other New Alpha Formula (and it’ll only increase your results). Or you can, of course, take it on it’s own

PrimalPotency was developed using 3 types of Wisdom – the Wisdom of our Ancient Ancestors, Wisdom from the Animal Kingdom, and Modern Western Medical Wisdom (the end result: probably the most powerful Formula ever created for Male Potency)

PrimalPotency is made up of animal foods, combined in very precise quantities, to deliver exceptional results (it’s manufactured in the US, using the best quality ingredients on the planet, bar none)

All you need to do is just take 4 capsules daily, with water. So it’s ultra convenient

And of course, you can order with no risk – because you’re covered by our 120 day guarantee.


Key Point: PrimalPotency is putting back into your system, what the modern western lifestyle has left out! And, once you put the nutrients in your body that it needs for sexual performance, your woman better be ready! Because you’re going to be “armed” (with big, hard erections) and “dangerous” 🙂

The only bad news?

Stock is running LOW. And, based on how long it took to manufacture PrimalPotency for the first batch, it’s likely to be MONTHS, not weeks, before we re-stock.

So, if you want in, take advantage now…

>> Here’s the link
Potent Primal Male Vitality And Virility ingredients Reviews recipe formula pdf download









I’m excited for you to try this 🙂

Talk soon…

Your friend,
Adam Armstrong


Disgusting Food that Makes You Hard as Hell in The Bedroom…

Hey, it’s Adam Armstrong here. And, I’ve got a question for you…

Which would you rather:

A. Suffer with embarrassing sexual performance, including not being able to ‘get it up’?


B. Eat a disgusting food that makes you as hard as hell in the bedroom?


If you’re a red-blooded male, and you enjoy sex, you’d probably say “B,” right?

Because, logically speaking, eating a disgusting food is less PAINFUL than suffering from ED, right? (One’s just a bad taste… the other is humiliating, crushes your confidence, and makes you feel like less of a man).

Yet, here’s the thing…

– I’ve discovered a disgusting food that is quite possibly more powerful than anything else for increasing male testosterone levels and giving you ridiculously HARD erections…

– I’ve also discovered how you can consume the key nutrients from this food in just a few seconds a day, without actually having to EAT the food (or taste it)…

– Key Point: I’ve made it so you can get all the benefits from consuming quite possibly the most powerful food for male potency in the world (without having to actually eat the damn thing daily… trust me, it’s DISGUSTING)


THIS page explains everything you need to know. You won’t believe what you’re about to read, but you will be extremely happy that you did.

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Primal Potent Male Vitality And Virility formula ingredients Reviews recipe pdf download






Why Roman Gladiators and Vikings didn’t Suffer from ED…

Did you know that many of our Ancient Ancestors, including Roman Gladiators, Vikings, and early Olympians didn’t suffer from ED?

Could it be because many of these incredible physical specimens ate some surprising natural foods…

Foods that gave them high Testosterone Levels, and strong,
powerful erections?

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Your friend,
Adam Armstrong

P.S. If you want the strength and performance of a Roman Gladiator, Viking or early Olympian – inside and outside of the bedroom…

… then you’d be wise to eat some of the foods they ate (to support your Testosterone Levels and flood your body with the nutrients necessary to experience strong, powerful erections)…

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Male Vitality And Virility Primal Potent formula ingredients Reviews recipe pdf download









Primal Potency Review

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