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[VIDEO] Sex Instructor Demonstrates How To Make Her Squirt With 1 Powerful Technique
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If you (or your partner) suspect things might be getting a bit stale in the bedroom – or you simply want to turn the pleasure up a notch…

…then giving her powerful squirting orgasms can get waves of pleasure crashing through her body again.

And today, you’ve got a chance to watch this hot male sex instructor demonstrate this 1 squirting technique on HD video.

To see exactly how it’s done – and use on your partner tonight – just follow the link below:

How To Make A Girl Squirt Every Time With Body-Shaking Euphoria By Using This 1 Technique


In 2013, a survey was taken asking over 300 women about their sex lives.

Nearly 80% of them felt that squirting “[enriched] their sexual lives”.

But it gets more interesting:

They also spoke to the sexual partners of these women.

And over 90% admitted that being able to make their partner squirt made the sex more enjoyable.

So it’s clear… both parties can benefit from squirting.

It’s just the sort of thing that can spice up the coldest, quietest bedroom.

Especially if you’ve been stuck doing the same things, time after time for months and years.

Trying any new technique is an excellent idea: it can give your lover new and stronger sexual stimulation…

…as her brain reacts strongly to the new sensation.

But some techniques provide such arousing and overwhelming pleasure that she actually squirts during orgasm.

It’s a sign you’ve done one HELL of a job – and having this ability could transform your sex lives forever.

Let’s be honest:

Being able to trigger such a powerful response is going to give you HUGE confidence in your ability.

And fortunately you don’t need to read on ton of sex books (or even have much experience) to get good at making your lover squirt.

My good friend and sex expert Gabrielle Moore has a video showing 7 different squirting techniques, all performed by hot sex instructors.

The simple step-by-step instructions take virtually no time to learn – you could be using them by tonight.

So, to start giving your partner screaming, body-shaking squirting orgasms that she’ll be coming back for night after night…

…just follow this link to check out Jason Julius’s video.

1 sex technique to get your wife (or girlfriend) gushing with orgasmic pleasure

Talk soon,


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PS: How To Make Her Squirt For Hours!


Hey mate,

If I told you there was a secret ‘Pump-Release Technique that once used, would make a girl not only squirt and have mind-altering orgasms… 

BUT make them potentially fall in love with you (no joke). 

Would you believe me? 

Don’t worry, I was skeptical too… until I watched this:
sex positions to Making Her Squirt by fingering her porn





Once you master this ‘Pump-Release Technique’, you’re going to be beating them away with a stick.

I’m serious, women will become addicted to that feeling you give them between the sheets, so don’t be alarmed if she starts knocking on your door at 3 am, drunk, horny and ready to bang.

Darren used it on a girl last week and said this…

“I used your pump and release technique on an f-buddy of mine. Turns out, she’s a gusher. I couldn’t get her to stop, she squirted for hours! haha.”

-> Watch the Pump-Release Technique here


How To Make A Woman Squirt With Techniques That Give Her Deep Orgasmic Pleasure


A large number of men think there’s a “ceiling” to their pleasure-giving abilities in bed.

And, after a certain age, their body can’t deliver a performance that gives their woman true sexual satisfaction.

But this just isn’t true.

Believe it or not, using the right technique can actually enhance her orgasmic pleasure as you get older.

And there’s just such a set of techniques for helping men of all ages give their women some of the most pleasurable, body-shaking squirting orgasms possible.

Just follow the link below to watch the video on how to make a girl squirt every time:

The techniques for making a woman squirt and give her the most intense orgasms of her life?

I get regular emails from subscribers and readers about this.

Many of the ones asking me about this have been with their women for years, even decades.

And they don’t know how to get out of the rut they find themselves in.

For whatever reason, their lovers just aren’t climaxing with the same pleasure and intensity that they were before.

They’re left wondering whether they’ve lost the ability to trigger deep and powerful orgasms for good.

Can they fix it?

Yes – and here’s how.

When we experience the same kinds of orgasms over and over again, our body gets used to it.

The pleasure gradually becomes less intense and the sex less enjoyable.

A man can be doing absolutely everything right in bed – and it doesn’t stop this happening.

Fortunately, it’s relatively straightforward to break this cycle.

Just making any change at all often makes all the difference.

Honestly, it doesn’t usually matter if a new move doesn’t go right first time.

Doing something, anything different can be all it takes to break the pattern in her brain…

…and this new and unusual experience sends her sexual pleasure centre into overdrive.

It’s possible for her to experience some less common – but deeply enjoyable – orgasms as a result.

And there’s one type that unleashes more powerful pleasure than most:

The squirting orgasm.

Whatever your experience or the current state of your sex life…

…there are simple techniques you can use to help your woman enjoy this very special sexual experience – giving her orgasms she’ll never forget.

Follow this link for some techniques you can copy on how to make women squirt during sex and give your woman memorable gushing orgasms:

Use these simple techniques on how to make a woman squirt with pleasure

easiest way to Making Women Squirt with your dick easily quickest way

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A PhD in How To Make Women Squirt?


Male whales release the highest volume of “spooge” in the animal kingdom – about 20 liters a pop…

To know this fact is to be glad you’re not a lady whale.

Or at best – be pleased that the females of our kind “release” anywhere from a few drops to half a cup when they climax.

Speaking of climax – did you know that all women are physically capable of squirting?

The striking contrast, of course, is this overwhelming sensation in what feels like a full-body experience – in which one girl said…

“I love how freeing and primal it feels to whenever this mad love nectar shoots out from my pussy!”

In short – this is how to make a woman squirt (followed by an intense orgasm)…

The truth is, there are some girls who DO squirt very easily.

So what’s considered the holy grail… the crowning glory… or the pot of gold of female pleasure is, well, common for some.

But what about those women experiencing squirting “for the first time”?

Well, It literally puts all other Big O’s they’ve had in the past to SHAME.

And, she will know deep down that you’re the “above-average guy” who made her feel truly special…

The one who CARES the most because you’ve given the highest regard for her pleasure.

So how do you do this squirting business anyway?

Well, the first thing to know is that this climax usually comes from G-Spot and clit stimulation…

The second thing to know is that there’s another “spot” that goes in between these two.

And while this spot doesn’t appear and then vanish like an island during high and low tides, it can be quite tricky to locate – and stimulate.

But this is surprisingly easy…

When you learn how to make her squirt by stimulating her hidden “squirt button” right here…

Once you figure this out, it’s like having an instant PhD in How To Make Women Squirt.

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

how can you make a girl ejaculate fast pornhub xvideos

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Making Her Squirt By Buzzing Her G-spot With Sensational Pleasure


I don’t usually give out hard and fast rules but when I do…

I make sure it’s as hard and fast as how a woman orgasms.

Here’s one: When trying to give her a g-spot squirting climax, don’t limit yourself to using just your manhood.

I can’t count the girls I know who complain that their men seem to go “dead” from the waist up during sex – which is not the way to sexually prime her body up. 

Except when you prime her pussy up like this…

Buzzes her G-Spot for sensational pleasure making her squirt…

ways to make a girl ejaculate while having sex a lot during orgasm






You see, there are several reasons why a woman can’t “come” via the G-Spot…  or let’s say from penetration.

Most of the time it has something to do with their emotional state.

Our society often looks down on women who appear horny or lustful.

Heck, those attributes mistakenly make them look slutty.

So they tend to be shy, insecure, embarrassed, or afraid to show their sexual desires.

But fret not, because in just a few minutes you’ll learn how to make any woman completely relaxed and comfortable with you.

And this is where I want to have your complete undivided attention…

A woman can’t make herself squirt… simply because it requires a certain positioning and angle that she can’t create on her own

And this is where your body fits right in.

By fully stimulating the right areas, you can do things a woman can’t do for herself.

In short, you get to be the hero in the bedroom!

And the best part?

Once she’s comfortable enough to surrender herself to you… any fingering technique or sexual position will prime her for one huge penetration climax.

And I can’t think of any other better way to get her sexually addicted and loyal to you other than gifting her the same experience again and again…

Want to see her dripping wet and beaming with gleeful joy? 

Then take a look here:

This builds her up for a “hard and fast” squirting orgasm…

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

best position to make a girl ejaculate for the first time step by step

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Video On How To Make A Girl Squirt For The First Time


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