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With Dr. Al Sears MD , and Dr. Steven Lamm, MD

Hi, it’s Dr. Al Sears MD, and I’ve been telling you about this “super nutrient” combo for a while now, but I’ve just had an urgent update.

Called “Nitric Drive for ED, it features three ingredients – French Maritime Pine Bark extract, L-Arginine and L-Citrulline – which boost nitric oxide production in the body.

What does that mean?

Stronger blood flow – and rigid, engorged hard-ons as a result, increasing their strength and power by 342%.

But I’ve just been updated that the 85% discount this combo is being offered at will end VERY soon – in just hours.

To secure your supply at this heavy discount whilst you’ve got the chance, just head here…

FREE Nitric Drive Video: The 3-Nutrient Combo For Hard-ons That Last HOURS

Discovered by a US special forces doctor during his time in the Middle East, this powerful nutrient combo is helping men of ALL ages.

From 20s to 80+, men are reporting improved stamina, increased sexual satisfaction from their partners…

…and hard-ons that last HOURS thanks to their boosted blood flow.

Some men have even enjoyed 48-hour “sex sessions” with their exhausted, delighted partners – thanks to the natural boost these nutrients gave them.

And for a limited time only – the team behind the powerful “Nitric Drive Ingredients for Erectile Dysfunction” is offering the whole product at an 85% discount.

There’s no risk to you:

There’s a 90-Day, guaranteed full refund if “Nitric Drive For ED” doesn’t totally transform your sex life beyond all recognition.

But I don’t think you’ll need it.

This is a purchase you won’t regret making – a natural solution for boosting nitric oxide production…

…and ensuring dramatic, incredible improvements to your bedroom performance.

But you’d better be quick, as the 85% discount ends at midnight TONIGHT (April 7th).

Grab your supply of “NitricDrive” right now by following the link below:

“Nitric Drive for ED” 85% discount link [LAST FEW HOURS]

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Talk soon,

Dr. Al Sears, MD

PS: How The Native Americans Got 442% Harder Erections From This Pine Bark Extract Nitric Oxide Booster

For thousands of years, Native Americans have been using this one nutrient – taken from one of the oldest trees in the world…

…to increase their erection strength hugely, no matter how old they were.

It was discovered by an Ivy League doctor, and it could make your erections 442% harder…

…and your wife (or girlfriend) incredible, long-lasting pleasure.

Find out what this nutrient is – and how to get hold of it – in the link below:

Boost hard-on strength by 442% with this rare, supernatural ingredients


It’s within YOUR control to break out of the cycle of an ordinary sex life and poor-quality hard-ons.

There’s no scientific or genetic discrimination preventing you from achieving this.

Ultimately, it comes down to the choices and decisions you make.

Certain actions and natural compounds help the erectile process function a lot more smoothly.

But it doesn’t matter what plans you set out:

You’ve still got to decide to make it happen.

I know, just another lazy feel-good platitude, right?

But hear me out.

Plenty of men will just make excuses for why they’re incapable of improving.

The world’s just against them, they’ll say.


If that’s your mindset, will you put in the effort to change things?

Do you know which skills you need to brush up on?

Got an action plan to achieve the progress you want?

For these men – the answer to all three questions is “no”.

But if countless other men – of your exact age and fitness level – have achieved the improvements to their sex life that they wanted…

…then what’s stopping you?

Sure, you might have to try a few new things and learn some new stuff along the way.

But you won’t regret the effort once you finally arrive at your goal.

Especially once your partner’s screaming your name with unadulterated sexual ecstasy.

In summary: 1) decide exactly what you want to improve about your sex life…

…2) actually believe you can do it…

…and 3) take massive action to work through the necessary steps.

And, because I’m so nice, I’ve got the first step for you right now.

For a totally natural way to instantly start producing hard-ons 442% stronger than you’re managing currently…

…just follow the link to get started.

How to produce 442% harder erections (on command) AND…

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Talk soon,

Dr Steven Lamm, MD

The “white powder” that gets you RAGING hard (naturally!)

Cool your jets… I don’t mean that one.

I’d be breaking all kinds of laws if that were the case.

No, this is a totally NATURAL powder that can help you produce incredibly thick hard-ons – completely drug-free.

This is nothing like the traditional ED cures pumped out by Big Pharma.

Just take a moment to check out the link below for further information:

Discover how a “special white powder” helps you get instant erections on command


I’ve previously spoken to a guy who credits this powder with saving his sex life.

I’m serious.

He’s full of praise about much stronger and longer-lasting his hard-ons have become.

And he’s even credited the powder with improving his mood and energy levels into the bargain.

All good stuff.

However – I’ve got to be honest for a second.

There is one unfortunate side effect my friend has experienced from this powder.

He smells terrible.

Like, his breath has a really awful stench to it.

As you can image, this has proven a bit of a mood-killer for his wife.

It’s hard for her to get excited about his thicker, stronger hard-ons when she’s distracted by this whiff.

Why is this happening?

It’s all down to a food I’m sure you’re already familiar with:


Here’s a simplified explanation of what’s going on here.

Garlic has been shown by science to be a natural nitric oxide booster, increasing your body’s nitricoxide production.

This increases our blood circulation, obviously making our hard-ons thicker and more engorged with blood.

Some men have actually tried taking garlic as a kind of aphrodisiac before sex.

However – whilst they’ve reported it HAS led to an improvement in their hard-on quality…

…the smell is a bit of a sticking point for their partners.

Long story short, I wouldn’t recommend simply eating a clove of garlic before sex.

Instead, there’s a much more practical and effective workaround you can use.

It’s a new natural supplement that contains a special “odourless” garlic.

Along with 4 other natural compounds that improve your hard-ons.

They’ve been shown to increase blood circulation, libido AND the size of your loads.

Just like conventional garlic, they’re totally safe to consume – and enhance your overall health, too.

To get hold of this surprising supplement – and discover the exact amount to take for optimum results – just click here…

5 ingredients that naturally give you thicker, firmer hard-ons

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Talk soon,

Dr Steven Lamm, MD


Big, Hard, Ultra-Sensitive Erections?

Ever wished you could roll back the years and enjoy rock-hard, vein-bulging boners whenever you get down and dirty with your girl?

Well, this is like a wet dream come true for guys…


You may assume that you can’t “get hard” because of a physical, mental, or emotional problem…

Or it could be even some rare blend of all the above 3 cases…

But a breakthrough report out of the Cleveland Clinic – one of the most prestigious urological clinics in the world – exposed the SINGLE biggest “hidden cause” of ED that has absolutely NOTHING to do with blood flow, nitric oxide, or even testosterone like you might have heard.

Surprisingly, the little-known cause of ED revealed in this study is something almost no one is talking about…

… and it yet accurately predicts why millions of men suffer from ED!

Are you ready for a mind-blowing fact?

The reason you cannot get hard is probably THIS…

Now, here’s where it gets interesting…

Because the bizarre solution presented in this study might just work for literally ANY kind of ED, as well as eliminating even the most severe symptoms of it…

…all by flicking a “chemical switch” in a man’s body.

And since it targets the real ED problem at its “core” (Again, it’s not your blood flow, nitric oxide, or T-levels)…

That means any man can likely fix his “limp buddy” issues… whether it’s caused by a physical problem, a mental problem, an emotional problem… or a combination of 3.

Ever wanted those big, hard, ultra-sensitive erections – once again?

The kind that is so firm, full, and long-standing you could leave a wet towel on it to dry?

Ah, most guys your age probably need 20 minutes of foreplay and two pills to even get a “semi”…

You, on the other hand, will do so safely and naturally.

Don’t worry, I won’t give you all the stuff you might already know AND tried.

HINT: This technique also accelerates your ability to “get stiff” 10x faster…

A great advantage for you if she likes post-coital cuddles for a longer time. 😉

Seize the day,

Dr Steven Lamm, MD

The “sloppiest way” to get rock-hard?

Fun fact about blowjobs:

Blowjobs can be traced back to prehistoric times when a female named Lucy first did it about 3.2 million years ago.

That’s cool, but it’s not the most pleasurable way to get a stronger hard-on. In fact, you’d probably like this one better:

The “sloppiest way” to get rock-hard boners…

If it’s the dirty, penetrative fun you’re thinking about… then this will only double the fun.

Look, you probably know that “blood flow” is crucial for engorgement.

But what you might not know is that a chemical called nitric oxide is the one responsible for it.

Sure, it’s just another element in your body. But if you really want a natural, healthy, and fully FIRM boner then nitric oxide booster is your best friend.

In fact, it’s the ONE chemical that “cares” whether or not the blood flows where you want it to go… your brain, your heart, and your private parts.

In other words, the more you keep blood flowing to your genitals, the more easily you’ll feel aroused and the more pleasure you’ll experience.

But the unfortunate truth is, nitric oxide levels drop to 60% by the time you hit 50. It’s the reason why most men think slower, feel less “sensitivity”, and get weaker and softer down there.

Question is, what can you do about it?

The solution is simple – and remember it’s the “sloppiest” way to get HARD because it truly is mouth-watering…

And it’s the #1 thing you can do to improve your “hardness” and feel more sensation down below.

It will all make sense once you see it here:

Eat this “common food” for healthy, sturdy boners…

nitric acid oxide (no) may form the following compound and increase the drive to breathquizlet side effects ingredients cvs

Don’t be surprised when you start to feel a tingly, pleasurable sensation… and spontaneous “wood” springing up on you the next morning.

Seize the day,

Dr Al Sears, MD


PS: Rock-hard and penetrating her for sweet release

Not long ago, I discovered this neat little trick when my wife and I were about to sleep, in a “spooning” position…

Except that night – she was the big spoon.

As I was falling asleep, she kissed my back, just below the neck. And right then and there I felt my boner FORMING… And I tell you, I was no longer ready to go to sleep!

(If you haven’t tried being the little spoon, trust me – do it even once.)

Of course, results may vary from man to man. But for most guys, this gets the job done nicely…

Rock-hard and penetrating her for sweet release…

Perhaps it’s the feeling of being wanted that did the trick for me…

Maybe spooning in reverse suggests the woman want to initiate some bedroom action.

But the truth is, you and I often find ourselves in some dire situations.

You see, problems with “hardness” are a lot like the getting measles. Most of us have to go through it. Only that it gets WORSE if you get it later in life – especially when you ALSO have to deal with other issues like stress or lack of energy.

That’s why most men feel trapped in the vicious cycle of blue pills, potions, creams…

…so they can get a temporary, chemically-induced boner – regardless of the negative side effects.

But that’s just normal, right?

I mean, when you pray for the rain you have to deal with the mud, too.

The good news is, you don’t have to keep doing that any longer…

Because here’s a little something that gets you ROCK-HARD naturally – so you can satisfy your woman as you please…

Want to penetrate her deliciously? Here’s the secret trick…

macrophages promote oxidative metbaolism to drive nitric oxide generation ingredients side effects md cvs

As you get older, you deserve to enjoy the simple, yet mind-blowing pleasures as they come. 😉

Seize the day,

Dr Steven Lamm, MD



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Dr. Lamm is also actively involved in research on men's health & sexual wellness issues. He has conducted studies on the effects of lifestyle changes, such as exercise and diet modifications, on men's health. He has also investigated the use of natural supplements and alternative therapies for the treatment of various male health conditions and sexual dysfunctions, including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and low libido.

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