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For a list of seemingly innocent “signals” that show a woman’s already into you – sexually or otherwise – and that it’s time to make your move…

…just follow the link below and decode her signals now…

“Sex signals” that show women are interested in you – and how to spot them

I was thinking the other day about a date I went on (years ago).

I’d been set up with Clara, a 26-year-old accountant.

We met up and I quickly realized she was smart, hilarious – and extremely pretty.

But whilst things were going okay, I couldn’t see any surefire signs of attraction from her.

I was getting more nervous of misreading the situation and offending her.

At 11:30PM, when she seductively suggested “we should do this again sometime”…

…I just smiled and walked her to her taxi.

When I called her two days later, she clearly wasn’t that keen to meet up again.

She HAD liked me – but didn’t think I was interested because I hadn’t escalated.

I’d completely blown my chance all thanks to my fear of rejection.


This kind of story is familiar to guys everywhere.

They’re afraid to make a move because they can’t spot signs of interest.

But here’s what I eventually realized:

If you’re in doubt, it’s better just to make your move and remove the uncertainty.

Even if Clara hadn’t liked me, at least I’d be able to move on.

By doing nothing, you’re basically rejecting yourself.

And, just as importantly…

HOW you make a move doesn’t really matter most of the time.

Obviously it’s a bad idea just to spam her phone with “you up?” messages.

But the way she already feels about you is far more important in determining how she responds.

If you’re basically her dream guy, mumbling out something – anything – can be all it takes.

If she isn’t interested at all, you could read out history’s greatest love poems and she wouldn’t feel a thing.

Point being: if you’ve got a good vibe going and the interaction’s gone well…

you’ve done everything you can to show her you’re a decent guy.

Just take a deep breath, make your move and wait for her reaction.

By doing something so simple, you’ve increased your chances of dating success FAR more than if you’d said nothing at all.

And when you DO know what the signs of attraction are, your chances of forming genuine romantic connections increase even more.

Discover these “hidden signs” in the link below…

The “hidden signs” of female attraction (how to spot and act on them)

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PS: How to spot the 5 “sex signals” that show she WANTS to be approached

If a beautiful woman’s open to being approached, she’ll display a set of unconscious signals.

Men who know how to spot these simple signals find themselves getting rejected way less often.

They can find the women who’d genuinely enjoy being approached by them…

…and walk up, say “hi” and immediately start building attractive, alluring rapport.

Discover these signals in the link below:

Rejection-proof your approaches by spotting these 5 unconscious “sex signals”

Several times a month, I get an email with some version of the following story.

It’ll be from a guy who simply doesn’t have a clue how to approach women…

…because he’s been far too anxious to even try making a move.

Clearly, he’s got a serious fear of rejection.

Let’s be blunt – no one really enjoys getting rejected.

But there’s a very simple way to avoid it (no, it’s not “stand quietly in the corner”):

Only approach the women who ARE interested in you.

I know, I know – statement of the obvious.

But hear me out.

Attraction doesn’t need to be as blatant as most men think.

You don’t have to wait for a beautiful woman to say “I want you” to your face.

Unfortunately, society has long told women they shouldn’t openly encourage men to approach them.

That way, they won’t be seen as promiscuous or “easy”.

So instead, they do things a bit more subtly.

If she wants to be approached – whether by a specific guy she’s interested in, or simply through wanting to be more social in that moment…

…they’ll carefully adjust the social cues they’re giving off.

They might stand with more open, relaxed body-language.

Or they’ll simply try and talk and mingle with everyone.

Of course, spotting the signals is just the first step.

I know that introducing yourself to a stranger can still be daunting.

But just remember:

You don’t need to do as much as you think to get her attention when she’s in this social state.

She’s actively looking to be social and she’d love nothing more than a suave, attractive man to introduce himself…

…and display an interesting, compelling life she wants to be part of.

So be that man – without the fear of rejection.

And there’s a set of advanced signals that more directly show she wants you to come over and spice up her evening.

Find out what they are in the link below:

The unconscious signals that show she’s waiting for you to approach her

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PS: Her: Aroused and craving a release?

You know about Cinderella, don’t you? And how she unconsciously left one glass slipper for the prince to find her?

As it turns out, horny girls leave clues too.

And they do it either unconsciously OR secretly.

But it’s up to you to spot them – Here’s how:

The secret signs she’s undeniably aroused and wanting a sexual release…

Normally, these signs just go right over a man’s head, because we’re not trained to spot them instinctively.

But let’s face it – women are naturally flirty around men they like.

In fact, psychologists say that these are among the top things that make a woman sexually attracted to you…

1. Body language: Keep your torso open towards her and keep your hands where she can see them. No, she’s not an undercover cop… but as humans we don’t easily trust people whose hands we can’t see…

2. Don’t be too eager and play it cool: In short, being “too available” is unattractive…

3. Wear more red: Red is a symbol of love, sex, and desire. Women perceive men in red (not black) as more powerful and of higher status…

This is a great start, but here’s the real kicker…

Flip these 3 psychological hints around and you’ll discover that she wants YOU in bed too.

So if she gets “touchy” with you, plays it cool, or wears 1 or 2 red items in her body – chances are, she badly wants to get down and dirty with you.

But what if she doesn’t give off these signals?

Well, that’s actually the easy part…

Because here’s where this much-vaulted “X-ray vision” comes in…

How to quickly spot the horny ones (and how to make a move)…

So you can bang her minutes after – even without flirting or talking to her.

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


Decode Her Signals Review


Sexual Decoder System Review

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