Sexual Decoder System Review

5 “Sex Signals” That Show She WANTS You To Approach Her (Become Rejection Proof)
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Before I share with you the Sexual Decoder System Review, let me first explain a couple of important things you ought to know…

You see, all guys get rejected at some point, no matter how gifted they are with the ladies.

I know, I know – that’s not much comfort in the painful moment itself.

But if you really want to cut down your rejections…

…it helps to avoid the situations where they’re most likely.

And when you know how to spot the 5 common signals that indicate she’d be delighted for you to walk up…

…you can spend less time getting rejected – and more time getting her infatuated with your charm.

Discover what these signals are in the link below…

“Rejection-proof” your approaches by spotting these 5 subtle signals

It’s natural for a man’s confidence to get knocked when he gets rejected.

But in my view, that’s totally the wrong mindset.

9 times out of 10, it’s not because she wouldn’t be attracted to you in any circumstance whatsoever.

It’s more likely a case of bad timing.

Even if you’re otherwise perfect for each other, don’t expect a warm response when it’s obvious she’d rather be left alone. 

How are you meant to read these situations?

Well, there’s a lot more common sense to it than you might think.

Approaching a woman her headphones in is a lot less likely to work than, say, at a party.

But there’s a number of more subtle cues to look out for, too.

If her body language seems “closed off” (eyes down, arms crossed, etc.) then she may not enjoy a conversation right now.

However, if she’s looking a lot more open, talkative and ready to mingle, then there’s no harm in introducing yourself – after all, she’s expecting it.

Approaching her when she’s actively LOOKING to be social makes it WAY easier to build rapport.

She wants you to be a charming, interesting man who’s a joy to be around – so go ahead!

But picking your moment more carefully is only the first step.

A number of other signals more directly suggest she’s waiting for you to come over and spice up her evening.

Discover her strongest indicators of interest (maybe even lust!) in the link below:

Spot the 5 signals that she WANTS you to introduce yourself

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Talk soon,



PS: How “Regular” Men Can Get A Film-Star Sex Life (Whatever They Look Like)

If you’d like to live the life of a male celebrity – where women practically trip over themselves to make the first move with you…

…then great news: you don’t actually have to be a famous actor or pop star.

Using the right “signifiers” around a woman can display all the traits of a high-value, desirable man…

…that she’s biologically primed to find completely irresistible.

Regardless of your appearance, age or wealth.

Check out what they are here:

Display the traits women find DEEPLY attractive with these “signifiers” of value

I recently came across a BuzzFeed article where women revealed their weirdest celebrity crushes.

Here’s just a few names making ladies weak at the knees:

Alan Rickman, Adam Driver, Conan O’Brien, Jim Parsons… to name just a few.

I’m sure you’d agree they’re not conventionally attractive “hunks” by modern standards.

So, if it’s not their looks… why do women find them so damn irresistible?

As you’ve probably guessed, the most common reason is their status.

It’s an attraction trigger from caveman times: if you mated with a high-status man…

…your kids would inherit their status, making them more likely to survive.

But don’t think you’ve got to be a rich, successful actor to have more success with women.

Showing the right signifiers of status is enough to make you incredibly alluring.

Now, this doesn’t mean arrogantly flashing huge wads of cash or renting a flashy supercar.

Sure, SOME women like these things.

But – in my view – status isn’t really about showing off the “things” you own.

A genuinely high-status man can show women that he’s confident and comfortable in his own skin…

…able to handle whatever the world can throw at him.

And, crucially, he isn’t fazed when interacting with attractive women.

Women don’t feel like they’re intimidating him, making him far more enjoyable to be around…

…and, since she’s seeing him as her equal, a genuine sexual option.

He can do this in all kinds of ways.

Using confident body language, specific “trigger phrases”, assertive eye contact…

…there’s a ton of potential strengths YOU can play to if you want to show higher status – simply by enhancing the good qualities you already have.

For some specific instructions on how to do this – and start attracting the kind of woman you’ve always dreamed about…

…just take a look at the link below.

Do this to show her you’re a high-value, desirable man she HAS to chase

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PS: Catch her in her most aroused state?

You might disagree with this idea…

Some say a woman is in her “most sexually aroused” state before and during her menstrual period.

This is when she seriously gets hot and bothered for a guy… and demands for an external outlet to relieve her sexual tension.

But does it mean you should ask each girl you meet if it’s her “time of the month”?

Nope. Because most women constantly give off non-verbal “signals” to show she’s aroused – regardless of what day it is.

In fact, this is how she secretly says, “I’m so horny… please give it to me already”…

Once you see these signals, you won’t be able to ignore them…

And like mushrooms sprouting in the wild, you’re going to start seeing them EVERYWHERE…

That means, you’re having more sex in a week than other guys have in an entire year.

The truth is, psychologists say it takes 1.5 to 4 minutes to decide if a woman wants to mate with you. That’s not enough – but once you know where to look for her “clues”, things get easier.

You become a master seducer in half the time…

And because you only choose girls that are 95% aroused, you’re getting laid a lot more, and NEVER getting turned down or rejected. Talk about a massive leverage!

Like a dog with a bone, she’ll gnaw at you until she’s satisfied – even if it means doing it in the nearest bathroom or stairwell.

Look, think about all the hot women who were silently begging you for sex ever since… if you had only known the hidden signals to look for.

And the best part?

They won’t care about your appearance or status.

There are no complicated moves to make.

Just catch her in her most aroused state – like this…

It’s practically a “done deal” that when you touch her she’ll be already creaming herself.

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


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