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What To SAY To Instantly Boost Her Libido
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43 Texts That Guarantee PDF




Tired of the same old excuses?

If your wife or girlfriend never seems to want sex, using these 43 texts around her could put her in just the right mindset…

…to be hornier than she’s been in years.

They’re listed in the link below:

Make your wife desperate for sex with these EXACT 43 texts that guarantee sex


Frustrating, isn’t it?

There you are, all aroused and ready for a night of passionate sex.

But no matter what you try… your partner just isn’t interested.

“I’m too tired.” “I’m not feeling that well.”

And no magic happens.

It feels like you’ve got a roaring sex drive – and she simply doesn’t.

After all, you’ve tried everything, right?

That’s what it FEELS like, anyway.

But I’m about to shatter your perception, by revealing:

Women enjoy and want sex just as much as men do.


If nothing is getting your woman horny, you’re not using the right “arousal strategy” to spark her desire.

In most cases, it’s nothing to do with her sex drive.

You’re probably doing the wrong thing to try and turn her on.

Here’s where I think the problem arises.

What many men do wrong is think about the stuff that puts THEM in the mood…

…and use similar techniques on their woman.

Just because you’re aroused and ready for sex, doesn’t mean she’s going to feel the same way.

It’s important to recognise that men and women work on different “sexual wavelengths”.

In particular, they experience arousal very differently.

For men, becoming fully aroused can take just a matter of seconds.

For women it’s typically a longer, more complicated process.

So big, overt gestures – like flat out asking her for sex – probably aren’t going to work.

Instead, you’re going need to be more SUBTLE and STRATEGIC.

I know, it’s hard to think clearly and strategically when you’re horny.

It’s no surprise that so many guys struggle with it.

You might think great sex only erupts from spontaneous, natural desire – and isn’t something you can plan for.

However, I firmly believe that you can CHOOSE to have a thriving, steamy sex life.

I’ve worked with tons of couples in long-term relationships.

They built their amazing sex lives by consciously making the choices that increased the passion and pleasure.

Unlike most couples, they didn’t just leave it to chance.

They MADE it happen.

And so can you.

For the specific 43 sex texts to send to your partner that’ll make her incredibly aroused and horny for YOU – potentially even hornier than you – just read on here:

“43 text messages” to make your wife (or girlfriend) want sex

43 Texts That Guarantee Sex

Talk soon,




PS: 43 text Messages That Gets Her BEGGING You For Sex Again?


A “dead” bedroom doesn’t have to remain that way.

Our sex drives go up and down constantly.

Sometimes even from one day to the next.

It’s completely normal if your wife (or girlfriend) hasn’t had much sexual appetite recently.

However, if her low sex drive is a more long-term thing…

…then this is STILL really easy to correct.

You can light a match inside her brain and trigger the kind of intense sexual cravings she hasn’t felt for years…

…just by asking her one very special 5-word question.

You’ll find this question by following the link below:

Respark your lover’s sex drive with these “43 Sex Texts that make her wet”


I was having a look through my mailbox this week – as I always do.

One email in particular caught my eye, from a man called Donald (no, not that one!).

He’s enjoyed a roaring sex life with his loving wife for 31 years.

But recently – very suddenly – their bedroom has gone totally silent.

She has no desire for sex at all, and he’s not sure if it’s something he did or said.

And now he’s asked for help.

(It’s my job, after all, so I’m more than happy to oblige.)

Does this scenario sound familiar?

If so, then here’s the advice I gave Donald:

It’s common for people – especially those in relationships – to become less comfortable expressing feelings of intimacy over time.

This doesn’t usually happen for any particular reason.

Neither is it your fault.

Remember: the way we express our sexuality is very personal to us.

But if we don’t feel like doing so, it’s pretty tough to maintain our sex life.

Showing it to someone – even our closest and dearest – takes a great deal of trust.

Most of us have to feel extremely comfortable around them before we do so.

The first step to take with a sexually reserved partner is to honestly and openly discuss the problem.

You’ll hear her side on why things have gone stale – and encourage her to open up and feel more comfortable expressing her sexual desires.

But that’s only scratching the surface.

If you want to her to express her deepest, dirtiest sexual desires to you…

…and actively lust after you to meet those desires – then I’ve got something for you.

This single 5-word question can unlock the “inner nympho” from the depths of her brain’s pleasure centre…

…one you didn’t even know existed.

Start using it today by following this link:

Text your “cold” partner this to send her libido into OVERDRIVE

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Talk soon,


PS:  Text These 43 Messages And Watch Her Drop Her Skirt


Not many men will admit, but we DO love taking shortcuts in the bedroom.

Things like flattery, compliments, and being thoughtful – these can perform wonders for a woman’s “sexual attraction” towards you. That is, if you want to take the slow path into her panties.

The question of course, is there a faster way to make a woman horny?

And could this be the “shortcut” to her glorious “love hole”?

Now, let me take you on the opposite side of this so-called shortcut…

Ever heard of the phrase “show don’t tell”… or even more simple, “actions speak louder than words”?

Yep, that thing is true… until it’s not.

You see, the “telling” is what makes the “doing” more exciting. If you send your woman some naughty texts before you get home, it makes her wonder WHAT you’re up to…

It’s like doping her senses and her desires.

And building this “anticipation” is what makes her want to rip your clothes off when she finally gets to see you…

See where I’m going with this?

I’m talking about the immense power that simple conversations can have on the female psyche…

…and how you can say just a few words to make her willingly shed her clothes in front of you.

The best part is, this “shortcut” works even if you’re on the older side. And even if she’s the most religious person who thinks that getting down and dirty is a cardinal sin.

Heck, even if she’s gone cold in the bedroom and has lost interest after all these years…

You’re gonna MELT that ice and get her HEATING UP once again.

So if you’re like most guys who want to skip a few steps and get her soaking wet ASAP…

And if you’re a guy who simply can’t wait to make her yours every night…

Just use these 43 texts and watch her drop her skirt for you…


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Seize the day,

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43 Texts That Guarantee PDF


43 Texts PDF

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