43 Texts That Guarantee Sex Review

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“The biggest sex organ is her brain.”

Sex­ting is a way of light­ing up her mind with exciting ideas of sexual adventure.

But if you’re not a poet, you need a cheat sheet of tested texts that get her into the mood for sex.

My friend and fellow dat­ing expert, Richard La Ruina, says these test­ed texts WILL get you laid… and they even work for married guys.

Tex­ting is a low-key, grade A seduction secret.

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Imagine if you could just push a few buttons on your cellphone and be guaranteed to have sex…

With a hot beautiful stranger whom you just met, a sexy friend from your workplace, an old fling of yours…

And have super steamy sex dates with your girlfriend or wife.

These potent and seductive text messages have been proven repeatedly to get past a woman’s BS filter…

And hit her directly in her primal sexual desire system.

So it doesn’t matter if she’s feigning like she doesn’t like you…

Or even if she doesn’t know you well enough to sleep with you…

Or if the flame of romance and intimacy in your relationship is dwindling or flickering…

Even if your partner is pissed off at you after a having little squabble…

You can STILL get your lover to sensually think about, fantasize, and CRAVE having sex with you.

Use These 43 Texts Tonight⇐ Multi-Purpose Sexy Texts For Guys

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Like the texts that FORCE her to change her pre-existing plans on the spot and instead head right over to your place for panty soaking fun.

Or the sneaky text messages that trig­ger a woman’s production of the “love hormone” oxytocin, flooding her mind and body with urges that lead her to lust over you.

Or the initial “trust-building” text messages you send when trying to hook up with an attractive stranger, reconnect with your ex-lover, or rebuild the wall of trust after a little “lover’s squabble” with your girlfriend or wife

Or maybe, just maybe, you simply want to be adventurous and take things to the edge by using the “threesome inciting” texts that get women closer and closer to contemplating getting downright naughty with you AND another woman.

Think about that.

After you get a hold of this 43 texts PDF, your sex life will dramatically change for the better.

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Text To Sex,

Taylor Snow

Text Messages That Make Her Wet & Horny (Steal Them If You Like)


Carrying on the dirty talk and “what to say to make her WET theme of this week’s post… today I’m gonna show you text messages that drive women crazy…

I like to use them when I’m out and about…​​​​​​​

Because then, ​​​​​​​when I get home, my woman is ready and waiting for me… pussy already WET! 

Consider these 5 Text Messages FOREPLAY…​​​​​​​

Here they are…​​​​​​​

Text #1:​​​​​​​

“I can’t stop thinking about last night. It was amazing. Tonight will be even better”​​​​​​​

Text #2:​​​​​​​

“I’m at work, but distracted. Specifically – I’m distracted by the thoughts of what I’m going to do to you when I get home from work tonight. You better be ready”​​​​​​​

Text #3:​​​​​​​

“I’ll be home tonight at 7 pm. Be on the bed, wearing nothing but your bra, panties, and a blindfold, on all fours. I’ll take it from there”​​​​​​​

Text #4:​​​​​​​

“You’re in big trouble. You’ve been so disobedient lately. You deserve to be punished. Tonight, I will punish you. Expect a good spanking. And a hard fucking”​​​​​​​

Text #5:​​​​​​​

“Cum right now. HARD. Do as you’re told and CUM right now”​​​​​​​

The last text is the most powerful, because ​​​​​​​she will instantly CUM-on-the-spot! No matter where she is. However, it’ll only work if you’ve trained her to cum via text! But, that’s a technique for another post!

The other 4 texts are straightforward and can be weaved into any text conversation with a woman. And, they’re sure to make her DRIPPING WET, thinking about what you’re going to do to her.​​​​​​​

To learn more about ​​​​​​​how to use your WORDS to make her hot, wet, and horny – click here now

And, I’ll talk to you soon…​​​​​​​

Your friend,​​​​​​​

Adam Armstrong​​​​​​​

P.S. If you’ve not yet picked up a copy of my friend Richard La Ruina’s program “43 Texts That Guarantee PDF” – I highly recommend you do so, right now​​​​​​​


2 reasons:​​​​​​​

1. It’s on offer at a heavily discounted price. Yet, the price will go UP very soon​​​​​​​

2. It’ll teach you A LOT more about ​​​​​​​what to say to totally OWN your woman’s MIND and PUSSY

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2 “Copy & Paste” Texts Models Reply to (Screenshots Included)


Texting’s been the new default for a while.

You don’t need a list of reasons why if you can’t get replies, you’ll be left out to dry…

And you’ve probably heard girls say that replying to their story is most likely to get a response.

That’s BS.

Can you guess how many other guys do this?

Probably EVERY single one that follows her.

All the girl sees is a bunch of DMs starting with, “Replied to your story: ”

Even if the reply is dope, it’s lost in the sea of identical-looking texts.

So I’ll show you the 2 text openers that are almost guaranteed to get you a response, including screenshots of my assistant using them.

And you can use them on any app you want: Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, etc.

I’ll be using IG as an example because it’s the most practical way to explain it.

(It’s also where the hottest women hang out.)

Both of these texts involve referring to a post of hers and making a comment about it.

You can actually use these two texts for stories, too, but keep in mind my comment from above and don’t come crying if she doesn’t even see your message.

So let’s dive in:

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1) The “Observation” Opener

It’s really straightforward.

You pick a photo of hers.

Send it to her.

And make a fun-slash-witty remark about it.

It’s tempting to turn this into a compliment about how good she looks, but please be more creative.

The goal is to stand out and get a reply, not join her hoard of online orbiters…

2) The “Vibe” Opener

So this one’s even simpler.

You send her a photo of hers again.

And say something dumb like…

“It’s a vibe ”

(For some reason girls love this vibe shit. Emoji optional.)

And here’s how you can do this on a story – you know how girls like uploading a mirror selfie of their outfit before going out or a photo of having drinks on Friday?

Just text: “Friday vibes.”

Hope you get the idea, but don’t forget to experiment and be creative.

So let me show you how my assistant used the “observation” opener on a seemingly boring post…

To get a response from a legit model who stars in a hit TV show in his country:

alpha male text examples funny texts to get her attention pdf

















And here’s the “vibe” opener that he used on an IG baddie:

what to text a girl to make her want you examples pdf stealth attraction texting




















(He wrote “big purr vibes,” alluding to her caption. I hid the convo since they’re not native English speakers and it’d be Greek to us.)

Last but not least, let me show you the amount of followers he has if you’re thinking that he must be micro famous or something:

text game pua examples banter lines for texting pdf text game examples





These 2 texts are just the beginning…

There’s a lot more that goes into getting your “third foot” in women’s pleasure door 😉

If you remember, I wrote a post recently about my “extreme” buddy whose tactics have feminists wanting to shut him down.

But he’s no dummy.

All of his products are hosted on separate websites.

It might be a while before they crackdown on his operation.

(Or maybe not!)

So I want to invite you to take a look at his “43 Texts That Guarantee Sex PDF” product before it’s taken down:

      • The 3 keys to the perfect first text (missing any one of the three is like booking a first-class flight to the friendzone… but nailing this is the shortcut to a “beaver” party!)
      • How to trigger her darkest fantasies and unleash her inner nympho with just a few taps on your screen… the best part is that these messages are completely under the radar and you’ll never be seen as a creep or a try-hard.
      • Sneaky messages that trigger her “love hormone” oxytocin and will get her fantasizing about you planting your flag deep between her legs… she might even secrete her joy juice in the middle of her work meetings!
      • The 5 types of texts you’re sending right now that are murdering your sex life and how the 43 texts PDF will make you go from you watching porn to you watching her go down on you 
      • Text Right For Her Type: the key to matching the perfect set of texts to the type of girl you want to bang (you’re going to be sending a much different set of messages to the librarian type than to the stripper… but don’t be surprised when the librarian swallows your pole all the way down)
      • And many more that might get you the action as early as tonight!

WARNING: becoming a texting master can make girls annoy the living shit out of you and yearn for your attention non-stop.

Click here at your own peril.

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Talk soon,

Taylor Snow

43 Texts That Guarantee Sex Review


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43 Texts That Guarantee PDF

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