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Gets Her Sliding Out Of Her Pants…
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Talking to women is like slashing through a jungle…

You need to keep it flowing smoothly while hacking the tangles of obstacles in her mind.

Lose that momentum and you‘re finished. Throw in one offensive word and you‘re fried…

More specifically:

UNLESS you say something that gets her sliding out of her pants…

you will find it’s almost impossible to convince a girl to sleep with you (especially if she’s way out of your league).

You see, those icky-sweet compliments you say will just make her blush, but they never go down to titillate her lady parts.

So here’s a simple solution…

If you want women to pick you up and chase YOU instead for a change…

If you want to arouse a woman without creeping her out…

If you want her to overlook all your flaws so you break out from the “friend zone”…

Then you need to know exactly what to say and do, to RE-FRAME the way she sees you.

Now, since women are turned on primarily by their imagination, your best bet is to make her picture herself naked with you

And one of the most effective ways to do that is to trigger the hidden “sexual tripwire” in the female brain…

By using only a few select words and phrases…

you can look into her eyes and say these words like a sexy hot breath against her neck.

Not sure how this could pan out in your casual conversations?

Here’s a step-by-step flowchart to guide you:

“Casual talks” that lead to sex – FAST

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Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


If You Can Make Her Strip, You Can Make Her Fuck You


A business mentor of mine once told me the story of a stripclub owner he knew. 

This stripclub was known to have the most beautiful dancers. 

It wasn’t like a regular stripclub which just has your typical truck-stop floozies. 

The dancers at this place were like supermodels. 

Now the way the owner of this joint was able to recruit these girls is…

He DIDN’T hire them to be dancers.

Instead, he’d hire them to be waitresses

But what happened was this:

The waitresses would be working their asses off every day for peanuts. 

Meanwhile, they were looking at the dancers onstage bringing in thousands of dollars a night. 

Well, it wasn’t long until the gears started turning and the waitress thinks… “Hey, I’m prettier than that bimbo! I should be making all that money.” 

And so they’d become strippers. 

It’s quite sinister, really… (especially when you consider that most strippers usually end up getting into “activities” besides stripping.)

Nevertheless, it demonstrates the point I’m trying to come to today which is…

The Power Of ENVY. 

Envy is the chief motivator of human beings. 

Warren Buffet once stated: “Envy makes the world go round, Not greed”

Rene Girard, the French philosopher (and mentor to the billionaire tech investor Peter Thiel), formulated an entire system of human psychology based entirely on envy. 

The OG pickup artist Mystery is remembered for such ideas as “peacocking” (dressing like a clown to attract women’s attention.) 

That’s unfortunate because Mystery had a few insights about human nature which put him up there — and I am not exaggerating — with Plato and Aristotle. 

Here’s one little-known and underrated jewel of wisdom from Mystery… 

He once said: 

“If you can make any woman envy you, you can easily make her have sex with you.” 

This might be one of the smartest insights about female psychology that anybody has ever had. 

It totally flies in the face of common knowledge — but it’s true.

People assume: to get a girl, you need to make her envy some other girl you’re with.

And of course, when you can do that, it works well. 

But making a woman envy YOU is actually an even more powerful way to make her desire you. 

If you think of all the traits that are attractive to women… 

Being assertive…

Being dominant… independent… resourceful… 

Having the confidence to go up and talk to her (or to anyone)… 

Having a better comeback to everything she says…

Being successful and wealthy… a master of what you do… the center of your friend group… 

The reason all these qualities are so attractive to women is because it makes them ENVY you. 

These are all things that women want for themselves, but often don’t possess. 

The man who learns to become attractive to women is, in fact, learning to PROJECT the qualities that women themselves unconsciously want. 

Making a woman desire you starts with making her envy you…

If you can make a girl envy you, you can make her sleep with you. 

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Happy hunting 😉

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How To Make Girls Chase You Review

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