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Where To Touch Your Partner
To Make Her Horny In SECONDS?
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When you touch these exact spots on a woman’s body (in this exact order)…

…the result can be a powerful, uncontrollable craving for sex and intimacy.

Discover these spots in the link below:

Touch these locations on your lover’s body to turn her on in SECONDS

I mention this a lot, but it’s worth repeating.

Your partner’s sexual arousal is a repeatable, scientific process.

There’s no “perfect time” to wait for.

No weird astrology or palm readings trying to figure out the best day for intimacy.

You need just a reliable, proven process for sparking her sexual desires.

Sounds simple enough, right?

Most guys already think they have one.

And that it’s the quickest – and most erotic – way to make her want sex.

However, usually they’re badly mistaken.

These men haven’t actually studied what arouses women.

They think if they’re turned on, their partner should be too.

Especially when it comes to physical arousal methods – like touch.

They believe quickly stroking her shoulders or legs is a shortcut to unleashing her sexual side.

Sometimes this works, sure.

She might enjoy it a little.

But here’s the problem:

These aren’t necessarily her MOST POWERFUL erogenous zones.

The guy might stimulate SOME pleasure, but he’s only scratching the surface.

His woman likely has some “secret” pleasure zones that would drive her WILD – if only he knew how to touch them properly.

But normally he doesn’t bother to find out.

He follows the same patterns repeatedly – then gets surprised when his sex life goes stale.

Frustrating, I know – but I’ve seen it happen too many times.

He’ll put the blame on his partner, or the fact they’re in a long-term relationship.

Here’s the deal.

You may have an “arousal method” that comes naturally to you, or that you’re more comfortable using.

But that doesn’t actually mean that it’s the most effective one.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to spark your partner’s arousal through touch…

…and unleash her deepest, most insatiable appetite for sex imaginable.

But you need to broaden your horizons – and study what works.

And one possible solution is the method I’ve got for you today.

It lists several spots you can touch on your partner’s body – and the exact order to touch them for triggering rapid sexual arousal.

It can work whether you’ve only just started dating or sleeping with her…

…or if you’ve been happily married for 50 years.

Check it out by following the link below:

QUICKLY turn your partner on by touching her HERE

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PS: ADVANCED Silent Seduction Techniques For Arousal (Use On Wife Or Girlfriend)


Stroking her hair?

Kissing her neck?

All very nice.

But they’re the BASICS of what leads to female arousal.

For the more advanced techniques that’ll have your woman BEGGING you for sex once you deploy them, take a look at the following video…

[WATCH] The ADVANCED arousal techniques that activate her most intense desire


Like anything else you’ve got to practice and study to truly master…

…female arousal is a SKILL.

It’s no different to any other skill.

If you just stick to what comes naturally, there’s a good chance you’re not maximising your full sexual potential.

Imagine, for a moment, walking out during an opera to deliver a solo…

…without a single singing lesson in your life, or study on what makes great music.

What would happen? You’d completely bomb, obviously.

Because you’d be trying to “wing” it based on your natural instincts.

It sounds crazy, I know.

No one in their right mind would ever do something like this.

So why are so many men trying a similar strategy in the bedroom?

Why do they expect to give their woman true sexual satisfaction just by “turning up?”

I can’t answer that question for certain.

But fortunately I DO have a suggestion for how to improve things, based on the countless men I’ve worked with over the years.

If you want your woman to become truly DEVOTED to you sexually – by putting on an amazing “show” night after night…

…an upgrade of your thinking is in order.

Don’t just hope you’ll do everything right – treat it like any other skill.

Once you start treating female arousal and sexual pleasure as a skill…

…it becomes MUCH clearer what you’ve got to do to improve.

You’ve got to uncover the best approach for you.

Do a bit of research, give some new things a try, see what happens – and adjust as necessary.

Repeat this process as often as necessary, and you’ll quickly gain the ability to send your woman WILD in just a matter of moments…

…because you’ll know exactly what you need to do.

This doesn’t have to be outrageously difficult.

It can actually be pretty easy.

But it requires a different viewpoint.

An empowered viewpoint to truly go after what you want.

And this viewpoint is to treat sex like a skill – and watch your sexual abilities transform beyond your wildest expectations.


Want to know how to get started?

If you’d like a step-by-step guide for developing the skills you need to get your woman practically dripping with arousal, check out this video:

Steps for giving your woman INSANE arousal and pleasure on command

Craig Miller review pdf gotham seduction club techniques system silence download magic cost


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PS: The EXACT Touching Sequence To Trigger Your Woman’s Arousal (3 specific places)


Your woman’s body and mind are closely linked.

More thank you probably realise – and ESPECIALLY when it comes to sexual arousal.

For 3 spots to touch her that spark her strongest waves of arousal, just head here…

3 spots to touch that activate highly intense female arousal


Women are very different to men when it comes to sex.

Sounds obvious, I know.

But let’s break down what this means – and how it works in practice.

Let’s look at an example of a male-female couple.

Suppose she grabs his private parts.

In the vast majority of situations, he’s probably going to become instantly aroused.

But if he grabs her genitals (assuming there’s been no foreplay)…

…she’ll probably be confused and embarrassed at the very least.

Why the difference in these two reactions?

Well, for female arousal, the SEQUENCE of stimulation is crucial.

The order in which you stimulate the various bits of her body and mind…

…can be the difference between that confused and embarrassed reaction from above…

…and getting her so aroused she PLEADS with you to penetrate her.

All those rewards lie in wait for men who get the sequence RIGHT.

How can you boost your chances of doing this, as a man?

Here’s my main tip:


Bear her perspective, as well as yours, in mind when it comes to the sexual experience.

Female arousal functions very differently – it doesn’t turn on like flicking a light switch.

It’s more like the volume knob on a car radio.

It has to be turned up gradually – going too fast can ruin everything.

And even if you are having sex, you’re seriously limiting the amount of pleasure you’re giving her.

Trust me, regardless of your sexual history – your potential is MUCH higher if you patiently work through the right sequence.

(Whether she’s your wife of 30+ years or a woman you’ve only just met, the same principle is true.)


Where and when exactly should you be touching a woman to maximise her pleasure?

To find out the exact sequence, check out this link…

Where and when to touch a woman to send her wild in bed (EXACT SEQUENCE)

What is the havana bleu stepsons puremature pdf system free system download self-talk:

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PS: Avoid This 1 Attraction Killing Word – And Watch Your Woman’s Libido SOAR… (Silent Seduction Program)


This isn’t a long or complicated word.

Men around the globe use it in regular conversation every single day.

Yet it’s the very last thing you should be saying if you want her to be “in the mood” once you’re in bed tonight.

See if you’ve been saying this word – and what to say instead for an amazing sex life – by following this link…

Don’t say this 1 attraction killing word to her (say THIS instead to turn her on…)


By saying this one little word, you could be preventing yourself from a life of frequent, sizzling sex with your partner.

It could be the reason she comes up with excuses like “honey, I’m just too tired tonight”.

Fortunately, things don’t have to be this way, no matter how long you’ve been together…

…and no matter how long she hasn’t been interested in sex.

Let me explain:

Whilst you definitely shouldn’t be saying that ONE word when you’re down for a night of passion…

…there’s another group of words you definitely SHOULD be saying.

Deploying them at just the right moment can get her hot, horny and desperate for you almost INSTANTLY.

I can vouch for them: I’ve had LOTS of fun dropping them into conversations with my wife for the last few years.

She’ll find herself incredibly aroused and desperate for sex with me – not having a clue how I did it.

As a result, we’ve enjoyed countless mutually fulfilling, passion-drenched nights of sex together.

(I know, I know, TMI.)

Here’s the best part:

Because she’s always so aroused when I suggest the idea of sex to her, I find myself rejected FAR less often – because we’re BOTH excited for it.

There’s much less rejection and a lot more intimacy.

And let me tell you:

YOU can use these words to take control over your OWN sex life – and increase the quality and abundance to a level you didn’t think possible.

You’ve got much more control than you realise.

It’s time to start using it – with these powerful arousal words.

Discover these arousal-enhancing words (and that one attraction-killing word you should AVOID) in the link below…

Say these exact words to spark DEEP sexual arousal in your wife (or girlfriend)

Talk soon,



PS: The Most Sexually Sensitive Points On Her Body (Not What You Think…)


There’s a very strong link between your woman’s mind and body.

To stimulate powerful sexual arousal in the most primal part of her mind, you just have to TOUCH her in the right places.

Find out where they are here…

TOUCH these sensitive “pleasure points” on her body to trigger rapid arousal


Quick exercise that I’d like you to try right now.

It only takes a moment – and highlights an important point I want to show you.

Turn your wrist and point your right palm slightly upwards.

Close your eyes, then take a deep breath.

Then take your left index finger and run it lightly over your right palm.

How does it feel?

Do you notice that light, pleasant tingling feeling?

This is an example of how specific sensory stimulation can spark arousal.

Now, I know what you’re thinking:

“That wasn’t at all arousing.”

(If it was, then quite honestly you don’t need my help.)

Few things to note here:

Firstly, you did this on yourself – AND you’re a man.

You’re not in the right position to experience the full arousal experience from this.

So if you can feel even that very small sensation…

…just imagine how good it would feel if you WERE in the right position.

The right situation… on someone else… and she’s a woman.

Plus, this BY ITSELF won’t completely change your woman’s arousal levels.

Using these kinds of stimulation IN SEQUENCE can have a much stronger effect on the sexual satisfaction she feels.

Trust me: you won’t believe how much passion and lust you can unlock one you master these.

No matter if you haven’t had truly satisfying sex in months, years or DECADES – and whether it’s a woman you’ve only just met or been in in a long and happy marriage with.

(You don’t have to be a smooth-talking hunk to pull this off, either… it’s all in the touch.)

This isn’t about the usual surface level stuff we try to control when it comes to sex.

This is about her deep, unconscious sexual language – and how to speak it for amazing results.


If you’re passionate and determined to do this, I suggest watching the following video.

It lists some extremely powerful pleasure points on a woman’s body – and the SEQUENCE you need to combine them in to unlock insatiable sexual desire.

Here’s the link:

[VIDEO] Touch these points in THIS sequence to trigger wild arousal

Talk soon,





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