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If you want to get The Revolutionary Sex 3.0 eBook at a heavily discounted… the time to act is NOW.

What can you ACTUALLY EXPECT in terms of your results from this program?  

Well, every individual is different, and of course, you get out what you put in… but I get a ton of email testimonials s from men who say their sex life went through the roof just from reading the first few pages– just simple insights, no practice time required!

Here’s one such testimonial…

I’m a 51-year-old fit male and had the most amazing life-changing sex with a fantastic beautiful woman I met about 3 weeks ago. I feel liberated/excited/connected. Your E-Book guided me beyond my current experiences and knowledge to instigate and participate in squirting orgasms & layered orgasms. […] It was bliss. This experience with your guidance has given me a new level of confidence with a woman [and] I am smiling constantly throughout the day. Seeing her tonight and can’t wait.
– Stephen

I mean, WOW! That’s REAL.  It’s reading stuff like THIS, again and again, that has me constantly smiling throughout MY day!

In just a few hours the more-than-HALF-OFF SALE closes, and you will need to act fast if you don’t want to miss out.

If you click NOW you can get the entire Revolutionary-Sex 3.0 program, including ALL 5 BONUS programs:

– The Revolutionary-Sex Audiobook

– How To Initiate Great Sex Without Ever Being Rejected

– Alex’s Edge Advanced Sexual Topics & Techniques

– The Male G Spot Manual

– How To Get Your Woman To Readily Act Out Your Wildest Fantasies

…ALL for around 60% off the regular price.


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Closing TONIGHT.

For Passion,


P.S., There are so many books and programs that have all kind of complicated yoga-pretzel techniques that say you “must do” to have great sex. 


Amazing, connected, mind-bending sexual pleasure is MUCH EASIER than most men think– it’s as much about “unlearning” the B.S. that doesn’t work as anything else!  Would you pay twenty bucks for the best sex of your entire life??  Of course!  Now imagine having that kind of sex every time for the REST OF YOUR LIFE… That’s why this is a no-brainer 🙂

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“Woman’s Sexual Blueprint”


Hi Honey, 

There a concept that I would like to bring to your attention:
“Woman’s Sexual Blueprint”

This is something that all women have! And once you obtain the tools to read it, you will be able to make her come, faster…harder…and longer… than she ever has in her life. And even open her heart to you. 

She will feel authentically connected and devoted to you… 

If you want to learn more, my friend, and relationship expert, Alex Allman does a great job of explaining how to read a “Woman’s Sexual Blueprint” in “The Couple’s Guide To RevolutionarySex “ Course.

Click Here >> And Discover The Tools To Read Any Woman’s Sexual Blueprint!

I trust Alex completely because he started at the bottom: insecure and unable to make a woman lose her mind in bed.

But instead of giving up, he did the opposite: he got out of his way to REALLY learn how to control a woman’s sexual response…

…so he can have total control over how often and how deeply a woman reaches complete bliss.

So, baby, if you want to make your woman scream in uncontrollable multiple orgasms, Alex’s program will give you the exact tools that will help you achieve such a unique performance!

Click here and let Alex Allman help you with a special method to make women change their whole attitude towards you. 

Hot embraces, 

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. This video will give you the power to make even the nicest, most conservative, and most innocent women literally addicted to you… and without you even touching them. It’s like having weird Jedi sex powers over women.

Click this link and watch my friend Alex Allman’s revolutionary video – this stuff is so simple yet so effective!

PSS:  I Just Wanted To Tell You A Few Important Things…


To start with, I’ve put a LOT of time (my lifetime, truly) into creating the best “sexual skills” program in the world… and frankly, I am well aware of everything my colleagues produce, and nothing comes close.

THAT SAID, I understand if the timing isn’t right for you, if it doesn’t make sense right now, or any other reason you might have.

I’ve done my best to put together a great program at an AMAZING discounted sale price (only 20 bucks!!) – and I’ve kept the 2 month 100% guarantee on top of it.

I’m doing everything I can to put my best foot forward because I really care about the couples that I have the opportunity to share this information with.  I want YOU to experience the kind of sex-crazy-bliss happiness that so many other couples who grabbed this program are sharing together right now.

But if you’re not ready right now, then that’s the way it is… and I can only assume that at 20 bucks, price is not the reason.

Whatever happens, I want you to know that I really had fun running this little special for you, and it was great to see hundreds of men take advantage of it.

If now IS the time for you, then I want to reassure you that you’re making a GREAT DECISION to get involved with this program. You’re going to see changes happen in your relationship, your sex life, in your confidence, and in your intimate connection with each other that you would have NEVER expected.  (You know all those breathless “testimonial” emails on my sites?  They are all 100% real).

And it’s going to be one of the most amazing sexual upgrades that are you going to experience in your life. Men know better sex is going to be “HOT,” they know that women they date will be “IMPRESSED,” but I think they don’t expect just how much “FUN” it is, and how fulfilling it can make other parts of your life.

And if I DO close this special before you have a chance to get in on it, and you don’t make it this time… don’t worry about it.  Because after all, even at the FULL PRICE of $47, RevolutionarySex is an incredibly low price for what you get, and it’ll still be there for you when the time is right for you.

Anyway, thanks again for being part of the fun (or just being patient with all of the emails… tomorrow is the last day you have to put up with it!) during this promo… and I’ll talk to you soon!

Alex Allman

P.S., If you ARE going to join me for the “More Than Half Off Special”, remember to go to the:

RevolutionarySex Special 60% Off Page 

And remember: I’m very serious about my 100% guarantee.  It’s important that you feel this is a great investment in yourself, your relationships, and your future.  At only 20 bucks I’m sure you’re going to agree that it’s an amazing investment for you.

PS: Use These 3 “Bedroom Secrets” To Give Her Body-Shaking Orgasms


Going harder and faster in bed does NOT always guarantee more powerful orgasms.

Yes, really.

Most men don’t realize that there’s a much more effective approach to sex that stimulates their partner in exactly the right way…

…to make her climax with a strength she didn’t even think possible.

This approach involves 3 simple, but little-known secrets about sex and sexual technique.

Find out what they are by following this link:

Give her shrieking sexual climaxes (night after night) with these 3 “bedroom secrets”


Here’s the problem.

When you focus on thrusting harder and nothing else, you’re not allowing any intimacy to build up between you and your partner.

I’ve worked with tons of guys who CAN give their lovers true sexual satisfaction.

Their secret?

They explored every inch of their partner’s bodies during sex – taking the time to try a variety of positions.

Sure, they didn’t always get it right the first time.

But this helped them find out where and how their partners most enjoyed being stimulated.

Surprisingly, however, what you DO isn’t the most important factor in building her arousal.

It’s how you make her FEEL.

See, it’s easier for your lover to feel stronger intimacy – and immerse herself in the pleasure you’re giving her…

…when she’s got that confidence her man really knows what he’s doing.

When this happens, her brain helps her respond far more powerfully to her stimulation.

Which, of course, gives her much more powerful orgasms.

Sounds like a great skill to have, doesn’t it?

Well, I’m about to excite you.

Even if a guy doesn’t know all his woman’s favorite positions, he can build this kind of intimacy almost instantly.

It’s all about helping her feel fully present in the moment.

That way, she’ll be able to enjoy the pleasure through every inch of her body.

Here’s a quick tip I’ve seen highly experienced couples use:

They’ll express how they feel out loud at certain moments, with phrases like “It feels so good when you do that”, or “You make me feel so sexy”.

It places you right in the moment – and helps her appreciate EXACTLY how she’s being stimulated.

Pretty simple.

But that’s just scratching the surface.

For 3 more advanced things, men can do to give their lovers the deepest, wettest orgasms they’ve ever enjoyed night after night…

…just follow the link below.

3 advanced sex secrets to fully immerse her in screaming orgasmic pleasure

Talk soon,



PS: How Men Are Ending Premature Ejaculation For Good In Just 5 Days


Being able to ejaculate only when YOU decide.

Awesome in theory, right?

Most men think it’s pretty unlikely or beyond their skill set.

But my friend Alex Allman is helping make that a reality for thousands of men – of all ages and fitness levels.

He’s got a technique that’s helping men everywhere boost their stamina, last WAY longer in bed…

…and yes, orgasm on command.

They’re seeing extraordinary improvements to their ejaculatory control in just 5 days.

Some of them are overcoming the P.E. that’s been affecting them for a lifetime.

Sound good?

It’s all explained here…

How to delay your climax for HOURS (copy this simple technique)

The length of time you last in bed is important.

It can have a big impact on the level of pleasure you’re able to give – and experience.

I’m not just talking about how long you can stay hard for, of course:

Being able to control WHEN you orgasm is what I’m more interested in.

Because, if we’re being honest, it’s something most men have ZERO control over.

They just “finish off” when their body decides.

Sure, some guys might be able to last ages with no effort…

…but don’t get jealous: it’s mostly luck in these cases.

They don’t have control over when they orgasm.

And most men, at most, can only last a few minutes – if that.


Whether you’re a lucky “endurer” or “regular and rapid”, it’s a problem if you don’t have that control.

When you don’t have the CHOICE over your climaxes, you risk leaving your woman unsatisfied.

She’s capable of experiencing MULTIPLE orgasms every night – really!

But if you can’t last long enough, she’ll never experience them.

You could be causing her to miss out on a huge amount of sexual pleasure.

Sorry to sound dramatic, but it’s a truth men everywhere are starting to face up to.

In happier news, however, they’re realizing that how long they last isn’t hard-coded into their genetics.

You can last longer with the right TECHNIQUES – techniques ANY man can learn.

And if you want to be that “special” lover who just keeps going… and going… and going…

…and leave your woman so overcome with multiple, shrieking orgasms that she can barely keep up with you…

…in my view these techniques are work taking a look at – and learning.

Want to give one a try?

Just head here for a technique that’s helping men eliminate their P.E. in just 5 days:

5-day solution to P.E. (copy this simple technique)

Talk soon,



PS: Control Your Ejaculations For As Long As You Want… In just 5 days ( Revolutionary Sex Command And Control )


Heads up…

My friend Alex Allman is closing enrolment to his exciting new challenge for men who wish they could CHOOSE how long to last during sex.

He’s developed a simple technique that gives men total control over when they ejaculate during sex…

…meaning they can keep pleasuring their partners for as long as they like.

But your access to this technique could end TONIGHT.

Follow your personalized link below to get access to the instructions for Alex’s technique before the timer ticks to zero…

Click HERE to get access to Alex Allman’s “5-day ejaculation control” program…

Men all over the world have been seeing results from Alex’s technique – and sometimes beating lifelong P.E….

…in as little as 5 days.

So for a limited time only, Alex is helping thousands more men do the same.

He’s currently enrolling men in a 5-day online, interactive training program to show them how to use this technique.

Alex wants to be responsible for everyone’s results, so he’s set the 5 day deadline to show just how confident he is that this technique will rid P.E. from your life.

You’ll learn:

1)    How Alex’s technique works to give you total erectile control;

2)    How to isolate the issues that previously held you back in the bedroom – which you maybe didn’t realize existed;

3)    How the technique helps you address your specific bedroom challenges;

4)    How everything fits together to maximize your results.

It’s not just a single technique: it’s a complete step-by-step roadmap for taking action to build your best sex life possible.

You’ll even be able to take part in 5 Q&A sessions where Alex will clear up anything you’re not sure about.

In Alex’s own words:

“My main reason for doing these Q&A Sessions live is to ensure that you’re not just passively reading about it and getting all these “fascinating insights” about the cognitive psychology of sexual arousal…

“You must take action.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Action is the key to making our goals a reality – sexual stamina-related or not!

But enrolment closes at midnight TONIGHT – there are only a few hours left to sign up.

So, if you want to climax when YOU decide, overcome P.E., perform with the confidence that you’ll be able to keep pleasuring your woman for hour after hour…

…and connect with her on a deeper, more involved level in the bedroom, as your focus is on HER ALONE and not whether you’ll last long enough…

…then you’d better act quickly.

Head here to get access to Alex’s 5-day challenge now:

Climax on command in just 5 days with Alex Allman’s technique – click here to get access

Talk soon,


 PS: NEW: I’ve Got A Challenge For You…


Many men think overcoming P.E. is a hopeless task.

Often they’ll have suffered from it for months and years – they’ve lost all hope of improvement.

Well, I’ve got a pleasant surprise for you today…

…how would you like to gain total control over your ejaculations in just 5 days?

Outlandish, I know. Let me explain:

My friend Alex Allman has a cool new technique that he’s sharing with me today.

It helps men harness the natural biological processes behind their hard-ons…

…allowing them to STAY hard when they’re in the middle of a “special night” with their woman.

Here’s how it works:

Develop total ejaculation control in just 5 days with this simple technique


There’s nothing complicated or weird to do – the steps are all clearly explained for you to follow.

Alex is happy to walk you through everything step-by-step if you’re not sure about how to make this work for you.

Hey, if you’ve suffered from P.E. all your life, I can understand why you might be a bit doubtful.

But remember:

No matter how old you are, you haven’t lost your inherent ability to maintain thick, long-lasting hard-ons and last as long as you want.

The biological mechanisms are still there: all that’s changed are the best ways to harness them.

And that’s what Alex has been helping address.

His technique has helped men of all ages and fitness levels – with P.E. affecting their sexual performance to varying extents – in just 5 days.

He’s currently challenging men to give his technique a try and see if they can do the same, whilst personally GUARANTEEING their results.

Yes, really: the last time he ran one of these challenges, only 2 of the 207 men who took him up on it requested a refund.

Many of the successful men thought this could never happen for them, that they were stuck with P.E. for the rest of their days.

But their sex lives are now totally transformed – they’ve finally “got it handled”, and their women LOVE the new levels of sexual satisfaction they’re able to experience.

And let’s be honest:

For relentless, superhuman stamina that leaves your woman sexually DEVOTED to you – as she screams your name hour after hour…

…is 5 days all that long?

I don’t think so.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s a very nice reward for such little effort.

And the sooner you get started, the closer you get to making the image I’ve just described your reality.

To take on Alex’s challenge and master his simple technique for total erectile control in just 5 days, banishing P.E. for good, just head here…

“5-day method” for lasting HOURS in bed (eliminates P.E.) 

Talk soon,


The Revolutionary Sex Review



Dating Coach, Relationship Expert And Sex Author at RevolutionarySex

Alex Allman is a dating coach, relationship expert, and sex author known for his work in helping people achieve more passionate relationships, enhance sexual pleasure, and deepen intimacy and communication. He has authored several best-selling books and programs and his writings, lectures, and public appearances have reached over 10 million people worldwide.

Allman is the founder of RevolutionarySex, an organization dedicated to helping individuals and couples improve their sex lives. With over 20 years of experience in the field, he has become a well-respected and sought-after expert in the areas of relationships, sexuality, and personal growth.