Language Of Lust Review

What To SAY To Re-Awaken
The “Sexual Beast” Inside Your Woman?
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If your wife (or girlfriend) doesn’t have the same passion for sex that she used to…

…you don’t need to break the bank on some expensive gift to get the spark back.

Discover below how using a few simple words in day-to-day conversation…

…can get inside her mind and take your sexual relationship to new heights here…

These special “trigger words” can renew your woman’s sex drive


As I was re-watching reruns of “The Office” last weekend with a pal of mine.

We got to the episode where Jim surprises Pam with his DVD of all their happiest moments together.

Overcome with emotion, she collapsed into his arms in a moment of tender romance.

I asked my friend how she’d react if her boyfriend did that for her.

Her answer? “Honestly? In my mind, I’d be thinking he’s just about to make an apology for an affair he is having.”

And it got me thinking about how pop culture isn’t the best source of relationship advice.

In particular:

The big, romantic gesture is one of the most common tropes in romantic TV and films.

Films and TVs would have you think they’re the best way to spark wild attraction from your partner.

But the reality is, you and I both live in the  REAL world.

And in case you’re wondering – no, I’m not completely cynical.

Romantic gestures are often lovely and can be a great way to reaffirm your love for one another.

But they can’t cure every single issue your relationship might have.

And if your problem concerns her lack of interest in sex or her decreased libido…

…a big romantic gesture, like a big expensive dinner or diamond ring…

…probably won’t address the underlying causes.

So what should you do?

Fortunately, it’s often fairly straightforward to cut through her usual objections.

You don’t have to do anything extravagant or special to get the sex life you truly want.

In fact, there’s an extremely subtle way to make her desperate for white-hot sex…

…even if her libido’s never been particularly high.

It involves a set of specific “trigger words” you can simply drop into everyday conversation.

These words can activate the most primal, sexual part of her mind…

…and can make your sex life feel like a very different kind of film.

You can find out for yourself what these words are by following the link below…

Get her DEVOTED to satisfying you sexually with these simple trigger words 

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PS: Pussy Remote Control?


Ever heard of ostriches burying their heads in the sand?

And for years you and I believe that crap.

Well, the truth is, in a case study that included 200,000 ostriches, carried out over a period of 80 years, not a single case was reported where an ostrich was seen burying its head in the sand.

There are just so MANY lies and myths that we believe as truth.

In the bedroom realm, we too have been fed a lot of falsehoods as to how a woman’s sexuality works.

For example, in my line of work, one of the most frequent questions I get asked is this:

“How can I trigger sexual desire in my wife or girlfriend and make her crave sex? She just never seems to be interested at all.”

You’ve been told to get her flowers and love notes, cuddle her gently, and give her soft, sweet kisses. There’s nothing wrong with all these, and they provide a lot of comfort and security in your relationship.

The only problem?

Those things don’t work to build her sexual attraction for you. You know it doesn’t work because you’ve tried all that for years and it’s a dead end. But if you truly want to stir up her desires and get her horny and lusting for you…

This will work like a charm instead (it’s like a pussy remote control)

Truth is, you are the one who is in control of your woman’s desire. That’s a bold statement. And that’s why it’s probably difficult for you to believe it.

But did you also know that women have “responsive” rather than “spontaneous” desires, and aren’t wired to be the ones initiating sex?

The good news is, there are specific actions you CAN take that will trigger your woman’s hidden sexuality.

In fact, there are shortcuts you can use that will hotwire her pleasure circuits and get her to want to do the hanky-panky with you.

This is one of those shortcuts that will quickly bring out her raging lust for you… 

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Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester





Language Of Lust Review

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