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Use These Dirty Talk Phrases On Any Woman For The STEAMIEST Sex Ever?
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I don’t like the term “dirty talk”.

Using erotic language around your loving partner shouldn’t be “dirty” or taboo.

It’s a healthy and effective tool to get you into a properly aroused and sexual mindset…

…plus to direct your sexual interaction without explicitly saying what you’ll do.

And that little unspoken bond and mystery can make the sex VERY exciting and intense.

To get you started, my friend and relationship guru Lawrence Lanoff has a special ebook on dirty talk for you.

It’s designed to help you use dirty talk…

…for unlocking a deeper, more lustful intimacy between you and your woman.

Sound good?

Just follow the link below.

DOWNLOAD: how to deliver sensual, erotic dirty talk that sends your woman WILD with LUST

It’s natural to find dirty talk awkward to begin with.

These aren’t normally words you’d use in polite conversation.

A lot of men get nervous, and just stammer and splutter it out…

…without any emotion or feeling behind what they’re saying.

Their woman has to truly believe that he craves to be inside her.

In short…

HOW you deliver your dirty talk can be just as important as what you actually say.

Fortunately, it’s possible for ANY man to develop what I call a “bedroom voice”…

…for delivering truly erotic lines with smouldering confidence.

Get comfortable using a deeper voice, speaking softly but with lustful, urgent intensity.

Practice with your partner beforehand if you want to.

That voice can make your dirty talk extremely sensual and irresistible to her.


Well, deeper voices can be more sexually exciting to women…

…as they subconsciously associate the men behind them as having strong, confident frames.

And when a strong, confident man (that’s YOU) tells his woman exactly what he wants to do to her…

…she’ll be sexually invigorated by the prospect, and desperate for you to start.

But nailing your “bedroom voice” is just the first step to becoming a dirty talk master.

Next, you can start using phrases that really tap into her deepest desires and fantasies.

And Lawrence Lanoff’s “Dirty Talk” ebook contains several powerful phrases that could whip your woman into a sexual frenzy

…along with clear instructions on how and when to use them for maximum arousal.

Simply click the link below to get yourself started…

Stimulate her deepest sexual desire with these dirty talk phrases


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PS: Dirty talk Phrases That Trigger Her Sexual Addiction


What should you say to your lover to get her uncontrollably excited at the idea of making hot, passionate love to you?

If you’ve ever asked yourself this (rather tempting) question or tried out phrases of your own without luck…

…you’ll appreciate what renowned sex instructor Lawrence Lanoff has for you today.

She’s compiled a set of powerful dirty talk phrases that could send your woman into a sexual frenzy…

…leading to some VERY steamy, intimate nights.

You can download these erotic phrases at the link below:

The “lust language” to spark your woman’s deepest arousal for you


In high school, you probably had language classes – French, Spanish or whatever.

When you tried using new words for the first time, it didn’t feel natural at all.

I found I had to really focus on the meaning of what I was saying at first.

Otherwise, it just felt like words stuck together without meaning.

And it’s for this reason that, a few years down the line…

…so many men find dirty talk like a foreign language.

They’ll try out a few phrases they think sound erotic, but feel odd and unnatural…

…and they don’t exactly get the response from their woman that they’d hoped for.

However, it’s possible to quickly correct this with the right preparation.

In general, dirty talk becomes far more effective when you’re really in touch with what your partner finds arousing.

The men I know who’ve really nailed dirty talk don’t just spring a few random phrases on their woman.

Instead, they took the time beforehand to ask what truly excited her sexually.

They found out exactly the words she found most arousing.

This also meant it wasn’t surprising to her when the lines came out, and it sounded completely natural.

And they also didn’t follow the same pattern every time – but instead said what they felt about her in that specific moment

…ensuring that they delivered the lines with true erotic conviction.

Unsurprisingly, their women found this incredibly alluring.

And once you find out what your woman really wants to hear in the bedroom, you can introduce more advanced dirty talk phrases…

…that really tap into these desires and help you give her true sexual satisfaction.

If you’d like to try out Lawrence Lanoff’s sensual “sweet nothings” on your lover, just read on below…

Trigger lustful feelings in your woman with these “dirty talk” phrases

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Language Of Desire Review

Language Of Desire Text Messages

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The Language of Lust Lawrence Lanoff Free PDF Download

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