How To Start A Friends With Benefits Relationship

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A Friend With Benefits or FWB is a woman or girl you regularly have casual sex with…

But without any “long term relationship” bullshit…

It’s just pure, no strings attached sex… every week or so… with NO commitment, effort, or spending money on your part.

Sounds like a dream come true, right?

Well, it is.

And what many guys don’t understand is that many women are actually a lot more open to this kind of arrangement than men are.


See, in this modern day era, there’s a huge number of women and girls out there who really don’t want to have a boyfriend or husband.

They’re too busy with their career or education.

And instead of a high maintenance long-term relationship, all they’re looking for right now is a chill guy they can see every week or two…

Hook up… pleasure each other sexually… and maybe enjoy hanging out and watching a movie together from time to time.

So how do you find these girls?

And… what do you say to them to suggest being “friends with benefits” — without coming across as creepy and getting in trouble?

That’s where this comes in:

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It will show you the 9-word secret to get a no-strings-attached “sex buddy” in her early 20s and it works even if you’re unattractive, introverted, unemployed, or twice her age.

You won’t need good looks, money, youth…

You won’t even need “confidence”.

All these things are great.

But there is something that is much more powerful which most women are biologically programmed to naturally and automatically respond to…

And when you tap into this 1 secret craving that every woman is obsessed with… she will spread her legs for you in minutes even if she’s normally a “good girl”

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Live free or die… 


Mike Haines


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You Can Do Threesomes With Her!


Two hot horny Girls and One You is simply the absolute perfect companion piece to the FWB System…

Because it will reveal to you how to spot and attract hot bisexual chicks to be your fuck buddies…

What this means is that you can bring your girls together and have crazy threesomes every night week!

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Daddy’s Girl!

How To Hook Up & Sleep With Gorgeous Women Half Your Age…

Without Paying For It!


Are you an older man who loves the soft skin and vibrant feminine energy of young women in their late teens or twenties?

If so… “Daddy’s Girl” is going to be a God-Send for you!

See, being an older guy inherently gives you one very insanely powerful “unfair advantage” over younger guys… and it’s this:

A major element of what makes the FWB System work is establishing yourself as a “Father Figure” in the girl’s life… because when women seek approval from men, they’re always subconsciously seeking the approval of their own fathers.

And this is the reason why the older you become… the more better the Friends With Benefits Three Words system will work for you.

The problem is… Almost every older man falls into a few lethal “traps” when they’re interacting with desirable younger women… which turn her off and make her see you as unattractive, uncool, “past it”, or worse… as the “creepy old guy”.

In Daddy’s Girl, you’ll be learn and be trained how to avoid these kind of traps… while leveraging your unique unfair advantages as an older man so you can get your own harem of fit young women in their twenties… without spending any money on them, and without being their “sugar daddy”.

(If anything, they’ll actually be the ones offering to pay you!)

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The “Need For Speed”

Quick Start Video

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In The Need For Speed, you’ll discover a simple method to get laid right now, tonight using a revolutionary new seduction technique based on something called “Radical Honesty”.

Now, I want to be 100% honest… this technique probably won’t work to get you laid with the absolute hottest girls.

To get those really stunning girls — the “9s and 10s” — you’ll need to go through the FWB System and use the principles I give you there.

However… if you just want to have a warm body in your bed tonight and you don’t care too much if she’s not a “supermodel”, then the Need For Speed Quick Start Video was designed for you!

So if you’re really horny…

Or if it’s “been a while” since you’ve gotten laid and you want to get back in the game as fast as possible…

The Need For Speed will let you get an average-looking, semi-cute girl in your bed… for no strings attached casual sex literally just hours from now!

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“Done For You” Texting!

How To Turn Phone Numbers In Your Phone Into

Naked Horny Babes In Your Bedroom!


Are you sick of being flaked on and ghosted by girls over text?

Since you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’ve been angered and frustrated like I was by this whole “texting” rigamarole that us guys have to go through when courting women…

And as guys, we don’t like to talk about this but…

It’s actually really heart-breaking to have a girl you have a crush on ignore your texts, or suddenly go “cold” and stop responding for no apparent reason…

Unfortunately, in the modern age, if you can’t get past the “texting process”, you’re pretty much screwed.

And texting girls is something that took me years to figure out.

But over the course of hundreds of experiments texting different women I met both online and IRL… I finally figured out an air-tight “Text-By-Text” System that moves any girl I use it on from being just a phone number in my phone… to a naked horny woman in my bed!

In “Done For You” Texting I’ll reveal my system for texting any woman into bed in full. You’ll get 2 incredibly valuable resources:

First and foremost you get a three-page cheat sheet, with the exact sample texts that I use to get a gorgeous girl to meet me up for a “sex date”…

Including my 3 best “Attraction Resurrection” texts to send a woman who’s stopped responding… and which gets even the most stubbornly non-responsive girl eagerly texting back, and agreeing to plans.

The second part of Done For You Texting is a 19-page e-book of screenshots of my text exchanges with 4 different girls who I took from being almost “strangers” to fucking me on the first date.

So you will the exact texts I used to take took each of these girls from being strangers who I met online or at a bar to meeting me for sex… with no “guesswork”.

The beauty of this, is that unlike me trying to teach you texting by lecturing you about a bunch of “theory”… you can just look at the texts themselves and copy them word for word if you want!

So if you’re having trouble with your text messages, honestly — this bonus is going to be worth 3x the price of the entire system to you!

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Doggy-Style On The First Date!

How To Get Even The Most Shy Or Conservative

Girl Tearing Your Clothes Off On The Very First Date!


Now, I’m not “perfect” at dating or relationships by any means… I have my weaknesses same as any other guy…

But one area where I’ve always absolutely CRUSHED IT, is first dates.

With just one or two exceptions, every single first date I’ve been on in the last decade has led to same night sex.

And it’s not because I’m so special or have “first date” superpowers… It’s simply because years ago, I discovered a certain “First Date Formula”… which reliably allows me to get any girl I meet incredibly horny to bang me on the first meetup.

And in Doggy Style On The First Date, I’ll reveal that formula… which lets you take any girl from shy, conservative, or reluctant to have sex… to “Take Me Now”-horny, and naked in your bed on the very first date!

It’s completely step by step so even a complete idiot or a guy with no social skills could easily do this…

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Boyfriend Assassin!

How To Plant A “Seed” In Her Mind

That Makes Her Leave Him… For You!

If you’re frustrated the women you like always seem to be “taken”…

You’ll love Boyfriend Assassin because it will show you a diabolical “Covert Persuasion” technique that will make her focus on all the reasons she’s unhappy with her boyfriend… and start to view you as his perfect replacement!

This one is morally a little “dicey”… because unlike a lot of the phony “boyfriend destroyer” type techniques you sometimes see, which really don’t work…

Using this on a girl will permanently destroy her relationship with her boyfriend… so I really want to encourage you to only use this if the girl will genuinely be better off with you than she would be with him.

Another great advantage is knowing and mastering this amazing technique will make you exceptionally good at cheat proofing your own romantic relationships.

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Get Her Horny

With Humor!


If your conversations with girls always seem to become boring and “platonic”…

Or if you always run out of things to say, leading to “awkward silences”…

Get Her Horny With Humor is going to be an fucking game changer for you!

Inside, you’ll learn two-dozen word for word “banter” lines and 3 easy to remember “improvisation frameworks” which will let you inject humor and flirtatious “sexual chemistry” into any conversation.

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you met a cool girl you were attracted to, and she was actually into you… but you screwed it up because your “mind went blank” and you couldn’t think of anything else to talk about…

Then you definitely need this “Get Her Horny With Humor” bonus… because it will reveal to you a basic framework to talk endlessly and flawlessly… and… it will let you do this using jokes and humor that get the girl peeing her pants laughing!

And in the famous words of Marilyn Monroe… “If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything.”

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OK…. that’s all for now! 

I’ll be back later today to answer some of the MANY questions I’ve been getting about the FWB System! 

Until then… watch THIS: 

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Till next time,

Mike Haines




How To Start A Friends With Benefits Relationship

How To Have A Friends With Benefits Relationship

How To Start A Friends With Benefits Relationship
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How To Have A Friends With Benefits Relationship

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How To Have A Friends With Benefits Relationship

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How To Be In A Friends With Benefits Relationship with a guy

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