Texts That Make Her Want You

Romantic Text Messages That Will Make Her Want You Badly ( Texts That Gets Her Naked)

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FACT: You don’t have to be in the same room with a girl to get her all wet and aroused.

“Sexting” or sending “sex text messages that will make her want you sexually” is one proven way and if you really want to get good at it, you must know what works best – in any situation.

Truth is, you can send messages to get a girl so addicted to you, that she’ll be texting you at 1:50 AM…

Asking what you’re up to…

And if she could “come over”…

Or better yet – what if you have this?

text message for each time you want her naked…

It’s true.

Just imagine all the fun and pleasure coming your way if you can provoke STRONG urges over one simple text!

You see, “sexting” is all about creating the right mental images.

The idea is to let her know you want to get physical with her without sounding like a raging horndog.

i.e. What you say before “getting it on” is a critical component of each text.

And you know what?

There’s a reason these exact sexting “templates” are not found anywhere else – not even if you “Google” it.

I mean, sending her an overused text message is like using recycled water from everyone’s bucket, which is awful.

Plus, it makes her think, “I’ve heard of this line before but not sure where.” And then you’ve missed your chance to stand out from every other guy that was texting her.

Look, if you want to engage a woman’s sexual imagination, do it in a way that she’s nearly powerless to resist.

Here Are 43 Texts That Make Her Want You Badly And Make Her Come Over – This Instant…
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Incredibly, each one gives her a reason to drop everything she’s doing and go jump your bones!

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

PS: Inception Orgasm (100% Mental Trick)

(Girls don’t play games unless)… you make it worth her time!

Seriously – if there’s one thing that will STOP any girl from dumping you or ditching you…

And if there’s a way to make her turn up at your door for sex (as if you ordered pizza)…

It’s probably in this form of a fun little “game”.

As kids, we all loved to chase and play hide-and-seek…

And this one has the same exhilarating effect – albeit in sexual situations.

Girls love this “game” (better than intercourse)…
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So the next time you’re chatting up a girl you want to get down and dirty with, simply play this sneaky game on her…

It will remove all the pressure and seriousness…

And, it’ll quickly turn her on and give her a reality-bending orgasm!

This may sound kind of far-fetch, so here’s the catch…

You don’t do it during sex.

Or during foreplay.

You do it BEFORE you even meet the girl. In fact, you can just text her a specific set of “Make Her Want You Text Messages” in a specific order… and she can climax while holding her phone.

It’s called the “Inception Orgasm” and it’s a 100% mental trick.

When you do it multiple times, over multiple days…

Her body will develop “muscle memory” and just sending a message will make her climax on command.

Now you see why girls love to play this game?

It doesn’t stop there.

The minute she sees you… all those pleasurable sensations will flood back in an instant.

And now riding your D-train becomes the most natural thing for her.

The best part is, you don’t have to learn how to speak to women…

If you can send her romantic messages to make her want you Badly…

You can make her experience an Inception Orgasm (here’s how)…richard la ruina get you laid race depriest login torrent buy romantic messages to make her want you


Look – nothing can compete with a man who knows how to penetrate a woman’s mind and not just her private parts. And this one – is like an invisible rush of warmth in her brain (and her genitals).

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

PS: I Know There Are LOADS Of Good Texting Advice Online.

Most of it is on YouTube.


None of it talks about this one thing that can “level” you in the eyes of the girl.

Here’s what I mean:

“Leveling” is a poker concept.

I.e. when you make a certain action, it can classify you as a player who has X experience.

Another word for it is a “tell.”

It’s similar when you text girls.

As good as your copy & paste lines are, the chicks that get the most DMs will see right through you…

Unless you do it in a way that matches their “level.”

I know what I’m saying might sound vague.

The easiest way to think about it is how to use the girl’s texting blueprint on her…

So she instantly recognizes you as someone different and doesn’t put a label on you.

That way you can stand out and take her out quicker…

Or take her in 😉

If you’d like to see how to use a girl’s texting blueprint to your advantage, this short video reveals it:

=> The Texting Game Nuance That No One Talks About

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Talk soon…

Your Wingman,

Taylor Snow Romance

Text Her This In The Morning ( Sample Make Her Want You Text Messages)

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