Romantic Text Messages That Will Make Her Want You Badly

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“Hot chicks were treating me like a fucking human sex toy…” my pal Alistair confessed to me the other day. “It sounds incredibly great but honestly, I just can’t take it anymore!”

It was Alistair’s 10th day in New York and he’d hooked up with 13 women already.

The 14th girl was ready to come over…

…but his body couldn’t take anymore.

Then, he uttered the words no other man has said in the history of civilization…

“The thought of getting another erection depresses me”.

See, before he even reached New York, he’d been chatting to local girls online…

And thanks to an absolutely diabolical “sexting hack” he came up with… (which he later showed me…) 

He was sending them very specific messages…

…and making them orgasm over Romantic Text Messages That Will Make Her Want You Badly:

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romantic text messages that will make her want you badly

Yeah, you read that right.

Mind melting orgasms – before he’d ever met them in real life.

And these girls were so amazed they were lining up for sex before he even landed.

Every day Alistair had a different girl (sometimes two at a time) knocking on his door.

He’d have a few drinks with her, she’d suck him off on the balcony…

Then he’d take her to the room and pound the shit outta her.

He says he always thought he’d love to hook up with multiple women in a day…

But by day 7, he got to a point where (as unbelievable as it sounds)

He just wanted to chat with the girl.

His penis needed a break! 

But they were treating him like a human sex toy.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, I convinced Alister to share his secret.

However, this is powerful stuff so I need to warn you…

Just because you’ll be able to bang multiple women a day…

That doesn’t mean you should.

Only use THESE romantic texts that make her want you to bang 3-4 women a week.

Trust me – this turns them into animals and your body will need to recover.

⇒ Only do this if you can handle 3+ women a week richard la ruina get you laid race depriest login torrent buy text to make her feel special

Happy hunting 😉 

Taylor Snow Romance



PS: How To Text To Make Her Feel Special

Whether you admit it or not, most people get excited over unread messages.

When a girl receives a text from her crush or someone she likes at work…

It gives her this inexplicable sense of pleasure – even if THAT message doesn’t contain a single “dirty word.” 

Speaking of pleasure, you’ve probably heard all the weird ways women “get off”, like with a mere touch of your hand…

But to give her orgasm over “romantic texts that make her want you” – like this one?what to text a girl to make her want you examples pdf stealth attraction texting make her want you more text


It almost sounds absurd.

How can a string of words – one that’s sent over text and not a phone call – flood her body with orgasmic pleasure? 

Some call this “sexting on steroids”…

But the downside of sexting is it doesn’t make girls “come” over the phone.

Sure, it can make her drench her panties, but not exactly enough to take her OFF the edge.

And the great thing about these mysterious “text messages to make her want you “…

Is that it contains only 43 Texts – which is completely unassuming.

But when she reads it, it will activate the lust center of her brain… giving her the freedom to express herself behind the screen…

Where she can shake and quiver like a teenager rebelling against her overly religious parents.

Obviously, sexually confident men don’t need this. But if you’re a bit on the shy side, this might do the trick.

And these 43 Texts are probably one-of-their-kind out there…

Make Her Want You Through Text Messages That Makes Girls Moan In Private…alpha male text examples funny texts to get her attention pdf make her want you more text


The best part is, you don’t have to decode this text at all… but when she sees this 1 unread message from you, it’s game on!

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

Do you make these “sexting” mistakes with women?

Ever tried to “sext” a girl and got painfully rejected?

Maybe you asked for nudes and got blocked.

Or worse… you sent her dick pics.


The problem with sexting is guys have no idea how to start things off…

So they usually ask for nudes…

…which ends up creeping the girl out.

And in those rare moments where the girl responds positively?

Well, they have no idea what to do next…

So it falls flat and THEN the girl gets creeped out anyway.

Turns out, there’s a RIGHT way and a WRONG way to sext

And the RIGHT way to sext has got nothing to do with sending dick pics or asking for nudes.

In fact, my buddy Alister has cracked the code and taken ‘sexting’ to another level.

Not only does he make girls super horny over text…

He actually makes them have mind-blowing orgasms

Which makes them even hornier and desperate to bang you in real life.

He’s been using this ‘remote seduction’ system since 2014 to bed the hottest girls you’ll ever see…

Without going to bars or nightclubs…

Without ever approaching a woman or taking a girl on a date…

And without risking any humiliation or rejection.

Plus, he does it in such a sneaky way the girl ends up chasing him to sext…

So it’s impossible to come across creepy at all.

All he does is ask if she wants to play ‘a fun little game’.

From there, he sends a few specific messages, and before she knows it…

Her eyes are rolling into the back of her head and her pussy is pulsing with pleasure.

This is exactly what happened with Kayley…   

Now, every time he texts her — she orgasms on command.

Pretty insane, right?

Then listen carefully to what she had to say in this video here  



Happy hunting 😉 

43 Romantic Text Messages That Will Make Her Want You Badly And Give Her Quick Bursts Of Orgasms

The less attractive male cuttlefish can fool rival alpha males into thinking they’re females… by pretending to be females.

The dominant cuttlefish don’t notice their presence… allowing them in and giving the lesser cuttlefish a chance to mate with the females under false pretenses. 

And you know what?

Any man who wishes to get laid on the same night should never ever trick a woman into thinking he’s someone he’s not.

In fact, the best way to seduce her is not about “putting on an act”…

Instead, just talk like a normal guy and perhaps “polish” the words you use with her.

For example?

Did you know these 43 Texts that can give her quick bursts of orgasms?richard la ruina get you laid race depriest login torrent buy romantic messages to make her want you

As you can imagine…

A single sexual urge starts in the brain, and the most powerful TEASING happens long before you reach the bedroom.

So when you send her these five innocent text messages that titillate her mind…

It’s like giving her pleasure in small amounts unexpectedly.

I mean, excuse the term, but women do DESPISE predictability.

You don’t want to be branded as “just like the other guys” who use the same pick-up lines over and over again.

Even if you think women never notice you…

Even if you’ve been rejected on too many occasions…

The sooner these words creep into her mind, the faster she becomes comfortable with you.

And the sooner you make her feel comfortable, the easier it’ll be for her to willingly part her legs for you…

One more thing:

You know how every woman has a clit, right? And how her nipples are like “extra clits”?

Well, here’s what’s more powerful and sneaky than those two…

Just Send Her These Romantic Messages To Make Her Want You Texts At This Precise Timing…

what to text a girl to make her want you examples pdf back make her want you through text

Once you do, it’s like you’ve discovered her “third clit” and primed it for an orgasm!

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


Texts That Make Her Touch Herself?

A war dentist once said people don’t need toothpaste.

The mechanical action of the bristles is enough to keep your pearly whites clean and toothpaste is just a fancy lubricant.

But you won’t ditch the minty paste ever, would you?

It’s the experience that counts, which is the same concept that excites women to do the dirty deed with you.

AKA it’s the smooth, lubricated, pleasurable action!

In fact…

When you send her these text messages to make her want you…

…her shy private parts will get MOIST down there.

How so?

The truth is, it all anchors from a woman’s “sex language”.

And just like any language, decent grammar will likely impress her. 😉

Which means any man who can speak and understand a woman’s sex language is the same man who will drive her crazy with ravenous sexual hunger.

You’ll know exactly what to say when she tries to pull away…

And you’ll know what to say to get her naked pronto.

All this time I’ve discovered at least 7 “erotic text messages” – but there’s probably more.

I’ve personally used all 7 sets, though there are about 4 or 5 that I use regularly, just because it goes with my personality and style.

For best results, you want to mix and match them anyway. Combine #1 with #6, or #2 with #4. 

As you’ll see, this is sort of a resistance-proof seduction – simply because it makes a woman think it is HER idea.

Here Are The 43  Text Messages To Make Her Want You That Make Her Touch Herself ( #4 Is A Godsend!)

Think your vocabulary is less erotic? With this, you could be sexually fluent in a single afternoon. 😉

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


What PUAs Get Wrong About Dirty Talk & Sexting

One of the worst pieces of PUA (Pick Up Artist) advice I’ve ever heard is on dirty talk…

Specifically, when it comes to arousing her.

I see pickup artists try to tell guys to be vulgar…

Outright dirty…

Even nasty.

Big mistake.

This only repulses the girl.

It makes it too obvious.

There’s no “intrigue.”

She knows EXACTLY what she’s getting.

Which kills all the excitement she had.

Because girls like mystery.

If you tell her literally what you’re gonna do to her…

The magic’s gone.

So when it comes to dirty talk that makes her OBSESSED with you…

You gotta be descriptive.

Without being Rated R:

“Imagine me having my hands all over you, my lips an inch away from your neck, passionately breathing into you, you squirming beneath me, waiting for me to enter inside you.”

Woah, that was a bit too much even for me.


Notice how there are no explicit words.

It’s “dirty” talk, but it’s not literally dirty.

What I achieved was to turn on the imagination.

The picture is crystal-clear in her head now.

Without me specifying with what I’m about to “enter.”

The result:

She can’t stay still.

Her composure might be saying, “no.”

But her body and subconscious are saying, “YES, DADDY!”

Now all of this is just level 1.

Which works for me, to be honest.

My guy Lawrence, however, is the Ultimate Pussy Whisperer.

He’s a skinny, bald, 50-year-old…

But boy can he spread female thighs.

Word on the street is, he can make women cum on command…

Just by sending women these texts – WITHOUT even touching them.

I’ve never seen him in action, due to obvious reasons.

But if you’d like to dive DEEP (pun intended) into his “Ultimate Pussy Whisperer” teachings…

Follow The the link below to 43 Texts That Guarantee Sex:

Romantic Text Messages That Will Make Her Want You Badly

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