Powerful Seductive Words For Her

Dirty Flirty Words For Her Arousal
( Make Her Va-Jay-Jay Vibrate With Lust)

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“Screw it – she won’t like me anyway.”

Have you ever said that to yourself while walking past a gorgeous chick?

Look, let’s make it plain and simple: It doesn’t take a genius to arouse a woman the instant you meet her. Just do this when you introduce yourself:

Say these flirty romantic words for her arousal, step back and watch her get uncontrollably aroused…

That’s probably too easy, right?

See, a lot of guys get this “attraction” game all wrong. They make themselves look good (nothing wrong with that) and they act too nice hoping to bang a hot girl at the end of the night…

Mulling over how to keep her “entertained”…

While using cringy pick-up lines that clearly don’t work…

All these things are as useful as a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest.

You, on the other hand, will discover something most guys fail to consider…

And that is, using a few short phrases designed to seduce a woman and tease her mercilessly…

These are innocent-sounding words that make her squirm in her seat… triggering instant attraction so you can rock her world in the bedroom.

The truth is, you can think of this as an advanced “mental hacking” that fires up her arousal the moment your mouth opens. And you get to see it in action right here:

Secret Powerful Seductive Words To Tell Her & Make Her Va-Jay-Jay Vibrate With Lust… best list of seductive words to tell her | three questions to ask a woman to turn her on | three questions to ask a girl to turn her on

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

Sexy Little Flirty Romantic Words For Her Arousal

Okay. You did the hard part. You started a conversation and you can’t wait to get into her pants…

You know it’s KEY to arouse her while you talk, and yet you feel a bit cringey of what you’re about to say…

Look, when you find yourself mumbling and looking for the next cool thing to say…

Why Not Try These Flirty Romantic Words For Her? – Sexy little words to quicken her arousal…

I mean…

Not all sexy words are dirty sounding. And not all dirty talking is actually dirty. And not all dirty words are sexy.

I’ve probably confused the heck out of you – so here’s an example…

Unless she’s a bit kinky “verbally”, you just can’t say something like, “Hey I’m coming tonight. Prepare your hole for my Moby Dick”… because she’s most likely be preparing a slap at the front door.

Instead, say something sweet (but daring) like: “You’ve no idea what I have in store for you tonight…”

See the difference?

Let that steamy, dirty talk roll off your tongue so good… that she’ll be writhing in pleasure before you even undress her…

And the good news is when you know how to use the right female arousal trigger words and the right phrases

…you’re actually painting an erotic picture in a woman’s mind and letting her fill in the lines with her own lustful imagination…

Keep dangling that erotic carrot in front of her and she’ll bite down on you.

Bottom line is, this is the kind of thing that eases directly into her panties…

Get Her Butt Naked With These 7 sexy Sweet Flirty Words For Her … best list of seductive words for her | how to arouse a woman through words | 3 questions to make her wet


Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

Powerful Seductive Words That Penetrate Her Arousal Bubble?

The da Vinci cryptex can hide a secret on a papyrus rolled around a thin glass of vinegar.best words to seduce a woman by text

If you don’t know the password and you force it open, the vial of vinegar will break. It then dissolves the papyrus and your secret is lost forever.

And this reminds me of how most guys force women to OPEN and want to have sex with them.

So if you ever feel that you always have to break her arousal barriers…

Know that you can make her horny as effortlessly as THIS…

The truth is, even the best marriages and relationships are bogged down by common grievances.

Her ways of saying she’s not interested with sex anymore are obvious in her actions, glances, and even the way she speaks to you…

And it’s flat-out harder for women “to get in the mood” when she’s simply not interested in getting any nookie… and most of the time, for no reason at all.

Good news is, you can totally fix this. And it all starts with words that trigger her lust.

You simply let out a few secret words and phrases at the right time… and these arousal triggers will tease her velvety love-cave like a 50 Shades of Grey feather tickler.

What’s more?

It won’t matter how she feels about you right now. Even if she constantly says she’s tired and in bad mood…  

Even if you think you look past your macho prime… and she doesn’t look at you the way she did years ago.

And even if she totally ignores you all day!

In short, to make a carrot look like a hotdog, you simply amp up her hunger. And you can make her truly WANT you without any forcing, begging, and negotiating.

Want to push her arousal easy button?

Simply say these female arousal trigger words to penetrate her arousal bubble (and get all the sex you want)… best words to make a girl want you | words to make her want you by talking

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

How I “Talk Dirty” With My 5 Wives And 1 Husband

Whenever I talk to men about their bedroom issues, I always bring out my 5 wives and 1 husband…best flirt words to seduce a woman by text

No, I’m not practicing polygamy here.

The 5 Wives 1 Husband (5W1H) is simply a mnemonic that stands for Who, What, Where, When, Why and How questions. This is how I learn more about the topic on hand and in a more organized way.

Anyway, why am I telling you this?

Well, because of the 5W1H, I was able to formulate how any man can learn to fully enjoy the 2 most vital aspects of any intimate relationship – communication and sex.

More importantly…

How You Can Get Ridiculously Good In “Talking Dirty” AND Seduce Her With Words…

Now I want to emphasize one thing here…

Many guys don’t know a single thing about sexual expression. Most of them get their cues about talking dirty from adult film clips… what’s up with that?

In fact, when you repeat these clichéd lines over and over again, you offend your woman in the process…

And sometimes, when she’s just not into it or her mind is so FAR away from intimacy, the last thing you want to do is be insensitive and ask for it.

Not only that, you don’t blurt out random words you heard online like “Suck it, you dirty little _____” just before any of you is about to orgasm…

Trust me, she’ll feel so small, dirty and embarrassed about herself when you do this.

And that’s not sexy at all…

But it is SEXY though, is when you know how to do it right.

So what’s your game plan here?

First, let’s get down to the basics of what dirty-talk is all about and how to make it work for you. The rest is fairly easy when you take off from here…

How to light up her lust brain with WORDS… best flirt words to make women want you | questions to make her wet

This is only for you if you want to explore an entirely new dimension and increase the intensity of your bedroom experiences (which I know you’d love to)…

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

Make Her WET Using These Words (read now…)

“Sexual Reality” for most men isn’t ‘the stuff of dreams’…<

SINGLE guys rarely go on dates… and therefore, rarely ‘get laid.’

And, guys in a RELATIONSHIP often find themselves sexually frustrated once the “Honeymoon Period” is over… 

Constantly hearing excuses like…

…”Not tonight honey, I’m tired”…

…every time they want some ACTION.

It becomes tedious.

That’s the BAD NEWS.


My friend Lloyd Lester – a highly respected Sex-Expert – has come up with some powerful words and phrases that’ll make practically ANY woman Hot, Wet and Horny for you… 

Even if she’s OLD and hasn’t shown any interest in S.E.X for years.

These words will work on your new girlfriend, on your wife, or even on some hottie you just met in a bar or club. They’re THAT powerful. 

Bottom line?

If you’re a MAN who wants to get his dick WET more often – you need to know them! 

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Whisper THIS in Her Ear to Make Her WET (works every time)


Powerful Seductive Words For Her


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