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Body Language Technique That Triggers Female Arousal (Use On Your Wife Or Girlfriend)
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93% of communication is non-verbal.

That’s why this body language technique is so effective at triggering intense female arousal.

See how this method works here…

Most men are terrible with words.

And few guys consider themselves a “Casanova” and able to sweet talk women.

Fortunately, if you want success with women, “sweet talking” isn’t the key factor.

And getting your head around this is so important.


Because most men use failing to “sweet talk” as an excuse for why they don’t get the results they want with women.

That goes for married men.

And goes for men with girlfriends.

And that goes for single men.

You do not need to be a wordsmith to turn her on and get her interested in sex.

What’s really important is non-verbal communication.

And the type of non-verbal communication that intensely arouses a woman is surprisingly easy to learn.

A friend of mine has made a video all about it.

And so if you’d like to discover how to start using this non-verbal technique to trigger arousal in your woman, go watch this video here…

Non-verbal technique to activate sexual desire in women [VIDEO]

Talk soon,


PS – Remember you can use this whether you’ve been married for 30+ years or you’re on your very first date.

Follow the link above to check it out…


PS: How a simple Kinetic Attraction Body Language hack can make women uncontrollably attracted to you


Body language is one of the most neglected aspects of communication when it comes to attracting women.

But now you can use it to stimulate deep and powerful desire in a woman’s subconscious mind…

…with just a few easy-to-learn physical gestures.

Just click the link below and find out what the gestures are…

Use these simple gestures to trigger intense arousal in your woman

…Oh, and this works on single women and on long-term partners.


I’ve got a simple exercise for you today.

Hopefully it gets you thinking about how body language can make you appear more desirable to women.

The next time you’re talking to a woman… do as many of the following as you can.

Stand up straighter, with a fairly open stance.

Don’t cross your arms – it can appear overly defensive.

Tucking your thumbs into your pockets helps keep them occupied.

Actively listen to what she says – nod and shake your head, make relevant replies.

Cracking a few jokes when appropriate doesn’t hurt either.

Above all, don’t be afraid to look her in the eyes – break contact every few seconds to avoid staring.

Obviously, these things ALONE probably won’t lead to a steamy night of passion.

BUT – you should see a definite shift in her demeanour towards you.

With more open and engaged body language, you’ll be surprised at how much more relaxed and talkative women will be in your company

…regardless of your looks or social status.

She’ll subconsciously see you as a comfortable, interesting but normal man who can handle himself around women.

As psychology says – we’re all guilty of subconsciously judging people in just a few seconds.

And body language is honestly the most powerful way you can shape someone’s view of you.

With positive body language, you stand a much greater chance of her first impression being a good one.

Now, here’s where this gets exciting.

If your body language can make women feel platonic friendliness towards you…

…it’s a fair bet it can provoke other kinds of emotions in certain women too.

And thanks to what I’ve got for you today…

…sending her sex drive through the roof with powerful physical attraction is definitely one of them.

Based on the specific triggers in a woman’s mind…

…you could start using body language to subconsciously trigger intense sexual desire in her.

For a set of more advanced body language tricks to make this a reality, just follow the link below…

Advanced kinetic attraction body language techniques to set off powerful, uncontrollable attraction in a woman’s brain

Talk soon,


PS: 3 physical gestures that trigger intense attraction in a woman (Make Her Approach You)


Activating deep sexual desire in a woman (practically on command) can be as simple as using a few kinetic attraction body language tricks…

…which sets off biological sexual triggers in her mind – and makes her desperate to have sex with YOU.

Find out how to sexually activate these biological triggers by clicking the link below.

Trigger intense uncontrollable sexual attraction in women with these special physical gestures

If you’ve ever found yourself physically attracted to a beautiful hot girl you’d love to get to know better…

…you’ve probably tried thinking up some clever line to spark her attraction.

If she immediately blows you off, then it can be a kick to your confidence.

Trust me, I’ve been there myself plenty of times.

But here’s the truth:

What you say to a girl is nowhere near as important for attracting her as you may think.

Scientific studies have suggested that only 7% of communication is verbal…

…making a whopping 93% non-verbal.

In short – your body language is absolutely crucial for getting women to view you as a sexual being.

Now, you might think this is fairly obvious.

But most men don’t realise that powerful body language isn’t just “stand up straight”.

They don’t get just how effective the right physical gestures can be…

…for putting even the most beautiful women in a frame of mind…

…where they’re uncontrollably attracted to you.

It’s all to do with the hardwired psychology of women.

The minds of even the most disinterested women contain various psychological triggers for setting off their attraction.

These can be activated by a few very specific physical gestures.

Very few men know how to use these psychological triggers to their advantage.

Fortunately – whilst the effects vary from woman to woman…

…it’s possible for you to learn what they are and when to use them…

…to set off one of the most intense sexual arousal in beautiful hot women practically on your command.

Take eye contact – it’s a great tool for building sexual tension.

A quite easy, rejection free exercise that confirms the power of eye contact is to try this out:

The next time you spot a hot chick from across the room – try and make eye contact with her for around two seconds.

(Make it as casual as possible – don’t stare.)

Then look away for a split second – then make eye contact again.

Even in that brief instant, you’ve likely sparked a small connection.

You’ve been confident enough to look her in the eyes – a lot of guys can’t even manage that.

But breaking the contact gives you an element of mystery and intrigue…

…that elevates you from every other guy who’s tried and failed to woo her that day.

Of course, eye contact is just one way body language can help you build unconscious desire.

For more advanced body language tricks that can lead to gorgeous women craving sex with you…

…just follow the link below.

How to use body language techniques to make women DESPERATE for sex with you

Talk soon,



PS: Women ogle at this part of your body (it’s not your crotch)


 It’s no secret that men love to gawk at women’s boobs and butts.

But make no mistake about it. Women ogle, too. They are just more subtle about checking guys out.

This is how you notice those sneaky “Approach Me” signs from women…

You see, women are all a little bit creepy deep down inside… just like men. It’s a secret they don’t display openly. That’s just the way most women are brought up without looking like a slut.

So, what do women REALLY want to see in a man’s body?

Scientists from Geneva University Hospital recently discovered the surprising truth. They found women check out a man’s midriff more than any other body part.

So, it’s not the ripped pecs or bulging biceps that guys need to worry about when they’re trying to attract women, but their bellies.

Now, here’s another surprising truth…

Did you know that the average man gets checked out 18 times a day by beautiful women?

Unfortunately, 9 in 10 men never notice those signals.

In fact, most men are terrible at reading these signals… and most women go home frustrated, empty-handed, and bothered about life’s unreliability in meeting men who can recognize what they want and give it to them.

Which also means that every day, you’re missing out on beautiful women who would love for you to approach her, ask her out, or even take her home!

But how do you spot a girl like this?

By knowing how to read these subtle signs that women want you… if you could pick a random girl out of a crowd, point to her, and easily say to yourself, “That’s a girl wants that wants to hook up with a man right now,” you would have a supernatural power few men possess, and one that many women wished men intuitively possessed.

Imagine yourself moving with the lightness of a wisp of smoke, and scoring with any woman you want, without ever failing…

That super power, as it were, is now firmly within your grasp…

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


PS: 3 tiny body language tweaks to become a “hot” man

The secret to becoming a “hot” man that women fantasize over isn’t your looks.

It isn’t the size of your wallet.

It’s the IMPRESSION you give off – and, with the right body language, you can have women drooling over you

Here’s 3 quick tweaks that ANY man can make to his body language to instantly become more alluring:

“Hot guy” body language – 3 practical techniques to spark instant female attraction


Here’s a question.

What actually makes a man “hot”?

Not just “nice” – but genuinely desirable, someone who women actively pursue?

Most men don’t have a clue.

They often believe women should find the same things “hot” about men…

…that they do about women.

But this just isn’t true.

When a man says a woman’s “hot”, he’s probably talking about her physical appearance.


When you flip the sexes, 99% of the time women AREN’T talking about his body or face.

They’re more likely to mean the way he’s carrying himself.

His posture.

How he speaks.

How confident he appears.

When a man can do all this – women will find him IRRESISTIBLE.


These signals show women that he’s in control.

He’s comfortable with who he is – and happy about the image he’s presenting to women.

And here’s the best part:

ANY man can start using these signals to give off this alluring image.

Don’t believe me?

Well, I’ve just finished reading a study where women looked at pictures of men – and had to rate their attractiveness out of ten.

However, some of these pictures were of the same men.

But sitting in different positions, using different postures and slightly different facial expressions.

The results were remarkable.

The women were rating the same men differently with these minor adjustments!

Tiny tweaks were taking these men from a “6”… to a “9” or “10”.

Trust me: women do notice these signals.

These signals play heavily into how attractive they find a man.

Even if they can’t explain why they feel so drawn to him.

But no man is born with the ability to perform these signals.

You can LEARN how to pull them off – almost without thinking.

Almost overnight, women will see you in a whole new light…

…as you start to spark that gut level “damn, he’s hot” reaction that leaves them hot, tingly and craving your attention.

To find out 3 of these “hot guy” body language signals – and discover how to start performing them – just follow this link:

3 techniques for pulling off attractive, magnetic body language

Talk soon,



PS: #1 attraction mistake men are making (without realizing it)

Attracting a dream girl (whether it’s for a one-night stand or committed long-term relationship) does NOT have to be difficult.

But so many men make a big mistake that’s sabotaging their chances of success.

Find out what this mistake is – and the 3 exact techniques they should be using instead – in the link below:

Don’t make this attraction-killing mistake around women – do THIS instead


Have you ever tried to impress a woman by reeling off a list of all your best qualities?

Being a good listener, having a fat wallet, hard worker, stuff like that.

If so, then pay close attention.

Many men fall over themselves trying to show off these qualities to their dream woman.

Once she realizes all the “stuff” he’s got to offer, he thinks, she’ll be unable to resist him.

It’s not quite that simple.

I’m not saying you should NEVER share positive things about yourself.

You’ve still got to show her why you’d be a great partner.

But – and this is the big takeaway…

…these positive qualities aren’t the main thing that actually sparks attraction.

As I’ve said before, men and women experience attraction in very different ways.

Women don’t generally choose a guy because he “makes sense” to be with.

They aren’t working through a logical checklist of good qualities in their heads.

They’re picking guys who make them FEEL a certain way.

Who make them feel safe.

Who make them feel wanted.

Who make them feel sexy.

And most importantly – feel attraction for you.

To repeat:

Sharing your most desirable qualities is all well and good.

But remember to appeal to her emotions first, not the logical side of her brain.

Spark attraction FIRST.

Then start listing of displaying those reasons.

She’ll find them so much more compelling that way.

By sparking the primal attraction triggers buried deep in her brain, she feels these obsessive, addictive emotions…

…meaning that all your other qualities just make her even MORE excited about becoming your short-term fling or long-term girlfriend.

How do you actually do activate these triggers?

A great way is through your body language.

It subconsciously communicates the qualities which spark that initial powerful attraction in women…

…leaving you to sprinkle your other features on top as the icing on the cake.

And my friend Kate Spring has just released a video explaining 3 practical, easy-to-use body language techniques…

…that activate this “primal brain” and leave her DESPERATE to get intimate with you.

Give Kate’s video a watch here:

[VIDEO] Spark her wildest arousal and desire with these 3 easy body language techniques

Talk soon,



PS:  How “regular” men can get a film-star sex life (whatever they look like)


If you’d like to live the life of a male celebrity – where women practically trip over themselves to make the first move with you…

…then great news: you don’t actually have to be a famous actor or pop star.

Using the right “signifiers” around a woman can display all the traits of a high-value, desirable man…

…that she’s biologically primed to find completely irresistible.

Regardless of your appearance, age or wealth.

Check out what they are here:

Display the traits women find DEEPLY attractive with these “signifiers” of value


I recently came across a BuzzFeed article where women revealed their weirdest celebrity crushes.

Here’s just a few names making ladies weak at the knees:

Alan Rickman, Adam Driver, Conan O’Brien, Jim Parsons… to name just a few.

I’m sure you’d agree they’re not conventionally attractive “hunks” by modern standards.

So, if it’s not their looks… why do women find them so damn irresistible?

As you’ve probably guessed, the most common reason is their status.

It’s an attraction trigger from caveman times: if you mated with a high-status man…

…your kids would inherit their status, making them more likely to survive.

But don’t think you’ve got to be a rich, successful actor to have more success with women.

Showing the right signifiers of status is enough to make you incredibly alluring.

Now, this doesn’t mean arrogantly flashing huge wads of cash or renting a flashy supercar.

Sure, SOME women like these things.

But – in my view – status isn’t really about showing off the “things” you own.

A genuinely high-status man can show women that he’s confident and comfortable in his own skin…

…able to handle whatever the world can throw at him.

And, crucially, he isn’t fazed when interacting with attractive women.

Women don’t feel like they’re intimidating him, making him far more enjoyable to be around…

…and, since she’s seeing him as her equal, a genuine sexual option.

He can do this in all kinds of ways.

Using confident body language, specific “trigger phrases”, assertive eye contact…

…there’s a ton of potential strengths YOU can play to if you want to show higher status – simply by enhancing the good qualities you already have.

For some specific instructions on how to do this – and start attracting the kind of woman you’ve always dreamed about…

…just take a look at the link below.

Do this to show her you’re a high-value, desirable man she HAS to chase

Talk soon,




PS:  Are you using these attractive body language “hacks”?

Our brain isn’t exactly set up for rapid self-improvement.

It tries to keep us in the same comfortable patterns, putting us at as little risk as possible.

When we do try to break out of our shell and try something new…

…our mind has to endure what’s called a “resistance period” until we get comfortable.

So if you try and improve your body language to attract women more easily…

fight the temptation to fall into old habits.

Your brain will do its best to hold you back from trying.

But it’s absolutely worth the short-term effort to improve… as the right body language can make ANY man irresistible to women.

For some simple body language “hacks” that spark a woman’s interest, follow the link below.

Become magnetic to women with this special body language

Note: contains adult language


I constantly get emails from men convinced there’s no point trying to improve with women.

Their age and inexperience means she’d never be interested in them.

(That’s what their brain says, anyway.)

But remember… you can’t read her mind.

That girl at the bar could be the woman of your dreams.

Of course, strong body language doesn’t guarantee success in these situations.

But whatever your age or other self-limiting beliefs, using strong body language makes it far more likely she’ll be attracted to you.

Certainly more than if you do nothing at all.

If you need to, just use “20 seconds of courage” to push you through your apprehension.

It’s a tiny commitment for a potentially great reward on the other side.

(Shamelessly stolen from Matt Damon in “We Bought a Zoo”, I know.)

Just walking up to women and saying “hi” a few times can start you off.

If she’s not interested in any conversation, just remain polite and she’ll let you down gently.

Your brain will gradually realise such situations aren’t going to kill you…

…and give you a little rush of adrenaline for getting through the mental barrier unscathed.

This will make you want to approach more often, making you better at it…

 …and slightly more attractive every time you do so.

(20 seconds won’t seem so long after all.)

So making the most basic body language adjustments can improve your interactions with women.

Whatever your insecurities might be.

And more advanced body language techniques can demonstrate true a confidence and maturity

…which women absolutely ADORE in men.

Find out what they are below.

Use these kinetic attraction body language techniques to spark a woman’s deepest attraction

Talk soon,



PS: Ignite a woman’s attraction INSTANTLY by doing this (no practice needed – And make her approach YOU)

There’s a “silent language” of attraction many men don’t know how to use.

It’s body language – and, used correctly, it shows a woman all your most attractive traits without opening your mouth.

Indeed, just a few simple poses can communicate the inner qualities women find most alluring…

…and, in the right circumstances, could get them to approach YOU first – without hours of practice.

Follow the link below to find exactly what these poses are, and how to use them.

The seductive male body language that beautiful women find magnetic


Anyone who’s seen a James Bond film knows attractive male body language when they see it.

Actors like Daniel Craig show such charisma and confidence as Bond…

…that it’s no surprise when the women in their lives find them irresistible.

Whilst Bond isn’t real, you’ve probably seen men like him:

These guys just look in control and good company, drawing people (especially women) towards them effortlessly…

…even if they aren’t the most handsome men on the planet.

(Some of them haven’t even blown up an island.)

Most other men can’t put their finger on what these magnetic men are doing.

But, in truth, it’s nothing complicated – or that you can’t start doing right now.

Think how an attractive man (real, or fictional like Bond) stands.

His shoulders are relaxed, he’s standing up straight and he’s laughing with friends.

When he sees a woman he’d like to know better…

…he’s not afraid to look right into her eyes before smoothly turning away.

What do all these small pieces of body language show?

This man is opening himself up to the world, not hiding from it.

He’s comfortable and thriving in his surroundings, not intimidated by the women he’s interested in.

And a woman’s going to find him much more appealing if he looks fun to spend time with…

…which, when she witnesses this body language of inner confidence, can spark her desire to be part of this comfortable, charismatic man’s evening.

You probably know what I’m about to tell you: that attractive man could be you with those simple changes.

But they’re only the start.

Some other body language techniques can spark a woman’s desire for you much more deeply and dramatically…

…provided you know how to use them.

Sounds appealing? Get hold of these advanced body language secrets here…

Show irresistible inner confidence to women by holding yourself like this

Talk soon,



PS: Simple body language technique INSTANTLY sparks female attraction

Being a smooth talker with women isn’t the only way to be more alluring to them.

How you look can have just as big an impact on her first impression of you…

…but no, I don’t mean being handsome here.

I’m talking about body language – and any man can use it to create an image of himself in a woman’s mind…

…that she finds incredibly appealing, regardless of his physical appearance.

Discover the most attractive body language to a woman by following this link…

Use this body language to become smoulderingly attractive to women


When we look at someone for the first time, we quickly form an impression of them.

We’ve been biologically hardwired to do so since we were cavemen, especially when finding a mate.

And body language is usually the first aspect we see of someone…

…so naturally, that’s what we usually form our impressions from.

However, don’t think this only applies to the first time a woman lays eyes on you.

Body language is so powerful because our brain links it with particular traits we assume the person to hold.

So a man who might previously have displayed less attractive traits to a woman…

…can quickly turn this around by using more effective body language the next time she sees him.

And it rapidly becomes a habit: the more a man uses attractive body language traits, the more naturally they come to him…

…and the more they impact on his real personality, making him feel like the kind of man woman want as well as looking like it.

(Always nice.)

What does attractive body language need to show, then?

In my view, one of the most important things is openness.

Simply standing up straighter, uncrossing your arms and forward-looking eye contact might seem like quick fixes.

But, in fact, they help subtly communicate a deep inner confidence in your surroundings, since you’re more actively engaging in them.

And this kind of visible self-assurance (no matter how you feel underneath) can make women very interested in you…

…and seem like a more exciting person, with a life she’d enjoy being a part of.

But that’s just the start.

There’s a more advanced (but still easy to use) body language technique that you can use to spark powerful, instant attraction in attractive women…

…whether she already knows you or she’s seeing you for the first time.

Find out the technique by clicking the link below…

Become immediately more appealing to women with this body language technique

Talk soon,



PS: Beautiful women find this body language irresistible (whatever your age)

When trying something new, we go through a “resistance period”.

Our brain tries its best to keep us in the same comfortable patterns.

So if you try and improve your body language to appear more desirable to women…

fight the temptation to fall into old habits.

Your brain might bring up 20 reasons why there’s no point trying.

But this is a skill ANY man can improve at – and it can make you magnetic to women.

Discover how to start using the body language that sparks women’s interest…

…by following the link below.

How this body language can help ANY man attract gorgeous women

So many men are convinced that they can’t attract the women they want…

…for one simple (but wrong) reason.

These men have convinced themselves there’s no point trying to improve.

Their age and inexperience means she’d never be interested in them.

(That’s what their brain says, anyway)

Look, here’s something I want you to remember:

You can’t read her mind.

For all you know, that girl at the bar could be the woman of your dreams.

You could be her perfect man.


Does using strong body language guarantee success?


But whatever your age, level of experience or other self-limiting beliefs…

…using strong body language makes it far more likely she’ll be attracted to you…

…than if you do nothing and don’t take that chance.

If you need to, just take baby steps.

Do something like this:

The next time you see a beautiful woman, walk up to her and say hello.

That’s it.

Just make sure you look her in the eye, remembering to blink, and speak calmly and clearly.

Make a bit of brief conversation if you’re comfortable enough.

If she’s not interested, just remain polite and she’ll let you down gently.

And the rush of adrenaline for pushing yourself can make you want to approach more often…

…making you better at it – and a bit more attractive each time.

Making the most basic changes to your body language can lead to better interactions with women.

Whatever your insecurities.

And more advanced body language techniques can show the kind of confidence and maturity

…that sparks a woman’s deepest sexual interest.

To start using them, just follow the link below.

Become instantly more alluring to women with these body language techniques

Talk soon,


PS: Spark attraction from beautiful women in SECONDS

Positive and confident eye contact is a great tool for building emotional connections.

That includes with attractive women – even if you haven’t said a word to her.

Discover the right level and type of eye contact for instantly sparking her interest by following the link below.

How strong eye contact can provoke deep desire from beautiful women


Positive eye contact shows a woman you’re not intimidated by her.

It also helps build a personal and intimate connection…

…which can develop into genuine desire – sometimes even arousal.

But too many men don’t use eye contact correctly.

Either they’ll just stare at the woman and make her feel uncomfortable…

…or they’ll spend the whole time staring at her feet, which often comes across as timid.

There’s plenty of good reasons a man won’t realise his eye contact is weak.

Maybe he has low confidence.

Maybe he’s just never really thought about it before.

But here’s the thing:

Eye contact is one of the very easiest aspects of your body language to improve.

It’s easy to find the balance between too much and too little…

…and use it to make women instantly comfortable in your presence.

Here’s an exercise for seeing (haha) the power of eye contact for yourself.

The next time you’re out, and you’re chatting to a gorgeous woman…

…give the “triangle technique” a try.

Quickly glance into one of her eyes.

Then the other one.

Then at her lips.

And then back to the first eye again.

(Your gaze follows a triangle pattern, hence the name.)

It’s a subtle but assertive piece of body language.

It subconsciously shows her you’re confident, at ease with yourself and good fun to talk to…

…and (sometimes) the lip glance can set off more sexual thoughts.

If that seems daunting – you can use it without even speaking to her.

If you make eye contact across the room, doing the triangle technique just once before looking away…

…helps give you an element of mystery

…which could – in the right circumstances – make you instantly more attractive in her eyes.

But this technique only scratches the surface of what’s possible.

For a set of more advanced eye contact techniques that psychologically trigger her attraction INSTANTLY…

…just follow the link below.

Make a woman WANT you by looking at her like THIS

Talk soon,




The Kinetic Attraction Method Free Review









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