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Check this out – a friend of mine has designed a FREE deck of cards for you  for quickly sparking and building instant attraction with women.

Sounds weird, I know.

But it’s already helped single guys start seductive conversations with women they’ve just met…

…and help men in relationships reinject the “spice” back into their love lives again.

To get your FREE copy of this deck, just click the link below:

Use this legendary destiny card game to ignite attraction with gorgeous women


When you’re trying to connect with someone, what questions should you ask them?

Think for a moment about what YOU say to someone you’ve just met.

Generic stuff like “what’s your job?” or “how old are you?”…

…or deeper questions like “is telling white lies ever okay?” or “can stealing ever be morally justified?

As you’ve probably guessed, those deeper questions reveal more interesting parts of their personality.

You understand them more intimately as a person – making you feel much warmer towards them.

And they’ll appreciate that you seemed genuinely interested in their personality.

Boom, there’s your friendship or relationship.

Has someone ever asked similar questions to you?

It probably felt pleasant – as if they really cared about your view of the world.

Now you understand why.

I bring this up because of a study at the State University of New York, over 20 years ago.

The aim was to identify what made people push past generic “small talk” and become comfortable speaking more intimately to each other.

A bunch of strangers were given a list of questions (similar to the ones above) to ask each other.

And the results were extraordinary.

People were happily chatting, revealing more about themselves and connecting in a matter of minutes.

In the days and weeks after this session, many of the participants had become genuine friends.

Some of them were even dating!

All thanks to a few specially designed questions – that could help ANYONE spark intimacy with women.

They allow you to find common ground with women you’ve only just met…

…or rekindle the fire of your decades-long relationship.

And my friend (from the start of the email) even made a deck of cards with all the questions from the study printed on them.

He’s given his “deck” to people to carry around and start building rapport with strangers as a kind of “game”.

Here’s the exciting part:

He’s giving away his deck of cards for FREE (minus the shipping costs).

If you want to grab a copy of his deck, check this link out:

Spark instant rapport with women by using this “Legendary Destiny Cards”

Destiny Deck Of Cards Game Questions Pdf Download D&d App Digital Version Gotham Club -playing

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PS: Have You Asked A Gorgeous Woman These “Attraction Deck of Destiny Questions” yet?


By asking a woman a few quick questions, you can push all the psychological triggers that make her see you as an utterly irresistible man she can’t keep her eyes off.

And no, you don’t need to look like Brad Pitt.

To find out what questions activate her most irresistible, compelling curiosity about you (and the research-backed science behind them), just read on here:

READ: The Science-Backed Questions You Can Ask To Spark Rapid Attraction


When we’re out at a bar, and we spot a member of the opposite sex we want to approach…

…remember this: both parties want it to be a fun, flirty experience.

It doesn’t matter how nervous the guy is.

The girl wants him to be the most attractive, charismatic man she’s ever met.

She’s praying that he blows her away with his irresistible charm and wit.

Of course, in practice, it’s easier said than done.

You might think that only guys with movie-star good looks have the power to do this.

Do their looks help? Sure, sometimes it’s a bonus.

But I honestly think any man can spark this kind of reaction – with a tiny shift in their thinking.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

When it comes to our most powerful, gut-level attraction, men and women experience it very differently.

For most men, it gets sparked by the visual – what we see.

But for women, attraction generally happens “between the ears” – how you make her feel.

And that’s why, ultimately, “regular”-looking men often have an advantage over the chasing pack.

The words you say to her, along with how they make her feel, is the key factor behind her decision of whether she likes you back.

It’s why I like to suggest that men call a woman “sexy”, instead of “beautiful” or “pretty”.

As well as being a more powerful descriptor, it can also refer to her entire demeanor and personality…

…not just her looks – whilst still framing her as a sexual being.

For the vast majority of people, that’s a nice feeling – and she’ll remember that you made her feel that good about herself.

This kind of sexual conversation can even get her to view you as a sexual being in return…

…which is where the real fun starts.

Right, I’ve said enough.

For a set of questions that put her in an even more primal, aroused mindset, just follow the link below.

Ask These Card Game Questions To Quickly Build Rapport (And Attraction) In Beautiful Women
Deck of Cards Destiny Game Download D&d App Digital Version Gotham Club Questions Pdf


PSS: Ask a woman THIS Deck of Destiny Card Questions To Tap Into Her Deepest Sexual Desire (Backed by Science)

You don’t need to be perfect to rapidly build rapport with gorgeous women.

Asking her just a few simple questions can activate the arousal center in her brain…

…along with the psychological triggers that make you a truly magnetic man in her eyes.

What questions are these? Follow the link to find out…

Powerful “Attraction DeckofDestiny Card Questions” That Make Her CRAVE You


I’m amazed at just how many men forget this:

The beautiful woman you’re flirting with at the bar is secretly rooting for you.

She’d love you to be the most compelling, charming man she’s ever met…

…and doesn’t want you to feel awkward – but relaxed and in control.

I know I know – easier said than done.

But I truly believe it’s a power any man can harness.

Firstly, don’t think that women are generally less interested in sex than men.

You can bet she enjoys feeling aroused just as much as you.

In my experience, most men don’t realize that women experience attraction very differently from them.

Put it like this: male attraction (generally) happens in the eyes…

…but female attraction happens between the ears.

Now, this actually gives “normal” men an advantage when trying to charm women.

Sure, having movie-star good looks is certainly a bonus.

But ultimately, what you say (and how you make her feel)…

…is a more important factor for deciding whether she digs you or not.

Here’s what I mean.

Telling a woman she’s sexy, instead of beautiful or pretty, can be a great way to spark a connection.

Not only is “sexy” a more powerful description…

…you aren’t just describing her looks: “sexy” can describe her entire demeanor and personality.

It shows you view her as a truly sexual being – which will probably boost her self-confidence.

She’ll appreciate that you made her feel good about herself.

And framing the conversation in such sexual terms has an even more exciting outcome…

…she starts to view you as a more sexual being in return.

(In summary: everyone starts thinking about sex. And everyone’s happy.)

There’s also an advanced way to make compliments like this even more effective.

Asking her a number of specific deckofdestiny questions can put her in a deeply primal, sexual state of mind.

You can find them in the link below:

Create Instant Sexual Chemistry With Beautiful Women With The DeckofDestiny Playing Cards Questions (Ask Them THIS)

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Talk soon,

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PS: Do You Want Her To “Fall” For You?  – Here’s An Easy Way To Make Her Fall In Love With You…


There are some guys I talk to who just want to sleep with as many beautiful women as they can.

And you know, that’s totally fine.

But that’s not everyone’s goal.

A lot of guys just want a pretty girl, who’s nice, and caring, who they can call their own.

Many guys just want a girlfriend.

And if you’re a guy who just wants a cool girlfriend, then you’re going to have to build a deep connection with a woman. 

That SOUNDS easier said than done…

But with the DeckofDestiny Playing Cards, you can have a girl falling head over heels for you in less than an hour…

>> Click Here To Get Your Legendary DeckOfDestiny Cards Caraval, Absolutely FREE <<

The DeckofDestiny is a card game…

But it’s not just any card game.

It’s a card game specifically designed to make people fall in love with each other. 

The destiny card game itself is simple…

It’s just a deck of cards, with a question written on each card.

You shuffle the deck, a player draws a card, reads the question out loud, and then both players take turns answering the question.

The trick is in the questions…

Each question was deliberately crafted by psychologists to make the people answering the questions dive deep into the psyche of the other person, and create a deep connection with them. 

By the time the two players are done answering the questions, they feel as if they’ve known each other for years.

Thus creating “love” between the two players…

And for a limited time, you can get your ‘DeckofDestiny’ absolutely free, you just have to help a little bit with the shipping.

Click here now to get your free ‘DeckofDestiny’, and start building a tight connection with a woman the same day you meet her…





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