Signs She Is Secretly Attracted To You

5 DTF Signs She Secretly Wants You And Is Developing Feelings For YOU
Signs she wants you to notice her how to know if a woman is attracted to you sexually



Hey man,

I have a good friend – let’s call her Jane – who was recently complaining about the lack of action she was getting.

Now Jane is right to be frustrated – she’s a stone cold hot baby, tight in all the right places, with a hot yoga body, pink pouty lips, and a firm natural rack that demands immediate attention.

The fact that she isn’t getting laid is alarming to say the least.

But it says a lot about the times we’re living in, to be honest.

A lot of men are so castrated by today’s “war on masculinity” that they simply don’t recognize the signs a woman gives off when she’s looking for a quick lay.

They either miss the obvious signs she is developing feelings for them– or they’re afraid to take action, for fear of being labeled a pervert or a creep.

Three words Jane wants me to pass along to you:


signs she wants you to talk to her physical signs a married woman is interested in you


Whatever you do, get familiar with the subtle (and not-so-subtle) signs women are giving off EVERYWHERE around you … signs she secretly wants you that so FEW men are tuned into, it gives you an unfair advantage when it comes to your pick of women!

For example, Jane mentions a few recent “misses” that would have easily landed her in the sack, had the guys actually been paying attention:

    • She initiates and HOLDS contact. Hand play is good – but when she rubs your arm or drapes herself across your shoulders, it’s definitely one of the sure obvious signs she secretly likes you and she’s ready to take things to the next level.
    • She compliments you in a sexy way. When a girl says something about you is “hot,” that means she’s already imagined what it would be like to fuck you. She’s tested the idea in her mind’s eye, and she’s verbalizing that she likes what she sees. For example, when she says:  “Wow! That Tee shirt really looks hot on you. I like it!” This explicitly means that she’s Down To Fuck.
    • She’s a close talker. If she’s dangerously close to your face, or she begins moving closer as she talks to you, she’s initiating intimacy and probably is thinking about kissing you. If she doesn’t go in for the kiss, take control and give her what she wants.
    • “Can we go some other place a bit more quite.” Just know she’s willing to switch it up here … but be a little bit cautious about being too bold with your suggestions.
    • She touches your dick. It’s crazy that I even have to mention this, but many men still can’t process what’s happening when a chick sizes up your junk by grazing/rubbing/brushing against your crotch. It means that she desperately wants your penis deep inside her. Now this is what I like to call a “Check, please” kinda situation.

So although I’m just passing this information along for my hot friend Jane …

… I do encourage you to explore these hidden (and in some cases obvious) signs that guys are missing out on these days.

In fact, my buddy Craig Miller has compiled a virtual ENCYCLOPEDIA of hidden signals girls are giving off that are guaranteed to get you laid – if you know what to look for.

Craig shows you how to spot – in any situation – the one babe who is looking for a quick and easy lay with no strings attached.

It’s genius … and the kicker is, hardly any other guys know about these signals.

You need to hear Craig’s story for yourself.

In fact, his technique was so un-PC and “unfair,” it got him kicked off of Anderson Cooper’s show on CNN.

Watch the hidden camera footage that got him kicked off CNN

signs she wants you badly flirting signs from a woman decoding female body language

Taylor Snow Romance

PS: Once you see these hidden signs she is developing feelings for YOU, you can’t “unsee” them. A lot of girls aren’t even aware of the signals their body’s are giving off … but when Craig shows you what to look for, it becomes instantly obvious.

Are You Making These 3 Amateur Mistakes?


Hey man,

When it comes to picking up hot girls who put out, the stakes can be high …

Waste too much time on a chick who isn’t interested in sex, and you’ll end up home alone at the end of the night playing RedTube Roullette and crying yourself to sleep.

And while some guys look at it as a “numbers game,” that’s about the worst thing ANY man can do when it comes to picking up hot women.

There’s a way to have total control over your sex destiny, and it doesn’t involve cheesy pickup lines, buying drinks, or chatting up every skank in the bar in hopes that one is drunk enough to blow you an empty toilet stall.

Follow the link below to learn more…

Hidden Signs She Secretly Likes You…

signs she craves you female body language signs of attraction legs subtle subconscious

If you can handle your own business, you have already greatly increased your odds to get what you REALLY want out of a quick pickup situation …

The most effective way of making an instant improvement is by making sure you’re not making any of these 3 common mistakes:

1. Don’t Look Like Trash … You don’t have to be a regular subscriber to GQ or Esquire to look halfway decent when you put yourself into play …

But it goes without saying that you should be putting some effort into your appearance. I know, at some point you’ve heard from every seduction coach that “looks don’t matter” – but the truth is, the little things DO count.

Nobody looks their best when they run out to the grocery store for a six pack or gallon of milk … but be aware that you MAY run into that hot dental hygienist from your apartment building on your way through the checkout lane. So do you really want to look like you just let your dog lick a pound of peanut butter off your balls?

Seriously, brush your teeth, brush your hair. Don’t go out with dried food on your clothes, and pay attention to your shoes (chicks do) …

2. Don’t Be Obvious … If you’re in a club and you’re approaching every girl in the bar with some stupid pickup trick, other women notice this. And while you’re THINKING you’re just “playing the odds,” how successful do you think your enchanting one-liner is going to be on the babe who just watched you get shot down by 2 other chicks?

Take your thumb wrestling and slight of hand kinesthetics into a dark corner or something … otherwise you’ll look like an ass – and you’ll end up alone, horny, and frustrated (or with a drunk fat chick in the bathroom stall).

3. Pay Attention To The Girl! The worst thing guys do is ignore the signals a girl is giving off that she’s down to fuck. Guys can get so wrapped up in their own game, they MISS the subtle signs a girl may be unconsciously giving off that reveals her TRUE intentions!

If you’re watching for the right clues, you’ll be able to tell INSTANTLY if she’s ready to take things to the next level.Or better yet – if she has NO interest whatsoever (despite being friendly and flirty with you). There’s nothing sadder than watching a clueless chump waste time on a chick I KNOW has no intentions of letting him near her.


27 obvious signs she wants you physical signs a man is interested in you subtle signals

And about those signals …

If you want to know what to look for from a girl – whether she’s some random hot chick at the Apple store or some girl at a club looking to drown her daddy issues with a night of sweaty and shameless anonymous sex …

You need to watch my friend Craig’s video where he reveals the “hidden signs she secretly likes you” in depth.


Not recognizing these subtle – sometimes unconscious – signals is the biggest mistake you are making right now … and nothing you say or do will matter if you don’t know what you’re dealing with.

Ready to make your own luck?

unconscious signs a girl is interested in you over text online but offers no physical contact

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Are You Meeting Women The Hard Way? Discover These Signs She Is Secretly Attracted To You


Most guys are meeting women in the DUMBEST way possible…


Don’t take it the wrong way, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with dating online. I know plenty of guys who crush it on tinder.

But here’s the thing you may not be aware of…while it may seem like you’re required to “do less” in order to get a girl using tinder or Okcupid or any dating site for that matter…you’d be wrong.

The guys who get the most women on tinder and other dating sites are either the top 1% attractive men, or the top 1% most interesting men.

So while it may seem like you just have to swipe write a bunch of times, send a few clever messages, and you’re in…it’s actually a lot more complicated than that.

Unless you hit the genetic lottery…

You’re gonna have to be super ripped (which takes hours at the gym every day).

Or have super cool hobbies, like swimming with whales and jumping out of helicopters for fun…

Or maybe you have to be really well traveled and have a picture of you doing a handstand on the great pyramid. 

Or maybe a mixture of all of the elements above. 

My point is…

It’s a lot easier to just go out in public and talk to women, because the women in public are usually a lot hotter than the girls on tinder, and you’re not competing against buff world travelling dudes who swim with whales.

So why are most guys desperately clinging to tinder, even though the quality of women is far lower?

Because most guys are scared of rejection… I admit I used to be obsessed with dating apps, but I realized I was doing it out of fear, not convenient.

And in my experience meeting women in person could be a hell of a lot easier than meeting women online.

I get it, talking to women in person isn’t the easiest thing, and you might still get rejected…but you get rejected way more on tinder than everywhere else, you just don’t see it. 

What if I told you that you CAN get the women you see out and about, in the grocery stores, in coffee shops, on the street, at bars, your waitress, etc…..WITHOUT the risk of rejection.


Simply by approaching the women who are already interested in you. 

signs she is interested in you after first again date body language sex online school

There are women out there who are interested in you, there are women out there who WANT you to talk to them, and you can spot them just by looking for the non-verbal hints.

Women are constantly dropping hints and signs as to how they feel about other people.

These signs she secretly wants you are subtle and go over the heads of most men… unless you know what you’re looking for. 

And I’m telling you right now…there are a lot more women out there who want you to talk to them, than you think.

As a matter of fact there will be women every now and then who are just looking to fuck, they will want to sleep with you that night, and

Click here right now to how to instantly discover the signs she is secretly attracted to you, so you can avoid rejection, get more phone numbers, go on more dates, get laid a hell of a lot more, and find that special woman who’s the perfect fit for you FAST!

Signs A Girl Is Attracted To You sexually at work body language huge workplace


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Signs She Secretly likes you

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