Physical Signs A Woman Is Interested In You

11 Non-Verbal Body Language Signs A Woman Is Attracted To You Sexually
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Have you ever come across an attractive girl and thought to yourself “I wonder if she likes me?” 

So many guys wonder if there’s a way to truly know if a girl likes them – and the answer is Absolutely YES.

But only if you know the exact physical signs a woman is interested in you by body language…

… And most guys have no idea what signs to look for. 

The truth is that girls always give off little hidden signals or indicators when they like a guy or think that he’s attractive. And if you know what these signals are and actually watch for them, you’ll be able to do what most guys can’t and that, my friend, is a powerful thing.

So I’m going to reveal to you 11 time-proven and scientifically-backed physical body language signs a woman is attracted to you sexually that when you see them, they almost always mean that a woman is obviously interested (or is becoming interested) in you.


To avoid getting pepper-sprayed, I’m also showing you the #1 body language that a girl is 100% not feeling you.

So, here are 11 real body language signs that a girl has the hots for you… plus the #1 sign that she wants nothing to do with you:


1. Mirroring

Do you know what makes mirroring such a truly powerful giveaway of genuine interest from a woman? It’s because 99% of the time it’s a completely involuntary signal that she’s really interested in you and she just can’t help herself but do. 

People usually subconsciously mirror each other as a way of showcasing trust and familiarity. 

So, if you notice her subtly copying your physical body language or movements, it could clearly be an early signal that she feels pretty comfortable with you and she wants you to feel the same.


2. She Plays With Her Hair

Like mirroring, a woman playing with her hair is a subconscious or conscious way of flirting, only that this time instead of it just being a sign that she finds you really fascinating, this one is a far much stronger physical sign of real flirtatious attraction from her

Playing with your hair is an example of preening, which is another way of saying that she’s trying to look good for you 🙂


3. She Makes Deliberate Eye Contact

7 plays with necklace to you finger definitive reddit teen vogue top five qoura againIn general, women are pretty selective about who they make eye contact with, so if a girl looks directly at you for more than a few seconds, that’s probably because to her, you’re pretty eye-catching.


4. She Opens Herself Up for Conversation

When a woman wants to talk, but also wants you to be the one to start the conversation, there’s typically one blatantly obvious thing she’ll do to make it easy for you to – and that’s to simply just position herself in your field of vision. 

Taken by itself, it’s not much, but the fact is, if a girl is really trying to flirt, it’s usually the very first move she’ll make. So watch out for it.


5. She Enters Your Personal Space

If a woman is coming from across the room towards you, pay close attention to where she stops.

If it’s within a range of 4 feet, then she’s officially entered your personal field, and that usually means only one thing: she probably wants to talk to you (Or you to talk to her).

If she’s within 2 feet, she’s moving closer to what’s known as ‘The Intimate Zone’ which means you’re doing a pretty good job of making her interested.


6. She Flares her Nostrils

Weird one, I know. When you think of flirting, flared nostrils probably isn’t the first thing that springs to mind, and it’s something she wouldn’t want you to notice.

That’s because, unlike some body language cues, most women don’t mean to do it.

So if you notice her nostrils are flaring out of control, it’s a tell-tale sign that she’s super comfortably letting her guard down around you.


7. She Suggestively Gets You to Pay Attention to Her Lips

If a woman is really interested in you after talking to you for quite a while, she may step up her flirtatious tricks by sensually bringing your attention to her lips.

Whether she simply grazes them with her fingers or puts on a fresh layer of lipstick, if she drawers your attention to her lips (or any other suggestive part of her body) you can be pretty sure it’s because she wants you to take notice.


8. Pointing Her Feet Toward You

So, let’s say she’s standing close to you, and you’re talking to her and she’s laughing. Sounds like it’s in the bag, right?

Not necessarily.

Because even though it might seem like she’s giving you her full undivided attention, her feet might be secretly telling you that she wishes to rather be somewhere else.

So if you want to know if you’re really holding her attention, pay attention to where her feet are pointing, and not just her face.


9. Her Pupils Dilate

If you’re in the habit of making weak eye contact (like many guys do) you’d be missing up to half of the non-verbal signaling that women do.

30 sure subtle touches her necklace finger lip gloss drnerdlove 27 years old looksSignaling like dilated pupils or a quick sideways glance, both of which are subtle, but hugely telling giveaways that whatever you’re doing is working well.

So by ALL means continue doing it.



10. She Exposes Her Neck

When a woman is really flirting her instinct takes over, and one of the clearest signs that a woman might be into you is for her to present (and trust you with) one of the most vulnerable and sensitive parts of her body: Her neck.

So if she begins to emphasize her neck by pulling her hair to one side or tilting her head, it’s a great sign that she wants you a little closer.


11. She Touches You Purposefully

Usually the final and most obvious telltale sign that you’ve moved to the next level with her is for her to ramp up the physical touching.

This might be her touching your hand or grazing your leg with her foot. Or it might be hugging your arms when it’s cold or starting to hang on your shoulder.

However she wants to do it is up to her, but if she’s all over you – she’s telling you that you don’t have to try that hard with her anymore.


12. Crossed Arms

If there’s one body language sign that you should always see as an immediate red flag is crossed arms.

When a girl crosses her arms right in front of you, it can be a sign telling a lot of things – And none of them are good for you. 

Not only do crossed arms signify general disinterest in you or what you’re saying, but in most cases, it’s a way of her “guarding” herself from no other reason than you just make her that uncomfortable.

The best and most accurate assumption to make when you see a woman crossing her arms is that she’s cold. Which if you think about it, isn’t great news for you either.

Basically, the fundamental principle is this: If you see a woman crossing her arms, then you might have already past the point of no return… and it might be just better to just move on brother.

Important note: Girls by default are not the ones who make the first move.

So understand that signals without action are completely useless. In other words, if you see a girl giving you these signals that she’s interested in you, you have to actually take action on it and make your move – that is of course if you like her.

Those are the 11 powerful body language signs that shows she likes you, and one I hope you never see. 

For More Not So Obvious Physical Signs A Woman Is Interested In You, Check Out these Body Language Signs A Woman Is Attracted To You Sexually

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Until next time…

Seize the day,

Taylor Snow


Conversation Body Language Signs A Woman Is Attracted To You Sexually

When you’re interacting with a woman, there are some rather standard, obvious signs that she’s into you, such as:

She gazes directly into your eyes for quite long periods of time
She touches you
She laughs at everything you say
She licks her lips
She leans in closer to you as if she’s readying herself for a kiss

While it’s always important to keep your eyes open for such signs of interest, you also need to keep your ears peeled as well.

When speaking, there’s a not-so-obvious sign that she’s interested in you.

10 non verbal non physical through texting even if shes your boss 25 as a female

And no, I’m not talking about compliments (because those are rather obvious).

What not-so-obvious sign am I talking about?

Questions. Simply put, if she keeps asking questions, she’s interested.

Because if she wasn’t interested, she wouldn’t ask them at all.


Because she’d be ready to end the conversation. Duh!

Unless you’re at work or forced to do so, you wouldn’t keep asking a person questions unless you had a genuine interest in finding out more about them.

So if you hear her rattle off questions like a machine gun, take that as a sign that you’ve got the green light.

What are some of the most obvious questions that show true interest?

At the very top of the list, is “Are you seeing anyone?” If she asks you that, then she’s definitely looking to see if you’re free and available before she invests any of her time trying to get to know you…

Others are, “Do you plan on living her any time soon?” “Are you looking to date anyone” “What type of women do you like?” And so on…

Alright, you may be saying to yourself, “That’s cool and all. But what if I have trouble getting women interested in me in the first place? What do I do then?”…

If that’s the case, there is a way out. Because unlike other pieces of advice that tell you to hit the gym to increase your looks or work harder to increase your pay, this is all you have to do to know which women are interested in you:

The subtle signals women give off
five signs straight eye contact at the bar from across the room facebook unconscious

Check them out tonight, and you’ll have women swarming you like bees do honey.

How do I know?

Because it’s my go-to move Duh!

Bill Grant.

My Coworker Is Acting Weird With Me (Physical Signs A Woman Is Interested In You At Work Even If Shes You Boss)


A subscriber to my email list recently wrote to me saying…

“My coworker is acting weird with me. 

She keeps calling me this nickname, idk how to translate in English, but she knows that this tends to piss me off. As I told her yesterday because I was in a bad mood. 

Right after that, she started calling me this nickname even more. 

I was seriously thinking about slapping her, but internalized it, though you could see that I was pissed off. 

She kept coming back wherever I was, for no apparent reason but to tell it was too bad I didn’t come to this coworker party they had that night. 

She also began touching me in a not so sexual way, I guess because we’re at work. 

But anyway that story just reminded me of this one you shared in some way. Might misinterpret things a little bit.” 

OK, there’s quite a LOT of stuff going on in this case. 

First thing’s first….

This girl DOES want you.

She’s shit testing you heavy. 

Any time a girl teases you, or deliberately tries to piss you off — that is a shit test…

This means she IS attracted to you…

She IS considering sleeping with you…

But she’s trying to PROVOKE you into engaging her in the kind of flirty banter that will lead to that.

The issue here is that from the sounds of it you have mostly FAILED this test.

It’s not your fault… because you didn’t know what you were doing…

She’s trying to tell you, “I want to fuck you”, in girl speak.

But since you don’t speak girl language…

You’ve been missing these signs. what are some but offers no physical contact at the gym or just wants to be friends

Now here’s what concerns me: 

“…she started calling me this nickname even more. I was seriously thinking about slapping her, but internalized it, though you could see that I was pissed off.” 

My man…. 

You have GOT to get a grip.

If some chick is able to generate THIS level of emotional reaction in you, you’re FUCKED. 

Do you understand me? 


Have you been going out and doing your cold approaches like I told you?

Have you been lifting heavy weights?

Have you been doing semen retention?


There’s no need for you to tell me your answer

Because I already KNOW the answer.

If some random bitch is getting in your head THIS much…

That shows me you are not living right. 

When people tease or mock you, there should be ZERO effect on your internal state.


I’m at the level now where I give so little of a fuck, I can commit petty crimes* right in front of police officers…

(* such as drinking open liquor in the street)

And they can’t even see me. 

I am literally invisible to them. 

Know why? 

Because I’m so fucking RELAXED, baby. 

You wanna know how I got that way? 

        1. Cold approach,
        2. Cold approach,  
        3. And cold approach.

You approach random strangers enough and you get a THICK fucking skin, brother. 

A girl could slap me in the fucking face and it wouldn’t raise my heartbeat. 

So this is why your INTENSE EMOTIONAL REACTION to being teased by your coworker… 

It does not bode well for you okay?  

So there are two big hard-hitting take-aways here: 



When a woman teases you, that’s girl speak for “I want to fuck you”. 

However, it’s simultaneously a shit test. 

She wants to see that you don’t react emotionally to her teasing. 

Also, she wants you to TEASE HER and engage her back in flirty banter.

NOT in an angry way…

But in a fun, playful, challenging way.

You do that, and you’ll be inside her in a couple of hours.

The girl in this story is SEXUALLY FRUSTRATED.

She wants a man to grab her by the pigtails and rail the shit out of her.

She is TEASING you in order to try to provoke some MASCULINITY and CHALLENGE on your part…. 

Which for girls is basically “foreplay before the foreplay”. 



If people are able to get under your skin, that’s a BIG “tell” that you’re not living right. 

When you cold approach girls regularly (and deal with the non-stop bullshit that comes from that)…

Nothing gets under your skin anymore.

Getting angry at women is like getting angry at babies. 

The person who looks stupid is you

If your 7-year-old niece started teasing you by calling you some nickname, you wouldn’t get angry.

It wouldn’t even register.

You’d just laugh and playfully joke back. 

The same exact thing with girls. 

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