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Hi, It’s Jason Julius, Creator of the Female Orgasm Blueprint – Orgasm Arts Sex Techniques

Which squirting position is better?

Doggie-style or woman on top?

There’s been a lot of debate on what bedroom positions are “proven” to make a woman squirt.

But in reality, even the old boring missionary – when adjusted right – can be the wild card in your bedroom performance.

For example?

The best “squirting orgasms” come from just these few positions…

Positions that are no more complex than the classic man-on-top or woman-on-top…

And no more difficult to execute than a slightly modified doggie-style.

The truth is, 70% of women NEED direct clit stimulation to achieve a climax – which is why these positions are angled to stimulate her clit and he g-spot at the same time, so she can enjoy full body squirting O’s.

But why is this such a big deal for the ladies?

Well, ever wondered why there’s a Marvel movie every year or two?

Even a story as great as the Avengers has a finite lifespan.

So what are you gonna do when your “great performance” in bed gets eclipsed with what your woman secretly craves for – or worse, a “wild experience” she had with her past lovers?

Why… you do everything to up your game!

And the good news is…

These are 3 easy ways to give her the BEST squirting pleasure possible…

Without you having to improve your “staying power”… and without needing any acrobatic maneuvers in the bedroom.

Seize the day,

Jason Julius
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Squirting Techniques To Give Your Woman Deep Orgasmic Pleasure

A large number of men think there’s a “ceiling” to their pleasure-giving abilities in bed.

And, after a certain age, their body can’t deliver a performance that gives their woman true sexual satisfaction.

But this just isn’t true.

Believe it or not, using the right technique can actually enhance her orgasmic pleasure as you get older.

And there’s just such a set of techniques for helping men of all ages give their women some of the most pleasurable, body-shaking orgasms possible.

Follow the link below for more details:

The techniques that give her the most intense orgasms of her life?

I get regular emails from subscribers about this.

Many of the ones asking me about this have been with their women for years, even decades.

And they don’t know how to get out of the rut they find themselves in.

For whatever reason, their lovers just aren’t climaxing with the same pleasure and intensity that they were before.

They’re left wondering whether they’ve lost the ability to trigger deep and powerful orgasms for good.

Can they fix it?

Yes – and here’s how.

As our bodies becomes accustomed to the same kind of repetitive orgasmic experiences, they get used to this familiar orgasmic feeling.

The pleasure gradually becomes less intense and the sex less enjoyable.

A man can be doing absolutely everything right in bed – and it doesn’t stop this happening.

Fortunately, it’s relatively straightforward to break this cycle.

Just making any change at all often makes all the difference.

Honestly, it doesn’t usually matter if a new move doesn’t go right first time.

Doing something, anything different can be all it takes to break the pattern in her brain

and this new and unusual experience sends her sexual pleasure centre into overdrive.

It’s possible for her to experience some less common – but deeply enjoyable – orgasms as a result.

And there’s one type that unleashes more powerful pleasure than most:

The squirting orgasm.

Whatever your experience or the current state of your sex life

there are simple techniques you can use to help your woman enjoy this very special sexual experience – giving her orgasms she’ll never forget.

Follow this link for some techniques you can copy to give your woman memorable squirting orgasms:

Use these simple techniques to make your woman squirt with pleasure

Talk soon,


Squirting VS. G-spot Orgasm?


All girls CAN squirt unless…

… she has a deep-seated “trauma” that happened to her in the past.

First off, let’s clear up a few things here…

1) Squirting and a g-spot orgasm are not the same. (more on this below)

2) Squirting is real, and it can be wonderful, but it’s not a gold ring to collect like you’re playing some sexual video game.

Remember, if you want to give your lady the kind of sensational orgasms that will truly knock her out, well, it can only be a squirting or a g-spot climax.

And just so you know…

This “sex position” usually gives her BOTH…

female orgasim arts blueprint coital alignment technique clitoral hood full body squirting orgasm clitoral stimulation multiple orgasms anal play







Let’s take Fact #1 – squirting VS. g-spot climax…

You see, the reason men often mistake one for another is that it is widely known that girls squirt via g-spot stimulation. 

In other words, squirting can often come about by stroking the g-spot.

But the truth is women can also squirt through clit or anal stimulation.

And still, others are able to do it by touching multiple areas simultaneously (including those that are nowhere near their private lady parts… like her boobs).

This brings us to point #2…

Don’t get hung up on trying to make your partner squirt.

In any type of intercourse, a man’s primary goal and focus is to give her MORE pleasure.

Knowing how to “pleasure-dump” her g-spot will give you a head start…

But squirting can also come as a big reward.

And so I will show you all these…

The positions, angles, and techniques that will stack up her pleasure and sensations… while at the same time removing all the guesswork for you.

Squirting or g-spot orgasm? – Here’s what she truly wants from you

When you try this, just don’t lean in too close or she might “tsunami” on your face. 😉

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

Orgasm Trick Makes Her Climax Instantly?

Wouldn’t it be cool if there is some way to give any woman instant, thigh-quivering… even life-changing orgasms… on command?

Of course, it would. Interestingly, achieving it is surprisingly effortless. Actually, it’s entirely in your control:

How to make her climax on command

As some people know…

One of my most powerful teachings is on how to consistently give women orgasms “on command.”

It’s a reliable and repeatable system.

And it has blown the minds of the women I’m lucky to be with.

But I wasn’t always good with this technique. Or pleasuring women for that matter.

In fact, there was a time when I was downright TERRIBLE in the bedroom.

I couldn’t understand why a woman’s mind is her most powerful sex organ.

I KNEW if I had any hope of taking my bedroom life to the next level…

I needed to do something.

And something BIG.

And this is what I found…

For over a decade, I have kept these powerful “orgasm on command” secrets close to my chest, revealing only bits and pieces of the process to my closest friends and most loyal customers…

But to help you get a strong head-start in your bedroom life, I’m giving away my most jealously-guarded pleasure secrets, at a generous discount which ends on March 12th.

I have brought women to insanely powerful climaxes – in under 10 seconds. And you’re about to unlock these same secrets.

Repeatable orgasms at lightning-fast speed? (oddly satisfying)

It’s so powerful, it’s crazy.

And your woman will thank you for it. Even though she won’t even know what or how you’re giving her so much pleasure every time. She will simply surrender to that “strange” power that you seem to have over her. And, she’ll keep coming back for more…

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

PS: New Sensations + Squirting Climax?

George Herman “Babe” Ruth wasn’t always a Yankee – He was a left-handed pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, before becoming famous with the New York Yankees (he must’ve known what he was missing out on).

Now, I’m not a fan of either team… but it makes me think about one thing.

That is, every girl who has NOT experienced a powerful “squirting orgasm” simply doesn’t know what she’s missing out all this time – specifically…

When you give her these new sensations + a squirting climax…

…it makes all the orgasms she’s had in the past pale in comparison.

In fact, all the different orgasms a woman can enjoy, a squirting ‘O’ is the most uniquely intense one any lady should experience at least once (if not multiple times) in her life.

Sure, she can still enjoy a great clitoral or vaginal climax, but those can take the bench for now.

Simply put, depriving her of a wet and wild release is like leaving the Yankees for an amateur ring toss.

And the good news?

For any guy who wants to “attempt” this act, it’s remarkably simple.

It all comes down to “timing”. Yes, the trick is to time the “squirt stream” in her vulva to sync with her g-spot.

But take note – this special spot is different, the angle is “not the usual”, and the stroke is slightly odd but pleasurable nonetheless.

And she’ll know this is completely different as soon as she begins to feel what you’re doing with her. In other words…

This will tease every inch inside her till she explodes in cascading waves of squirting pleasure…

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

Can EVERY Woman Orgasm?

Can all women have an orgasm… or is it just the “lucky” few?

The simple truth?

If you believe most serious scientific studies, over 90% of women are physically able to achieve climax.

In fact, most of our wives, girlfriends or lovers are ALSO able to achieve multiple orgasms, as well!

Only a small number has a rare physical problem that prevents them from being able to orgasm (and this usually can be overcome with the appropriate therapy).

Why do so FEW women report being able to climax DURING sex?

The most common reason, obviously, is the man she’s with and his lack of knowledge and experience with a woman’s body.

Another reason – and in my opinion, far more important than the first – is her level of comfort. Most men are clueless about this, yet this is one of the biggest reasons why women can’t have an orgasm with a man.

When a woman is comfortable and relaxed – both mentally and physically – she’ll have no problem having a climax… even if the man she’s with is an average lover (wonderful newsflash for most guys out there 😉

So, as a man who wants to give her pleasure, you must first help her relax, make her feel comfortable, attractive, beautiful.

The more comfortable and relaxed she is, the more she can let go of any worry, concern or insecurity and fully immerse herself in the pleasure experience you’re able to give her.

The end result is an incredible, earth-shaking orgasm.

Simply doing small things to make her feel comfortable and secure about herself can make a BIG difference.

==> I reveal this (and MORE) in this blueprint that will unleash her orgasmic potential

I’ll provide you with practical examples and illustrations of what to say and do in building up her comfort and her sexual trust in YOU.

Once you’re done with this blueprint, you’ll be able to turn on any woman even before you physically touch her.

And, believe me, you’ll be able to make her climax with EASE!

==> Learn it step-by-step here…

Talk soon,

Lloyd Lester

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Expert Review

Author: Adam Armstrong
Title: Master Sex Coach, Men’s Health Expert & Nutritionist
Organization: The New Alpha Nutrition
Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Publication Date: April 28, 2023

Hi There, I’m Adam Armstrong. As a master sex coach, nutrition expert, men’s health and sexual wellness expert, dating coach, and relationship expert, I am thrilled to share my glowing Orgasm Arts Review of Jason Julius’s The Female Orgasm Blueprint Sex Techniques. This program is a game-changer for anyone looking to improve their sexual skills and enhance their partner’s pleasure.

The information and techniques shared in these videos are invaluable, and I have already recommended them to countless clients and friends. The step-by-step approach to female pleasure is easy to understand and follow, making it accessible for anyone looking to improve their skills in the bedroom.

What sets Orgasim Arts apart is its holistic approach to sexual wellness, emphasizing the importance of communication, emotional connection, and physical technique. The program offers a comprehensive understanding of female anatomy, arousal, and orgasm, empowering men to give their partners the pleasure they deserve. I am grateful for the work that Orgasim Arts is doing to improve sexual health and wellness.

Their program has helped countless couples achieve greater intimacy, connection, and pleasure in their relationships. If you’re looking to improve your sexual skills and enhance your partner’s pleasure, I highly recommend Female Orgasim Arts Blueprint.


Jason Julius Orgasm Arts Review

Female Orgasm Blueprint Review

Sex Coach & Female Orgasm Expert at Orgasm Blueprint Arts Inc

Jason Julius is a leading sex coach and female orgasm expert with an impressive track record in helping individuals and couples achieve greater sexual satisfaction and intimacy. With a passion for human sexuality, Jason has dedicated his career to studying the intricacies of female anatomy and the physiology of orgasm.

He is well-known for his practical techniques and deep understanding of the emotional and psychological aspects of sexuality, which he combines to provide comprehensive coaching to his clients.

His work on female orgasms has particularly gained him recognition, and he has developed a range of techniques and approaches to help women experience more intense and frequent orgasms.