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Which squirting position is better?

Doggie-style or woman on top?

There’s been a lot of debate on what bedroom positions are “proven” to make a woman squirt.

But in reality, even the old boring missionary – when adjusted right – can be the wild card in your bedroom performance.

For example?

The best “squirting orgasms” come from just these few positions…

Positions that are no more complex than the classic man-on-top or woman-on-top…

And no more difficult to execute than a slightly modified doggie-style.

The truth is, 70% of women NEED direct clit stimulation to achieve a climax – which is why these positions are angled to stimulate her clit and he g-spot at the same time, so she can enjoy full body squirting O’s.

But why is this such a big deal for the ladies?

Well, ever wondered why there’s a Marvel movie every year or two?

Even a story as great as the Avengers has a finite lifespan.

So what are you gonna do when your “great performance” in bed gets eclipsed with what your woman secretly craves for – or worse, a “wild experience” she had with her past lovers?

Why… you do everything to up your game!

And the good news is…

These are 3 easy ways to give her the BEST squirting pleasure possible…

Without you having to improve your “staying power”… and without needing any acrobatic maneuvers in the bedroom.

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester
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PS: New sensations + squirting climax?

George Herman “Babe” Ruth wasn’t always a Yankee – He was a left-handed pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, before becoming famous with the New York Yankees (he must’ve known what he was missing out on).

Now, I’m not a fan of either team… but it makes me think about one thing.

That is, every girl who has NOT experienced a powerful “squirting orgasm” simply doesn’t know what she’s missing out all this time – specifically…

When you give her these new sensations + a squirting climax…

…it makes all the orgasms she’s had in the past pale in comparison.

In fact, all the different orgasms a woman can enjoy, a squirting ‘O’ is the most uniquely intense one any lady should experience at least once (if not multiple times) in her life.

Sure, she can still enjoy a great clitoral or vaginal climax, but those can take the bench for now.

Simply put, depriving her of a wet and wild release is like leaving the Yankees for an amateur ring toss.

And the good news?

For any guy who wants to “attempt” this act, it’s remarkably simple.

It all comes down to “timing”. Yes, the trick is to time the “squirt stream” in her vulva to sync with her g-spot.

But take note – this special spot is different, the angle is “not the usual”, and the stroke is slightly odd but pleasurable nonetheless.

And she’ll know this is completely different as soon as she begins to feel what you’re doing with her. In other words…

This will tease every inch inside her till she explodes in cascading waves of squirting pleasure…

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

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Orgasm Arts Review

Female Orgasm Blueprint Review