How To Increase Semen Volume Supplements

5 Reasons Why Women Love Huge Loads
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  1. It’s Visually Appealing
  2. It Signals that a Man is Healthy, Virile, and Great Mating Material
  3. She Thinks It’s More Likely to Get Her Pregnant (remember: there’s a reproductive side to all sex, even if it’s only subconscious)
  4. It Makes Her Feel Like She’s ‘Done a Good Job’ and Has Really Pleased You
  5. It Makes Her Feel Naughty and Dirty

Now. Here’s what’s interesting:

The average man only ejaculates about a teaspoon of semen when he ‘blows his load’. Needless to say – a teaspoon is not a lot, and nor is it very impressive.


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And, I’ll talk to you soon…

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Adam Armstrong

PS: Do Women Like Big Loads?


I’ve gotten asked this A Lot…

If women really LOVE big loads like you see in porno movies…

And the truth is that women LOVE big loads…

They love it when a man can cover them with a big, boiling batch of man batter.

In evolutionary terms, it means you have a better chance of making her pregnant.

It’s a subconscious thing.

But there’s more to it than that…

Men who have higher semen volume have higher circulating levels of testosterone and growth hormone.

This means better sleep, faster recovery, more muscle…

And of course… a higher sex drive.

Plus… there’s a famous Master’s and Johnson study that shows that the more semen you release during orgasm…

The more pleasure you feel.

Now, you might be tempted to think that shooting bigger loads is a genetic thing…

Or that you’d need drugs or gimmicky pills.

But actually, there’s a secret natural ingredient that was horded by Mongolian Warrior Kings for centuries that recent science has just caught onto, and bottled it up into semen enhancing supplements.

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It’s a natural solution to blasting her belly with those ropes that leave her wide-eyed

And make her squeal “Oh my gawddddd… that was a lot!”

But do be careful…

What you’ll see on the next page is definitely not safe for work.

Talk soon,


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PS: How To Increase Sperm Volume Naturally
(Your Bottomless Reservoir Of “Big Loads”)


We’re often told that the “end” should justify the means.

Great reward comes from great work… you reap what you sow… and so on.

But isn’t it ironic that during intercourse, you may pound her like crazy and give it your all…

…but when your BIG MOMENT comes, your fall short on your “release”?

On the flip side… what if you can blow your load so huge that it flows like silk?

Shoot it like you mean it! (This is how you blow impressive loads)…

Look, if you’re not aware of it yet, men who shoot the biggest loads also experience these things:

* They get maximum pleasure from their climax…

* They have the hardest, strongest stiffies to bang for hours…

* And they enjoy longer-lasting and more intense Big O’s…


Because these are all connected to the mechanism that makes up your pleasure framework.

In other words, when you unleash your body’s strongest jizzing power, not only will you impress your lover with the sudden increase of your manly juice…

…you’ll also reward yourself with a head-spinning climax that never seems to end.

Is this what your “load” looks like right now?

Or is it more like teeny-weeny, dribbling droplets?

Look, I get it.

Most times we’re just empty.

And no matter how much you clench your butt until your back aches from all the contractions… you’re just shooting sawdust instead of one big hot load.

In that case, you’ll be glad to have found this.

It’s an easy fix that any “male adult performer” who shoots massive loads would be proud of…

In fact, this creates in you a bottomless reservoir of “big loads”…

Try it tonight and tomorrow you’ll be blowing a nice, healthy “release” to WOW your lady.

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Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


PS: How To Shoot 10X BIGGER Loads (This Works!)


Did you know… a boar’s ejaculation produces 70 times as much semen as a man’s?

Now, while you definitely won’t match anywhere near that boatload of man juice each time you hit it raw…

Imagine blasting loads that’s TEN TIMES BIGGER than what you’re getting now…

And having her screaming in delight as jet after jet plaster her face and body.

See exactly how to do that here…

What effect do you think that might have on your bedroom life?

And then what if you were also able to experience longer-lasting orgasms…

… that feel TEN TIMES more intense and satisfying?

And imagine that she actually begged you for more!

Well, as crazy as it sounds, any man can easily “hack” his own body in a simple way to do that.

Don’t settle for blowing a small, trickling load anymore.

If you want your woman to see you as a REAL MAN – and you want to end every bedroom session by giving her the impressive manly release she secretly craves…

This is exactly what you need…

How to shoot 10x BIGGER loads for her…


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PS: Like A “Steel Bar” In Your Pants. But MUCH, Much Better.


Turns out that women DIG this part of sex.

They purposely SEEK OUT guys who can DO it.

In fact, more than half of the female population believes it should happen NOT just the first time.

And though it’s nothing sinister, it has the power to control how they respond to you sexually.

Know what it is?

It’s when you release big, rich, heavy “loads” MULTIPLE times a night…

Multiple – as in not just a few droplets here and there.

But a sizeable “money shot” that plasters your woman four times (or more) in a single night.

I mean, if you’ve ever experienced blowing your load on her tits – you’ll notice she can’t take her eyes off it – and she waits till you finish down to one final drop.

In short, she loves watching you do it on her.

And when you do, and you’re ready to go AGAIN in mere minutes… you can plaster her all night long, until you’re both fully spent and satisfied.

And the only thing she’ll have to decide?

It’s whether she needs a tissue or a sponge.

Just imagine…

You’ve no trouble “getting hard” the second you see her naked.

You make love to her for a full 30 minutes.

The great climax happens, and then guess what…

She gets on top of you… kisses your lips… and boom – you get firm again, all within seconds.

In other words, all those embarrassing situations like trying to penetrate her “semi hard”, or losing it midway through…

That wouldn’t be a problem anymore.

Look, no woman likes to settle for a semi-hard boner.

So this is like getting a “steel bar” in your pants. But MUCH, much better…

(And it comes with intense pleasure that’ll make your heads spin!)

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

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PS: Sticky But She Loves It



Yes, you see it in X-rated flicks.

But you probably question if it’s even possible.

Can men actually shoot loads like this?
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Yes, you can, but not in the way you’re probably thinking.

You see, when most guys approach the subject of ‘shooting bigger
loads,’ they immediately and solely focus on how they can create more semen, INSTEAD of how to increase semen volume during ejaculation

I know, creating more semen seems like a logical place to start.

But they are actually short-changing themselves, by leaving out a few pre-requisite steps that could dramatically improve their results.

Before you try to create more new tadpoles, it makes sense to ensure that you’re actually maximizing your existing load in the best possible way, which is a powerful initial step that’s ignored by most experts!

Because, very often we’re already creating a sizable amount but we just aren’t able to get it out of our bodies when it counts, i.e. we’re not able to see the visible volume upon ejaculating.

The good news is, there’s a fantastic resource that reveals powerful, proven ways that can help you learn how to increase sperm quantity naturally and shoot bigger loads of cum.

Specifically, you’re going to discover:

* How to make the most of your existing production.

* How to ensure that you’re getting all of the little guys out when
it counts, and finally.

* How to actually create more healthy tadpoles

The best part about this happening? You’ll feel like you’ve grown
an extra pair

It’s about time you amp up your after-sex eruptions with those
never-ending gobs of man juice that plaster her face.

It’s sticky but she loves this

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Bill Grant.


How To Increase Semen Volume Supplements

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How To Increase Semens Quantity Naturally


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