How To Touch A Girl To Turn Her On Sexually

Where To Touch A Girl To Turn Her On Sexually
how to touch a girl without being creepy | places to touch a woman to turn her on


Is there a “rejection-free” method to rapidly increase your girlfriend or wife’s sex drive?

A way of triggering powerful sexual attraction without the pain of embarrassment when she says “not tonight”?

Well, I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear there is.

And it’s all to do with how you TOUCH your partner. 

Find out how to get her craving intimacy through the power of touch here (without the risk of rejection):

Use These “Rejection-Proof” Places To Touch A Girl To Turn Her On (Get your girlfriend or wife uncontrollably horny)


You might be surprised to hear this.

But when you ask a woman what truly, deeply turns her on…

…she often can’t answer – or simply doesn’t know.

And if she does suggest something to her partner, whilst it might make her slightly hornier…

…it doesn’t quite trigger the screaming, body-shaking pleasure they both hoped for.

It’s good – but it could be better.

Here’s my take on where this disconnect occurs.

For most women, attraction is primarily a subconscious feeling.

Many of them expect the man to take the lead.

When he’s fully in tune with her sexual instincts, and able to trigger her strongest feelings of lust without her even noticing…

…then it’s a piece of cake to send her libido soaring.

But if he doesn’t know how to, then they both end up feeling sexually unfulfilled.

Her sex drive drops – and the bedroom becomes too quiet for comfort.

Of course, you’re now probably wondering:

“What can I do to make my wife or girlfriend feel extremely horny and sexual again?”

In my experience, a slow-burn approach is the best way to really get her steamy.

A gradual build-up of gentle touches and caresses throughout the day, along with a confident and charming demeanor, can work wonders.

She’ll become gradually more and more aroused – whilst barely realizing what’s going on.

The sexual tension builds as she begins to lick her lips with anticipation.

And by the time you’re in bed that evening, she’ll be in such a powerful state of arousal…

…then a night of unforgettable, raw, passionate sex is on the cards for both of you.

She might even thank you for the incredible night – all because you laid the foundations earlier.

It’s as simple as that.

Just start with a few small, gentle touches…

…and make them more intimate and sexual as the day goes on.

Trust me, you won’t regret putting in the effort when she’s screaming your name all night long.


To spark this reaction far more quickly and reignite your lover’s libido tonight, then give these advanced touch techniques a try:

How to touch a girl to turn her on sexually with these advanced touch techniques

where to touch a girl to turn them on | where to touch a girl when making out

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Places To Touch A Girl To Turn Her On When She Tells You “I’m Just Too Tired For Sex Tonight”


“I’m too tired.”

“It’s been a long day.”

“I just don’t feel well… maybe tomorrow night?”

Have you ever heard your wife or girlfriend use these excuses?

These words get so many men tearing their hair out…

…especially when she used to practically throw herself at him in the bedroom.

Fortunately, whatever’s limiting her sex drive can certainly be eradicated.

If you want to make her desperate for hot, passionate sex again, then give this a try…

How to bypass her usual objections and activate her PRIMAL sexual desire


Given how men are often presented in pop culture…

…you’d think we’ve always got raging sex drives – whilst our lovers never want it.

In fact, this perception isn’t really accurate at all.

Deep down, women have just as much craving for sex as men do.

Often more.

Even if your partner hasn’t shown interest in sex for years…

…that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t be screaming your name after a steamy night of passion.

So what’s limiting her desire to do so?

In my experience – too many men have the wrong “arousal strategy”.

She could have the highest libido in the world and it won’t matter if you don’t know what truly turns her on.

Realise this – just because YOU’RE fully aroused and ready for sex, doesn’t mean she will be.

Men and women get aroused in very different ways:

A man can be ready for action in seconds, but a woman usually takes a little more “warming up”.

You can’t just grab her erogenous zones or spout random requests for sex and expect her sex drive to kick in.

Instead, you’ve got to have a PLAN.

Hey, I get that thinking strategically isn’t really on your mind when you’re “in the mood”.

But, believe it or not, the long-term couples I know all had to make a plan to create the thriving sex lives they’re still enjoying today.

We might think sex usually erupts from spontaneous desire to “get busy”.

I don’t think it ALWAYS has to, though.

You can consciously make your sex life a fulfilling, action-packed one.

And this way, you can CHOOSE the best possible ways to arouse her than simply waiting for a failing strategy to work.

Okay, that’s enough from me.

It’s time for action.

To discover exactly how to touch a girl without being creepy AND bypass your lover’s usual objections and get her begging for sex again, just read this:

How To Touch A Girl To Turn Her On Sexually ( Make Her Desperate For Sex Again TONIGHT By Doing This

where to touch a woman to arouse her | how to touch a woman in bed

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Make Your Wife Intensely Aroused By Touching Her HERE


You’ve got the power to make your wife or girlfriend INCREDIBLY horny for you – even if you’re not the “smoothest talker”.

The power of touch alone can arouse and excite her sex drive without you saying a word.

Simply click the link below and find out more for yourself:

Get your wife or girlfriend desperate for sex with a single touch


A few years ago, during a game of “truth-or-dare”, I asked a female friend to reveal the most “sexually adventurous” thing she’d done.

“But of course. Why not?” she said laughingly – and it’s then that she began narrating one of the most astonishing stories ever

She was on holiday in some South American country, she’d been sitting in a busy park.

It was a beautiful summer’s day, so the park was completely jammed with tourists.

My friend was quietly reading her book whilst sunbathing.

At one point, a man came along and placed his towel alongside her.

He promptly laid on it, face-first, with his arms by his side.

Lost in her book, she took no notice of him.

It’s like he wasn’t there at all.

Then it happened.

She thought she felt something brush her knee.

A quick look around revealed nothing – the man was still face down, hands by his waist.

“Probably just a passer-by”, she thought, sinking dreamily back into her book.

Then a few minutes later – the same sensation happened again.

She glanced frantically around again, only this time to notice the man staring back at her.

They only locked eyes for a second, but it was enough.

The man then lifted his arm – and touched her in a non-sexual but very specific way.

After that, he stood up, and flicked his head towards the public restroom – a knowing smirk spreading across his face.

She blushed back, duly got to her feet and followed him inside.

And they promptly enjoyed the most intense, passionate sex she’d ever had.

From start to her “walk of shame”: not one word spoken.

Now, I know this girl well pretty well. And I have completely no doubt at all that what she’s saying is the truth.

Thing is, whilst the right words can definitely help ignite your wife, girlfriend or first date’s attraction…

…knowing where and how to touch a girl without being creepy can be just as effective.

When you know the right kind of touch to use, it cuts out the “games” and takes you straight to sex…

…if you’ve known her 2 hours or been married for decades.

Check out this link to see how “special” touch works:

Places To Touch A Girl To Turn Her On With A Single Touch – In Total Silence

how to touch a woman and get her excited | where to touch a woman when flirting

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These Secret Places To Touch A Girl To Turn Her On Can Rapidly Boost Your Partner’s Libido


If your lover’s appetite for sex isn’t what it once was, it might be time to ditch the canned phrases and routines.

Knowing where to subtly touch her – on a few entirely “innocent” parts of her body…

…can activate an involuntary, powerful response that sends her libido soaring again.

Let’s just say you won’t have enjoyed a more insane night of passion since your wedding night.

Discover where these “arousal zones” are hidden in the link below:

Where To Touch A Girl To Turn Her On Sexually AND Trigger RAPID Sexual Craving


A recent study from Rutgers University has discovered that words can be one of the SLOWEST ways to ignite your partner’s arousal.

I was visibly perplexed after I first read the study.

After all, I’ve seen myself just how powerful the right trigger words can be for resparking a partner’s attraction.

So don’t think the right words can’t have an effect.

However, there’s a reason relying on words ALONE can cause issues.

Here’s my simplified explanation:

Basically, when you speak to your partner, her brain must process every single word before she reacts.

The brain decides whether these words will spark attraction or not – but this (tiny) delay allows the logical part of her brain to kick in.

It comes up with multiple reasons why she wouldn’t enjoy intimacy.

(You know excuses like: “I’m not feeling well”, or “It’s been a long day at work”)

Even if, deep down, she’s desperate to make passionate love to you.

So what CAN you use to ignite her libido?


The power of touch

See, physical contact provokes a much more involuntary neural response than speech does.

And by touching your partner in just the right place, you can unleash her most powerful feelings of attraction…

…before the logical part of her brain has a chance to process and question it.

Best of all, ANY man can use touch to increase his partner’s desire for intimacy.

Whether the relationship’s two weeks or 20 years old.

Yes, touching her known erogenous zones are a great starting point.

But it gets better: there’s a number of completely innocent parts of her body…

…that send her into a state of pure sexual frenzy when you gently touch them.

You could even unleash a raw, sexual side of her you never even knew existed.

Follow this link to discover where these zones are found:

Where To Touch A Girl To Turn Her On Sexually ( Flick your partner’s “pleasure switch” by touching her here)

sensitive places to touch a woman | where to touch a woman to turn them on

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Tease Her And Please Her (The Magic Fingertip Trick)

 It seems like there’s a “strange loophole” in women’s pleasure points.

Did you know about this?

Apparently, this report claims that…

When you touch a woman this way…

…you can rapidly make her feel “near-orgasm levels” of sexual pleasure.

Is it true?


It also states that seducing a woman with “silence” is the fastest way into her undies… and getting into long conversations and wordy gimmicks will just “kill the mood” for lovemaking…

Now that I believe.

In fact, it reminds me of the “Hidden Pleasure Switch” on every woman’s body.

And there’s a reason you need to know about this strange loophole because it’s said to arouse women so quickly and it works for almost every man who tries it.

This surprising discovery was made when Rutgers University hooked women up on advanced FMRI scanners.

They found out that if you sensually touched a woman in just all the right places, her sexual arousal levels would sky rocket through the roof…

And women feel nearly 100 TIMES the level of pleasure that men do!

Now, just imagine when you touch a girl, even by accident… how swiftly you can turn her on and bed her as early as tonight…

(Especially when you know the exact spots to touch her.)

You should take a quick look here…

Tease Her And Please Her (The Magic Fingertip Trick)

seduce women by touch | how to seduce her with touch


Like I said, you don’t have to say a single word, or even text her. You don’t need to use any pickup line or magic phrase. (All of these will likely end you up in rejection hell.)

Instead, use the “stealth arousal technique” revealed in the link above and see the magic that follows…

Seize the day,



The Shy Man’s Technique To Arousing Women?


 One touch as innocent as shaking hands.

That’s all it takes to spark a woman’s attraction toward you.

Sounds true for the rich, confident, and good-looking men, yes?

Not really.

You see, if you’re like most “reserved” men or the “strong, silent-type” guys, you might feel it’s embedded in your DNA that it’s plain HARD to approach women…

…let alone seduce them to romp in the hay with you.

At least without sounding weird or embarrassing yourself…

But let me tell you now that silence is your POWER… because you’re about to discover some simple “workaround” options to arouse women and get laid faster.

And I know you hate small talk, so let’s get straight to it…

The Shy Man’s Guide to Arousing Women (without feeling awkward)

Look, to tell you that these techniques will wash all your insecurities down the drain would be a lie…

Because it has nothing to do with how you look, how you carry yourself, your status, (or even the “size” you pack in your pants).

In fact, it was an average, introvert guy who discovered these PLEASURE POINTS that drip women wet on the spot…

But here’s the caveat:

He knows WHERE and WHEN to touch them.

And to do this, you first need to know the context behind the secret.

You need to know why it works… and how to do it effectively.

To save you time, it’s now simplified for the modern day hookup.

It’s all found here – 3 simple steps of this Silent Seduction Formula…

how to seduce a girl with touch | how to seduce a woman by touching her

Seize the day,

Taylor Snow

So Tight, So Wet, So Juicy…


Don’t panic, but between year 1960 and 1977, the secret nuclear codes authorizing the US presidents to launch nuclear missiles and starting World War III, was shockingly simple and even written down on a checklist.

It was simply: 00000000

Crazy but true.

On the other hand, decoding and unlocking a woman’s arousal patterns seems far more complicated… unless you possess this “pleasure password” for yourself…

The “Hidden Pleasure Switch” That Makes Her So Tight, So Wet

Look, in this wild existence we call life, there are few things more difficult than keeping a woman happy, because as you already know, women are complex creatures whose preferences and personalities are so different than us men.

Although there are numerous clear ways to turn on a woman, like indulging her to some lengthy skillfully executed foreplay, some of her greatest turn ons are really some of your most non-sexual nonchalant moves…

(Who knew, right?)

It’s almost equivalent to having one of those mobile phone “pattern passwords” where you touch her in precisely the same right place (and in the correct sequence) to unlock her sexual arousal centers – and generate an overpowering sexual desire that she simply cannot resist.

In fact, with just a couple of simple sensual touches in the exact right places on her body, you can swiftly make her experience “Orgasm Like Levels” of sexual pleasure (And no, I’m not even kidding) and a powerful irresistible sexual attraction towards you…

And you can do it easily and faster than the most charming pickup lines in the world would. All in a way that is so unnoticeable and innocent, it will almost feel like you’re simply just shaking her hand…

Go here to discover this “pleasure password” for yourself…

how to touch a woman to drive her crazy | places to touch a woman to arouse her

Seize the day,



How To Touch A Girl To Turn Her On Sexually

Where To Touch A Girl To Turn Her On Sexually

 where to touch a woman to arouse her sexually | Best place to touch a woman to turn her on

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