Secret Seduction Shower Gel Review

The Daily “Shower Habit” That Scores YOU Sex – Fast! (Can This 10X Your Sex Life?)
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Ralph Waldo Emerson said “A man is what he thinks he is” all day long.

But unfortunately, you can’t be the favored man who gets laid fast, just because it is “what you think all day long”…

Nah, it doesn’t work that way.

Except on one condition.

And that is, when you pay more attention to the daily things you do – no matter how SIMPLE it is.

Like the way you stand in the corner, or walk on the street, and even the way you take a bath! But did you know…

This daily “shower habit” actually scores you sex – FAST?

I’ve heard of this before, but it never occurred to me how powerful it is.

It turns out that nature emits its secret “Attraction Chemicals” that travel from a man to a woman when they’re in close contact.

These natural chemicals trigger animalistic attraction that women can’t help but notice – even if you stand there without saying a word.

I mean, have you ever seen a regular guy pass by a group of beautiful girls…

…and they turn their heads like they could break their necks?

Chances are, that guy gives off so MUCH of these attraction chemicals… that they’re literally FLOATING in the air.

But here’s what is more important:

This simple “daily habit” helps you to produce AND give off your OWN attraction chemicals so you have them floating around YOU instead (and not some random guy across the street).

So no more wondering where you’ll end up on a cold Saturday night…

Because now you can stand beside a hottie – and you’ll have the guts to say, “Your place or mine?”

Here’s the fascinating (and easy!) way to make women sexually attracted to you…

Victoria secret body wash bath and body works Troy valance seduction shower gel review

And the fact that this happens in 5 minutes without her knowing – is another side happy benefit to boot. 😉

Seize the day,

Taylor Snow Romance

My Nastiest Experience With Bathroom Lather

I had one of the weirdest and nastiest experiences I’ve ever had with bathroom lather recently…
My girl and I were in the grocery store.
We did our thing and upon coming home we realized we forgot to put soap on the list.
So I quickly ran out to the closest store and picked a random brand off the rack.
The balance was restored.
Or so I thought until I showered and used that soap…
So I did my thing and quickly got out.
Not even 5 minutes pass and my girlfriend comes in, looking disgusted, and says:
“Babe – you stink! What the hell were you doing in there?”
I look at her dumb-founded…
So I ventured back to the bathroom and the minute I step foot inside…
I knew what she meant – it stunk.
We couldn’t pinpoint what it was until I walked past my robe…
It had the same odour of that random soap I just showered with…
But because of the humidity & steam, it had transformed into some weird smell that plagued everything in the bathroom:
Our robes, all of the towels, and so on.
Now I have no idea what kind of chemicals they use to make soap nowadays…
But it did not react kindly to my skin’s pH and was a perfect reminder to only use products I’ve personally developed and put money in.
Because picture this…
You have some bedroom fun with a girl, you go take a shower *unsuspectingly*, then she takes a shower after you, but walks out of the bathroom disgusted…
And doesn’t say a thing…
She simply never responds to your messages again.
(Numerous girls over the years have told me that a guy’s bathroom is a sign of his hygiene.)
What are the odds of guessing that it was the soap that turned her off?
Probably higher now that I’m telling you about this…
But is it worth it to go through it yourself?
I was lucky to have this happen 3 years into a relationship.
Because I can guarantee you that if it was a new girl, she’d NEVER tell me.
Unless you want to unknowingly stink up your body, your bathroom and turn girls off…
You now have 2 choices:
Or you can close this post and go back to the life you’ve had before reading this.
The life you’ve always had.
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How to Get Her Horny Just by Sitting Next to Her

The ability to arouse and turn on any woman you want is every guy’s dream.

Yet sexual attraction and chemistry can’t be planned.

It just happens.

Or does it?

What if you could REALLY turn her on spontaneously, with almost effortless ease? I’m not kidding… Here’s something that might just blow your mind…

How to Get Her Horny Just by Sitting Next to Her

Truth is, when people think about what makes a man sexually ATTRACTIVE – they often talk about things like:

* Having good looks

* Dressing like a million bucks

* Having a ripped, toned body

* Having a big pecker

* Being interesting, funny and confident

* Being in control of his life

* Possessing wit and charm

* Having a fat bank balance

You’ve heard it all before. And, the fact is… women can be impressed by all those things to varying degrees…

Yet, the surprising truth is this:

There’s a significant element of the ‘Male/Female Attraction Dynamic’ that most guys simply know nothing about.

And, it goes a long way towards explaining as to why some men have HUGE sexual success with beautiful women – even though they aren’t, good looking, tall or rich…

And even though they don’t have a massive man meat.

This is the “hidden secret” that no one told you about…

Secret Seduction Bath and Body Works review troy valance body wash

Seize the day,

Taylor Snow Romance


Secret Seduction Shower Gel Review

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Secret Seduction Bath and body works

Secret Seduction Body Wash

Secret Seduction Bath and Body Works

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