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Have you ever felt afraid to approach a woman – even though you really wanted to?

Were you hesitant to honestly and openly express your attraction to her?

If so, you’ll like what I’ve got today.

Here’s a simple technique that helps you conquer your fears, avoid rejection and get more dates (or sex!) than you ever thought possible…

A practically rejection-proof seduction technique (to use on gorgeous women)


I know how it feels.

It can be really intimidating to make your move with a woman.

Especially because it’s just so easy to talk yourself out of it.

Tell yourself she’s just not your “type”, the time’s not right, or you’re not REALLY into her anyway.

Why do we do this?

To give ourselves a reason not to approach.

You’ve justified to yourself why you don’t need to brave and take a risk with her.

And you feel all good and fuzzy inside.

Here’s the problem.

This might provide short-term relief from the (potential!) pain of rejection…

…but it leads to a more unfulfilling life – and more pain in the long term.

That’s what you need to bear in mind whenever you start talking yourself out of approaching a woman, no matter how long you’ve known her.

By giving yourself these excuses, you’re talking yourself out of the life you REALLY want.

It’s CRIPPLING your chances of success.

So here’s what I suggest you do instead:

The next time you catch yourself talking yourself down, take a moment to STOP – and think.

Think about the exciting adrenaline rush you’re talking yourself out of.

Think of the ordinary, boring life you’re talking yourself into – and what you COULD be living.

In short – stay connected to the dream life you want for yourself.

Remember WHY you want to become better at approaching women or have more sex.

Let that feeling push you through your anxiety and fear whenever you feel like quitting.

Besides, even if you DO fall flat on your face… you’ll have a good story to tell your friends.

One you wouldn’t have if you’d been too scared to push yourself.

In addition, you’ll LEARN something for the future about what NOT to do again.

This doesn’t mean you’re required to constantly fail in order to improve.

Some men have already failed literally THOUSANDS of times to discover the most effective ways to attract and seduce women – so you don’t have to.

When done right, these techniques can slash the risk of rejection – and even get women chasing YOU.

Find out how they work – and how you can start using them – in the link below…

“Side-step” rejection with these powerful seduction techniques

Talk soon,



PS: 7 “Chase Triggers” That Make Her Pursue YOU For Sex

7 The Elixir Of Eros System Chase Triggers Review PDF Download Innocent Trigger Words


There’s a proven way to get a woman to chase you. 

It’s a little trick that millions of women have secretly confessed will work on them. 

More info here:

Discover the 7 “chase triggers” for turning a woman on and making her chase YOU for sex

Here’s something else to think about.

50 Shades of Grey, the trilogy of BDSM novels, has been a tremendous success.

125 million copies sold, a Hollywood franchise, and altogether, over $1 billion in earnings.

What’s the secret to all this popularity?

50 Shades of Grey obviously did one thing right.

It struck a responsive chord when it came to sexual fantasies many women had.

And here’s something many people don’t know.

E.L. James, the author of 50 Shades of Grey, cut her writing chops in the strange and passionate world of fanfiction. 

That’s when fans of a movie, TV show, or book write new stories — often sexual, even smutty stories — using well-known characters. (E.L. James started off writing fanfiction based on the vampire saga Twilight.)

And here’s the point of all this:

The world of fanfiction is basically a treasure trove of insight into the female mind.

What women crave.

What they fantasize about.

What turns them on.

And this stuff is applicable in real life, too. 

For example, there’s one tiny thing that the men in these stories do to make the female characters chase them.

99% of male readers never even notice it.

But it’s a common theme of almost every bit of sexual fanfiction. 

If you want to find out what this is, and how you can use it to make women chase you, then check out the following video:

Discover the fanfiction trick to getting women to chase you

Talk soon, 


PS — According to a story from the Wall Street Journal, pretty much all women read fanfiction on occasion. 

Meaning, your woman – or that girl you’ve been after for a while, is probably reading it too. 

So if you want to get a sneak peak into her fantasies, and how you can use them to get her to chase you, check out the link above. 


PS: The Female psychological “chase triggers” that will make her so horny to the point of chasing you for sex


Getting a woman to chase you – instead of vice versa – is one of attraction’s biggest “holy grails”.

And it’ll probably surprise you to learn it’s much easier than you think.

This will work pretty well with decades-old marriages, as well as that particular new girl you’ve got your eyes on.

Find out activate a woman’s “chase mechanism” – and get her pursuing you – by reading on here:

Use these powerful “chase triggers” to get gorgeous women making the first move


Have you ever wanted something that it feels like you just can’t have?

If so, congratulations: you’re part of the human race.

EVERYONE knows what it’s like for our desires to be tantalisingly out of reach.

Funnily enough, when we actually get “the thing”, our excitement gradually starts to decrease.

We don’t feel that same excitement about it anymore – making us want it less.

As you can guess – this applies as much to attracting women as it does anywhere else.

For a woman to really want you, she has to feel like she doesn’t have you…and if she does want to have you, she’ll have to do the chasing herself.

Of course, I barely need to tell you that it’s easier said than done to establish this dynamic.

When I tell men about this principle, their first instinct is to start acting more disinterested towards the woman they’re after.

Not bad in theory.

But if you overdo it, she’ll have no idea you’re even interested in the first place.

Giving her no reason to make the first move with you!

So you’ve got to know how to establish this perception that she’s the one chasing you.

It might take a little work at first.

But DON’T think this effort mean’s it’s especially difficult or unachievable.

This is high-level stuff – doing this can feel counter-intuitive, I won’t deny…

…yet the proof is in the pudding – as it can completely transform your attraction abilities.

It’s why so many men who don’t look like male models can still have tons of dating success:

They intuitively understand this song-and-dance of female rapport.

And that’s the main takeaway here:

You can predictably spark powerful attraction at your moment of choosing – by tapping into the triggers she desperately wants to feel from a man.

Is that something you’d like to do? Then follow the link below to find out how to leave your dream woman giggling with arousal:

Copy these exact steps to rapidly seduce a beautiful woman

Talk soon,


PS: The 7 “chase triggers” that get women approaching YOU


You might never have to make the first move with a woman again.

Speaking just 7 special “trigger words” can activate a deep, powerful interest inside her about your life…

…and make her want to be part of it – by taking the initiative to chase YOU.

Find out what these words are – and when to deploy them – in the link below:

Say these 7 words to beautiful women to become their “prize”


If you’re a successful Hollywood celebrity – chances are you’re surrounded by women.

Orlando Bloom, Tom Cruise and Will Smith are in the fantasies of millions of women worldwide.

They don’t have to look very far to find beautiful ladies throwing themselves at them.

So what’s their secret?

(Well – you have to bear with me on this one:)

These famous, successful men are actually doing something that ANY man can copy…

…to get women actively chasing them.

Now, I know your “BS detector” is probably going off.

Yes – it’s true that their fame, wealth and looks can help their sex life.

But here’s the crucial part (that tons of men miss):

These aren’t the ONLY qualities that women go giddy for.

In fact, if you want women to feel a truly powerful romantic longing…

…that gets HER chasing YOU (one of the strongest forms of attraction out there)…

…then your behaviour is a lot more important.

And you don’t need to be a wealthy Hollywood superstar to display the kind of attractive behaviour…

…which positions you as the prize – for what you do have.

Even if you’re not Brad Pitt.

Essentially, these guys are convincing women to ask themselves:

“This guy seems fascinating. How can I be part of his interesting life?”

If you’re not showering her with compliments – or just generally giving her your attention way too freely…

…it’s likely she’ll start to feel more curious and compelled to take the initiative.

After all – it seems we all want what we can’t have, right?

And whatever positive qualities you possess…

…by showing them subtly, women can feel more sexual interest – AND make it more obvious in your presence.

Hey, if it cuts out all the “games” around attraction, I’m down.

And it’s easier than you might think to present yourself as this truly compelling, fascinating man…

…that women make an active effort to chase and ask for HIS phone number.

Find out 7 innocent words that get her longing for you almost instantly here…

Get gorgeous women making the first move by saying THIS

Talk soon,



PS: Make beautiful women approach YOU by saying this


A set of 7 powerful trigger words can spark the kind of deep, uncontrollable arousal…

…that gets beautiful women chasing YOU.

And yes, looks and age are irrelevant.

These words can demonstrate the exact qualities that she finds utterly irresistible – making her actively want to be part of your life.

See what they are by reading on below…

These 7 words leave women irresistibly drawn to you


Let’s address this misconception that countless guys have about attracting the women they want.

Generally, men will express their interest far too quickly.

No matter how respectfully or charmingly they do it…

…this can instantly reduce the likelihood she’ll be interested back.

Why? Because it’s just too easy for her.

There’s no “thrill of the chase” and no chance for any sexual tension to build.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean you should NEVER tell her how you feel or show her your best qualities.

But if you “play your hand” too quickly – she’s going to make a decision about you before the rapport’s really had a chance to build.

Instead, by waiting just a little longer… your results can completely transform.

See, in pretty much every area of life, we’re attracted to what we don’t have – and curious how the benefits could improve our lives.

This applies as much in dating as anywhere else.

If she isn’t quite sure whether you’re attracted to her or not, uncertainty can creep in.

It makes you look more selective, proving you’re a man of standards.

This gets her wondering whether she meets those standards.

Now, you’ve completely reversed the dynamic.

The more she dwells on the possibility of you both together, the more appealing it seems.

She’ll start to ask herself:

“His life looks interesting and exciting. How can I be part of it?”

She begins to ponder how she can win your approval.

And, since you’re not giving it to her on a plate…

…she’ll be motivated to start chasing YOU instead, openly showing her interest or making the first move.

And it’s a lot easier to ignite this romantic curiosity – and become a truly compelling, attractive man she wants to pursue – than you might think.

For a set of 7 innocent words that get attractive women longing for you, follow the link below.

Activate irresistible female attraction with these 7 “trigger words”

Talk soon,



PS: The 7 words to make a woman chase YOU


Most women will NEVER approach a guy (or initiate sex)… 

But that doesn’t mean they won’t chase him — if he knows how to get in their head. 

To find out how to do this, check out the following:

Discover the 7 simple words to making a woman chase you

By the way, have you heard of the dating app Bumble?

It’s pretty much like Tinder, but with a little twist.

Once there’s a match on Bumble, only the girl can initiate conversation.

Female empowerment, right?

Except, it doesn’t seem to be working too well.

The Internet is full of stories of guys who match with good-looking girls on Bumble…

And then wait…

And wait…

And yet nothing ever happens. Most of the girls never initiate anything. Just like in real life.

Why is this?

Maybe it’s all just social conditioning. 

Maybe good-looking girls just have too many options.

But honestly, I think it mostly comes down to hard-wired female psychology.

Women simply don’t approach guys, because somewhere deep inside, they prefer to wait and hope for a guy to approach them.

In a way, that sucks. In a way, though, it’s also great. 

Because it means you can use that same deep-seated female psychology to drastically stack the odds in your favor. 

I’m talking about taking advantage of the hidden “triggers” that will actually make women want to chase you.

No, it won’t work on Bumble, because you’ll need to have at least a bit of contact with a girl to make it work.

However, if you’ve seen a girl in real life… If you’ve matched with her on Tinder… Or even better, if you’ve already had some kind of interaction… 

Then these “chase triggers” can effectively get her to make it as easy as possible for you, and even to initiate some things.

If you want to know what these “chase triggers” are, you can find out here:

Find out more about “chase triggers” and to use them to get women chasing YOU

Talk soon, 


PS — One thing that’s great about these “chase triggers” is that you can feel good about using them. 

They are not “manipulative” or “creepy.” Instead, they are just about giving women what they actually want. 

Check out this link if you want to see how this works in practice. 


PS: The “psychological loophole” that triggers attraction in a woman


Women are biologically wired to experience emotions of attraction in response to certain triggers.

And this, some-what-ingenious guy, has figured out what these triggers are.

See how you can use them to trigger intense female attraction here…

Man reveals “psychological loophole” that creates passionate attraction in women


The premise of this is simple.

It’s taking the power of cause and effect into your control.

See, most guys have no real conscious strategy or plan for success when dealing with women.

They just guess and hope that a woman will like them and feel attraction and arousal.

Now, the downside to this approach is that it produces average results.

As you would expect – an average or common approach produces average results.

But if you would like extraordinary results with women…

Like, say…

-Attracting the 10 / 10 girl of your dreams

-Experiencing an abundant passionate sex filled love life

-Having your woman or multiple women chase YOU for attention and sex

-Having CHOICE over your dating life – rather than just settling for what you get

-Having the inner confidence of knowing you can create the sex life, dating life and relationship of your dreams

Getting these kind of results requires having a plan.

…A PROVEN plan.

Get your plan, based on powerful female psychological techniques here…

Trigger powerful emotions of attraction in a woman with these psychological techniques

Talk soon,


PS – Because this is based on psychology this even works if had previously considered yourself too short, ugly, overweight, old, or poor to attract the kind of women you always wanted. See how it works in this link

PS: 7 words that’ll make a woman chase YOU


Whether you want to meet more women, attract higher quality women, get more dates, get more sex or find that girl of your dreams – here’s the secret:

Position the dynamics of the interactions so she chases YOU.

Here’s how to do it…

Use these 7 words to make a woman chase YOU


People want what they don’t have.

It’s a fact.

As soon as someone gets something – a gift, some new clothes, a new house, a new car – anything…

As soon as they get it they slowly become less excited about it.

People want things less the more they have it or FEEL they have it.

That’s why if you want women to want you, you have to manufacture a dynamic where she feels like she doesn’t really have you and so has to chase you.

Now – this is easier said than done.

Because if you act totally aloof and disinterested from the beginning she may never even approach you!

So you have to know how to set this up.

You have to know how to create the PERCEPTION that’s she’s chasing you – even if at times you’re putting in a little work.

This is not difficult but IS something that 99% of men get wrong.

It’s counter-intuitive to do these things and make a woman feel this way.

It’s a higher level of thinking and that’s why it produces such extraordinary results.

It also explains why you occasionally see ugly, fat, broke men dating gorgeous young women…

…These guys understand what really triggers attraction in a woman and know how to create it time-and-time again in a predictable manner.

If you would like similar results – or you want to find that dream girl and make her attracted to you, go watch the following video to see how to make it happen…

Use this step-by-step approach to predictably attract hot women

Talk soon,



PS: Tap Into This “F” Word…


No, not THAT “F” word in case you’re thinking dirty.

In fact, this is the magic “F-word” that makes a woman start to chase you down for sex.

It’s completely innocent and rejection-proof…

And when you cleverly sneak it into a conversation with the woman you want…

It has the power to compel her to make the first sexual move on you… every time

Here’s The Secret To Making Her Chase You For Sex…

So, what is this magic “F” word?

It’s “FRIEND”, my friend.

See, I told you it has nothing to do with what you’re probably thinking about.

Here’s what you do:

Next time you’re hanging out with a woman you like, call her your “friend” as much as possible.

For example, when she says something cool and nice to you, you may respond with:

“Awwwww, thanks a lot for saying that Sophi, you’re such a dear friend.”

Or if you catch her at a party you could walk up to her and say, “Hey friend, what are you up to?”

This word will mess with her MIND big time.

Because look, a “friend” is a good thing. It’s a positive attribute.

You’re not dissing her or being mean.

But it also subliminally implies a platonic relationship, not a romantic or sexual or one.

And if she’s pretty attractive, she’s probably not used to any guy putting her in the friend-zone like that.

She’s used to being in total control and having power over most men.

But not anymore…

Using this “F-word” will immediately set you apart from other men and nicely set the stage for women to start chasing you.

Because you are a CHALLENGE…

It works like magic… because it has EVERYTHING to do with the deep psychological cues that she’s hard-wired to respond to.

And that’s just one way to make her chase you, out of hundreds! Mike Wright actually coined a term for these techniques.

He calls them “Chase Triggers.”

If just one Chase Trigger is powerful enough to make her start flirting with you…

Can you imagine the effect on your girl when you STACK those triggers together… with enough firepower to put the erotic engine of EVERY woman within earshot, on overdrive?

I won’t go into the dirty details in this email…

But you can see and use all these triggers for yourself, right here…

And the coolest thing about these triggers?

Your lady friend won’t even know why she’s begging for your attention, making every move on you, and even begging you for sex…

She’ll just know she has to have you.

Some guys said the beginning of this video was the most eye opening 10 minutes of their entire adult lives. You probably wouldn’t disagree with that. It’s all about how a little pink box revealed the dirty secrets you’re about to learn… (go to the link above)

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

PS: 7 words that’ll make women start chasing YOU


What’s the secret to attracting women far more simply and quickly?

Easy: engineer the dynamic so SHE’S the one chasing YOU.

It opens the door to meeting, attracting and dating the women of your dreams FAR more regularly.

Sound appealing? Here’s how you do it:

7 “trigger words” that get women chasing YOU


Think back to elementary school.

Remember when a kid brought in the latest trading cards, or a really awesome shirt?

I’ll bet the other kids started giving them more attention.

Perhaps it made you, or some other kids, jealous.

Why does this happen?

People want what they don’t have.

This applies to many walks of life – including the process behind attracting gorgeous women.

If you want such a woman to really crave and chase you…

…you need to establish a dynamic where it feels like she doesn’t have you – but needs to start chasing you to get her hands on you.

But how?

Let’s extend the elementary school analogy further.

Once everyone started getting their own trading card, shirt etc. – they became less excited about it.

After all, they had the “thing” now, so had no reason to chase it.

And that first kid stopped receiving so much attention…

…because they no longer had that unique “X-Factor”.


If you don’t want beautiful women to lose interest in you like this…

…you’ve got to create and maintain the PERCEPTION that she’s chasing you.

Once people feel like they’ve got the “thing”, they have no reason to pursue it anymore.

Which is why she’s got to feel like she’s pursuing you, but never actually has you…

…so she always feels that sexy “thrill of the chase”, wondering what it would be like getting to know you that little bit better.

And better… and better… all the way to a committed sexual relationship.

(Or whatever your goal is.)

It sounds strange, I know – and probably a bit confusing.

Funny thing is, it DOESN’T have to be difficult.

Yet the vast majority of men get it wrong.

It may feel slightly counter-intuitive at first.

But making women feel this way is the KEY to transforming your results.

The most in-demand guys I know ALL understand this.

Even if they don’t have movie-star good looks, they “get” what sparks attraction in women…

…and how to repeat it, time and time again.

Would you like to do the same – and attract women beyond your wildest dreams?

Follow the link below for a set of “trigger words” that instantly help establish this powerful dynamic:

7 “trigger words” for consistently attracting gorgeous women

Talk soon,



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