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Climaxing when YOU decide?

It sounds unlikely.

But my friend Lloyd Lester is helping make that happen – by sharing his ejaculation by command technique that’s helping men everywhere boost their stamina, last WAY longer in bed…

…and yes, orgasm on command.

Take a look at his method here:

Last 30-60 minutes in bed and send your wife wild with pleasure TONIGHT


The length of time you last in bed is important.

It can have a big impact on the level of pleasure you’re able to give – and experience.

I’m not just talking about how long you can stay hard for, of course:

Being able to control WHEN you orgasm is what I’m more interested in.

Because, if we’re being honest, it’s something most men have ZERO control over.

They just “finish off” when their body decides.

Sure, some guys might be able to last ages with no effort…

…but don’t get jealous: it’s mostly luck in these cases.

They don’t have control over when they orgasm.

And most men, at most, can only last a few minutes – if that.


Whether you’re a lucky “endurer” or “regular and rapid”, it’s a problem if you don’t have that control.

When you don’t have the CHOICE over your climaxes, you risk leaving your woman unsatisfied.

She’s capable of experiencing MULTIPLE orgasms every night – really!

But if you can’t last long enough, she’ll never experience them.

You could be causing her to miss out on a huge amount of sexual pleasure.

Sorry to sound dramatic, but it’s a truth men everywhere are starting to face up to.

In happier news, however, they’re realizing that how long they last isn’t hard-coded into their genetics.

You can last longer with the right TECHNIQUES – techniques ANY man can learn.

And if you want to be that “special” lover who just keeps going… and going… and going…

…and leave your woman so overcome with multiple, shrieking orgasms that she can barely keep up with you…

…in my view these techniques are work taking a look at – and learning.

Want to give them a try?

Just head here:

Last longer in bed with these easy techniquesLloyd Lester Ejaculation By Command pdf free download


Talk soon,



PS: Are You About To Miss Out On Insane Sexual Stamina?


The clock’s ticking.

Sex expert Lloyd Lester’s stamina-booting program “Ejaculation by Command” won’t be online for much longer.

If you’re not already aware, it’s a set of powerful techniques that help men dramatically increase their sexual stamina.

It allows them to delay their orgasms for up to several HOURS, making controlling your arousal as easy as flicking a light switch on and off.

Long story short: you could both be in for the sweatiest, most unforgettable sex of your lives.

If that sounds like something you’d enjoy (who wouldn’t), then you’d better act fast.

Lloyd’s got to take it down on Sunday night, as he’s quickly running out of copies.

He can’t promise that his team will have a fresh batch produced ready any time soon.

It may never come back.

You don’t want to miss the opportunity to grab his secret stamina techniques.

Grab your copy of them in the link below:

Use this to last longer in bed and climax on command (without drugs)


If you’re still not sure – here’s a list of everything Lloyd’s crammed into EBC.

1)    9 simple techniques to overcome the mental barriers holding back your stamina.
2)    The “Total Immersion” method – how to outlast your lover every single time and delay you climax with ease.
3)    A 100-thrust penetration technique that gives her a very unique sexual experience.
4)    The “Pleasure Multiplier” method – makes her orgasms more powerful whilst helping you keep going for AGES.
5)    “Quantum Arousal” – how to get the pleasure chemicals pumping through her brain so she orgasms pretty much the instant you begin penetrating her.
6)    The “Scramber” technique – completely changes the way her brain experiences arousal, extending her orgasms and helping delay yours (without distraction).

And much more.

If, for whatever reason, EBC doesn’t give you the sexual performance you want…

…Lloyd’s ensured that there’s no financial risk to you.

You’ll be automatically covered by his 60-Day 100% Money Back guarantee.

But by the end of today – in the next few hours – this opportunity will be gone.

Quite possibly for good.

So – if you really want to last as long as you want in bed, gain complete control over your climaxes and hard-on stamina…

…and become your lover’s sexual superhero – then it’s time to act.

Follow this link to get your copy of Lloyd’s natural ED eradicator:

Download “Ejaculation on Command” (and get superhuman sexual stamina) TODAY by clicking here

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Talk soon,



PS: How To Climax On Command And Last 60 Minutes In Bed (Without Drugs)

If you’d like to last longer in bed – and make your woman orgasm multiple times a night…

…then I reckon you’ll like this.

There’s a simple new technique which allows you do exactly that – and, on top of that, give your lover more frequent AND more pleasurable orgasms.

Here’s how it works:

Do this to delay your orgasms and enjoy your most pleasurable sex ever


I know PE has long caused men a ton of anxiety.

But in truth – we’ve probably been too hard on ourselves.

I was reading through a “confessions” page in a woman’s sex magazine recently.

One woman claimed she actually felt more aroused when her man came more quickly…

…indeed, she took it as a personal compliment.

“I wouldn’t be disappointed if I was with a guy and he came everywhere really fast.

Actually… I’d be really flattered.

It’s so hot when a guy gets so aroused by me that he finishes himself off that quickly!”

So yes – most women are just as, if not even more, sympathetic to guys going through this.

Sometimes it’s even an advantage, as with the woman above, since it can make them feel more attractive.

But ultimately, even if their own loving partner told them this, I suspect it wouldn’t be much consolation to the guys suffering from PE.

They feel like they can’t fully enjoy the pleasure of amazing sex…

…along with the reaction of their lover, as she screams his name with unbridled passion.

It’s not just about disappointing your partner.

By climaxing in just minutes – or even seconds – there’s not much time to properly enjoy the sex you’re having.

Or the beautiful partner you’re getting intimate with.

Sound like you?

If so, don’t panic – there’s a number of different solutions available to you.

But if you want my view (hey, hopefully that’s why you’re reading this)…

…the best solution is to use completely natural techniques – which don’t affect the enjoyment of your sex.

In fact, the PE-eradicating technique I’ve got for you today could make it more pleasurable than you ever dreamed of.

To find out more, just read on here:

Develop incredible stamina in bed with this 100% natural sex technique

Ejaculation On Command Review

Talk soon,


PS – be aware: the results can take effect very quickly.

How’d you like to last 60 minutes in bed in the next few days?

That’s exactly what can happen when you follow this technique correctly.

Find out how it works by clicking this link



Ejaculation By Command Review




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Lloyd Lester is a highly sought-after sex advisor and sexual wellness expert with over a decade of experience in the field. His comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the areas of sexual health and performance have helped countless individuals and couples achieve greater satisfaction and fulfillment in their sex lives.

Lloyd's journey into the field of sexual wellness began when he experienced sexual challenges of his own. After years of struggling with premature ejaculation, he decided to seek out solutions to his problem. He tried various techniques and products, but nothing seemed to work.

It wasn't until he stumbled upon a holistic approach to sexual wellness that he was able to overcome his challenges and achieve the sexual satisfaction he had always desired.