The Paint Her Face Formula Review

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Here’s a secret few men know.

It’s a cool trick for increasing the size your loads.

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You may have seen it in adult movies.

…You know – when the male star drenches his woman with multiple huge shots.

And how does the woman respond?

With a huge grinning smile.


Because women LOVE a huge load.

It makes them feel like they’ve done an incredible job… AND it portrays you as one hell of a man.

And what’s really cool is that you have the power to change the size of your loads, it’s not just genetic.

With the help of a simple trick you can substantially increase the volume of your loads… and enjoy that priceless look on your woman’s face when it happens.

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No weird drugs needed.

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PS: Why Women LOVE Huge Loads… (How YOU Can Produce Them)


There’s lots to like about sex (shock).

Especially given that the end result (if done properly)…

…is a powerful, enjoyable orgasm for both of you.

Lovely stuff.

Of course, we want to give our partners the most memorable orgasm possible…

…since it proves we put on a pretty decent show for them, making us feel good about our own abilities.

But I bet you didn’t realise just how closely linked that the male and female orgasm are.

Put simply:

You can massively increase the pleasure of her climax simply by “blowing your load”.

And the bigger the load – the stronger, and wilder, her orgasms become.

Good news – it’s dead simple to get yourself blowing the HUGE loads women crave…

…by using a few straightforward techniques to increase your “volume”.

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Rapid, effective technique to blow huge loads FAST


I’m telling you this because I recently read a fascinating study from September 2018.

It asked 240 women how the size and intensity of their man’s load affected their sexual enjoyment.

And it found that the women enjoying the most pleasurable orgasms and enjoyable sex

…were those with the partners who “experienced a more intense ej*culation, and [who] expelled a greater ej*culate quantity”.

Summarized: the bigger and more powerful your load, the greater her pleasure.

On the surface, this link doesn’t really make sense.

After all, your load isn’t what stimulates her during the intercourse, right?

But there’s actually a powerful bit of psychology happening here…

…one VERY FEW men take advantage of.

Like I said earlier, it’s very erotic when we’re able to get our partner off.

If your lover can push you over the edge, it shows her not only that SHE’s done a good job…

…but that YOUR sexual function is firing on all cylinders.

She knows you’re the lover (and man) that can help her reach her own sexual peak.

That’s VERY sexy, obviously.

A huge load is the most direct visual representation of what you’re offering her…

…and her own orgasmic response just gets stronger and stronger.

Now – here’s the good part.

You can take practical, effective action to increase your load size right now.

Simply following these 3 simple techniques can change things almost instantly…

…allowing you to produce the loads that give her the most EXPLOSIVE orgasmic pleasure she’ll ever enjoy.

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How to produce MUCH bigger loads and enjoy insane orgasms (your partner too…)

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PS: 3 Ways To Increase The Size Of Your Loads (No Drugs)


Increasing the size of your loads doesn’t need a lot of complicated, potentially risky drugs.

Using these 3 entirely NATURAL techniques can increase your “load volume” practically overnight…

…and deeply impress your partner with your newfound ej*culation abilities.

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Blow MONSTROUS loads of never-ending pleasure with these 3 techniques


At some point in your life, you might have seen “those” adult movies.

You know… the ones that end with the male lead covering the woman he’s just been pleasuring with several huge, powerful loads.

(Hey, I’m certainly not judging here. We’ve all got our tastes, after all…)

And she looks utterly delighted to have received his gift, staring at him with newfound admiration.

Now, of course they’re just actors and actresses.

But unlike a lot of the stuff you see in those films, it’s an entirely realistic reaction.

The enjoyment women get from being covered in a huge load is a REAL LIFE phenomenon too.

Why’s that?

Well, I’ll put it like this:

It’s the result of all the “hard work” you’ve both just put in.

Shooting a huge load is also a sign that your member is much more responsive to the pleasure it’s received.

Plus, the orgasm you’ll experience is a LOT more intense when it’s preceded by an “explosion”.

So when your lover sees such a reaction…

…it makes her feel like she’s put on quite the performance for you.

(Never a bad thing.)

And she’ll see you as an incredibly masculine presence and performer in the bedroom yourself.

After all, your pleasure is her pleasure when you cover her in the release she’s been craving.

And the best news of all?

Firing off huge loads like this isn’t a genetic thing.

You don’t have to be some talented adult star: it’s entirely within YOUR power to change.

Simply using these 3 simple techniques can help ANY man produce substantially bigger loads, multiple times a night…

…and he’ll be seeing that unforgettable look of aroused delight on his partner’s face before he knows it.

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3 easy ways to blow bigger loads OVERNIGHT

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PS: Is Your “Man Juice” Healthy – Like This?


 The funny thing is, it’s probably one of the last things on your mind when you “release” after a good banging.

You may think, “Who cares what my cumshot looks like as long as I have a splendid climax…”

No, sir.

The thing is…

The consistency, look, and smell of your “man juice” says a LOT about of your overall health.

And your woman notices it too, but will likely keep mum about it.

So how does a healthy spunk look like?

Science says it should be a cloudy white or grey fluid…

While some say it should be a decent amount of fluid rather than watery dribbles.

More importantly, what signs and red flags should you watch out for?

Obviously, you should do your own research or ask your doctor about it.

But I already found something that no other men’s sexual health coach has ever revealed.

You see, my friend Olivier’s study of orgasms and “manly release” exposed all sorts of connection to men’s health and sex life. And he discovered that our ejaculate is in fact, a good indicator of how healthy we are.

How about yours – does it look like this?

Olivier is a trusted sex researcher who has been studying erectile health for decades now.

Not only has he studied how to produce massive loads and maintain longer staying power, he’s also researched into the “optimum semen health”.

For example: Did you know that 45-59 year-old men who have 1-2 orgasms a week are 2x more likely to die than those who rampantly squirt their juices all the time?

Or did you know that some men would only blow half as much as those who take care of themselves and hit the gym regularly?

Is it true?

You’ll find out in a minute.

But when I read about his research online, I must agree that there’s a connection between the quality of our globs to our sexual pleasure…

And then there’s another way (the easiest by far) to reward yourself with intense orgasms AND drench your lady with bigger, fuller loads.

He calls it “The Mongolian Man Blast” that fuels your man cannon…

Works great too, if you want it “on her face”.

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

PS: Her Best “Facial” Ever? (The Dirty Kind)


 Did you know that there used to be salons that offer ‘facials’?

You know… the dirty kind?

I was like whoa (with my signature o-face) I bet I’d make loads of cash for my own ‘man juice’!

I’m not kidding…

It’s because these spunk facials supposedly encourage collagen production and skin healing… but of course it’s mixed with a bunch of other ingredients, too.

Anyway, the benefits don’t stop there.

The truth is, when you have a thick and hefty man juice boiling in your balls, you CAN paint your woman’s face like you’re the Davinci of hot spurts!

“Keep it coming…” is what you’ll hear… and it even lasts up to 5x longer and more intensely than you normally do.

Ah, you’re gonna love this, if only you discover…

How to blow HUGE loads to give her the best ‘facial’ ever…

This also reminds me of…

The number ONE reason WHY you need to increase your load volume…

It’s for YOU to explode with the most intense, epic ORGASMS of your life…

…So powerful and deeply satisfying that your muscles contract again and again with never-ending waves of sexual release.

And, it’s quite easier to achieve than most people think.

No, it’s not the breathing exercises…

Or muscle strengthening.

Or thinking about your annoying co-worker to distract yourself…

The BEST way you can enjoy longer, intensely-pleasurable orgasmic pleasure… is by regaining your monster energy and blast bigger, bolder loads that last for minutes.

(okay I’m stretching it a bit when I say ‘minutes’… but you get the idea)

Yep, it all starts from the tip of your rock-hard member…

Discover this 27-second secret for shooting impressively-massive loads…

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


The Paint Her Face Formula Review


The paint her face formula: 17 natural semen enhancing juice recipes free pdf

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