The Nirvana Sex Position

(NEW) The Nirvana Sex Position That Lets You Last All Night & Give Her Multiple Orgasms?
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Hi there, 

Have you tried the NEW Sexual Stamina Increasing Position called The Nirvana Sex Position?

If not, please do. It’s a slight variation of the traditional missionary position but offers you more sexual stamina and pleasure, and her multiple mind-blowing orgasms.

You see, there are 2 main reasons why the traditional missionary sex position is NOT good for your sexual stamina:

1) Your whole penis shaft is aroused and stimulated, all the way from the back to the front. What that means is that you’re always getting closer and closer to ejaculation with each and every thrust.

2) On the flip side, neither her clitoris nor her g-spot is being stimulated because you’re just moving in and out of her.

That means that you’re always heading towards ejaculation QUICKLY while she’s moving towards reaching an orgasm SLOWLY.

Instead, Try Out This NEW Sex Position  Use “Nirvana” With Her Tonight

But with the Nirvana position, you last as long as you want in bed while truly enjoying every moment of making love to her. Your deep stimulating pelvic thrusts, combined with your presence and loving attention… all come together to trigger her to experience multiple full-body orgasms.

Give Her Multiple Orgasms All Night Long With This Nirvana Technique 

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To Phenomenal Sex,
Taylor Snow

P.S. Read below how more men raving about the “Nirvana” Position?:

“She loves it. I last so much longer. Lasting longer is a non-issue now. Getting rid of that shame, even if I do come too fast, naturally makes me last longer.” – Ben

“I had a deep-rooted fear that my penis was not huge enough to fully fill a woman up and therefore thought I couldn’t give any woman satisfying vaginal orgasms. Your Nirvana Technique gave me the sexual confidence to give it another shot and voila! Sexcess!” – Jonathan

“I don’t hide my agenda now. That turns her on. I previously thought that I had to blindly start thrusting in and out of her the old missionary way. Now there’s more thrusting variety, more sexual stimulation and arousal… more sexual pleasure and satisfaction.”Joey

“The biggest aspect that tremendously changed for me was my self and sexual confidence. Instead of being passive, I’m pursuing more better sexual situations.” – Kramer

AND Here’s what Ralph had to say after trying “Nirvana”:
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A whole world of sexual abundance is waiting for you…

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Discover A New Type Of “Bedroom Experiment” That’ll Sexually Excite Both You AND Her!

My friend Matt Cook, a Renowned Sex Researcher, asked me to share the following post with you. Read it carefully if you want better sex with your woman…how to do the sex potion video and candy lyrics shop angel, luigi, danny, chris video creampie

… Maybe you have a birthday or your anniversary coming up…

Or maybe you simply just want to spend a really special evening with your girlfriend or wife…

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or even if you are just preparing yourself to start dating again…

…introduce your woman to the incredible world of Nirvana Stamina Sex — a whole new type of sexual experience that’ll excite you AND her…

Once you experience this intensity of pleasure together, you’ll never want to go back to doing it the “old” way again.

With Nirvana Sex, You Experience…

      • “Rockiness” happens when you’re ready to have sexwithout the need for her to give you a hand job or blow job…
      • Once your brain is secreting the sexy chemical cocktail of hormones like oxytocin, boners improve immediately
      • Now when your penis gets “rock hard”, it gets REALLY “rock hard”! And you stay rock hard during the whole time you are having sex…
      • Increased sensation and pleasure
      • All those neural connections and sensations between your penis and your brain are fully fired up and which increases the sensitivity of your penis…
      • So you feel EVERYTHING. This is a pleasure like you’ve never felt before… full-body waves of orgasmic bliss…
      • Higher sexual libido and drive for both you and her too–
      • Both Men AND women ALL LOVE the Nirvana Technique… because this kind of sex feels SO amazingly good for YOU and HER too…
      • And she’ll love the deep connection you’re forming together every single time you slip between the sheets…
      • Deeper, Stronger, Sexual And Emotional connection with your girlfriend or wife
      • More love-making, less bickering. You and her are surprisingly getting along much better than you ever have in years!
      • Your friends will start noticing the tremendous change in both of you and will be curious to know what your secret is — should you tell them?
      • And then you’ll be full of sexual confidence the next time you hook up with a woman and take her back to your place for a night of hot sizzling passion…
      • And the ladies will not be able to keep their hands off you  — it will be so effortless and easy for you to find a loving and loyal girlfriend by applying the Nirvana Technique!

So today, you’ll get a chance to enjoy and experiment all this and more for FREE…

Discover The Nirvana Stamina Sex Position And The World Of Amazing Sexual Abundance And Pleasure That’s Waiting For You HERE.

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Click the link above and try it out yourself.

I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong


This Sex Position Delivers Juicy, OMG-gasms

Have you had sex so deliriously intense you swore it was the “ultimate pleasure” of your life?what is french positions in porn kama sutra nina bbw gif solo term pistols youtube casual

If I were to describe mine, I’m afraid I’d do injustice to it. Because the truth is, it’s a pleasure like no other. A new type of sexual experience – like an “out-of-body” orgasmic encounter.

And I believe that every man and woman should experience this at least ONCE, if not multiple times in his or her life. In fact…

This will give you the ultimate OMG pleasure of your bedroom life this year…

And once you experience it, you’ll never want to go back to regular, boring romps again.

But why is it so powerful?

…Because it triggers full-bodied, soul-stirring pleasure that makes your woman show her biggest “O-face” when she climaxes

…Because it sets your boner’s sensitivity at an “all-time high” by firing up all the neural connections between your brain and your manhood…

…And because it harnesses the long-lost art of “Nirvana Stamina Sex” that can take your intimate life to a new orbit.

And you know what?

You’re feeling all of these wonderful sensations the whole time DURING intercourse, and not just when you climax…

But when you finally “come”, it’s a release so powerful, it elevates your pleasure to a whole new plane of existence…

As incredible as it sounds, it all starts here:

The little-known trick that makes sex 10x more pleasurable…

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Go ahead and get yourself the ultimate “erotic pleasure” of your life.

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester




The Nirvana Sex Position Video



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