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Pro Extender™ Vs Penis Pumps
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Choosing The Best Penis Enlargement Device

For many decades, men have been using whatever techniques, devices, and technology they can get their hands on to temporarily increase their erections and penis size.

But since the mid-’70s, men have been extensively using the vacuum penis pump as their go-to solution for all their erection problems and also as their preferred tool for penis enlargement.

Even though penis pumps are still popular and effective, there are newer modern, and far more effective penis enlargement devices available in the market right now.

Thanks to the introduction of the revolutionary penis traction technique, the world of mechanical penis enlargement devices has taken a massive quantum leap onward.

Advanced clinical research and vigorous testing have resulted in the creation of penis traction devices that have the ability to greatly increase the size of the corpus cavernosa, the tissues in the penis that are responsible for your erections.

While previous mechanical devices like vacuum pumps only offered a temporary increase in penis size, a permanent penis enlargement solution is now readily available through penis traction devices like the ProExtender

So let’s take a deeper look at how both these 2 penis enlargement devices work…

How The Penis Pump Works

These old-fashioned penis pumps work by using the basic operating principle of an industrial vacuum pump: by removing the air molecules from the penis.

This, in turn, creates a vacuum of very low pressure, and it’s this “low-pressure vacuum” that sucks in extra blood from the rest of the body into the penis erection tissue (corpus cavernosa) and dramatically increasing the size of your penis and erection, often to massive proportions.

system instructions parts penis for sale side effects video murah cara menggunakanSo essentially, the basic penis pump works by first fastening an air-tight tube around the base of your penis.

Once the seal is secured, the air in the chamber surrounding the seal is gradually pumped out using a hand or electric pump.

This chamber is not an absolute vacuum, but by slowly reducing the air pressure in it, blood rushes into the penis causing it to gradually expand well beyond its usual size as the penis tissue attempts to fill up all the extra space created by low pressure inside the chamber.

The problem is that a rubber or plastic ring needs to be fastened at the base of the penis to prevent it from deflating back to its original size once the tube is removed. (Just like how you blow air into a balloon and then seal the opening to prevent it from deflating)

And since the increase in penis size is temporary, and most guys usually use this penis pumps more for “pleasure pumping” than for actual permanent increases in penis size.

Does The Pro Extender™ Really Work?

The Pro Extender™ works by using the principle of penis traction to trigger your body to create new penile tissue that lengthens and thickens your dick.

By gently and continually stretching the penis tissues, the Pro-Extender™ forces the body to actually produce new penile tissue to adjust to the new stretched size. (Similar to how your body builds muscles in response to you working out)

This principle is not new.

Ancient native people have been using this technology for centuries to modify the human body and surgeons also use it today to expand and create body tissues for reconstructive surgery.

The Pro Extender™ is very basic to operate.

You first attach the device to the penis much the same way as the penis pump, but without the airtight tube

The gadget also attaches a soft rubber cock ring around the head of your penis.

You then slightly tighten the device which puts a gentle tension on the penis.

The amount of time and tension applied to the device are the two important factors that determine how fast and big your penis will grow.

Not that it’s needed, but most men choose to take penis enlargement supplements to boost the impact of Pro Extender™

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Making It Permanent

Your main goal here is to permanently increase the length, size, and girth of your penis

But penis pumps are only effective as a temporary solution and are mostly limited to giving you a temporary big erection during sex which normally deflates back to its normal size afterward.

However, the Pro-Extender™ penis traction device is used as a safe and permanent way to naturally increase the length and width of your penis by applying modern established medical techniques.

And the improvement in size from the penis traction technology has been clinically tested and proven to last forever.


Despite the fact that vacuum penis pumps are OK for temporary penis enlargement, there’s no evidence in the form of tested and proven clinical studies that suggest that the constant persistent use of penis pumps may result in a permanent increase in penis size, no matter how much longer you use it.

Rather than leave it to chance, and considering the fact that the amount of time and effort used to get both temporary or permanent results is the SAME, wouldn’t you prefer to just increase your penis size once and for all, instead of every time you want to have sex?

That’s why the Pro Extender™ traction device is your clear choice for permanent penis enlargement.

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Why Pro Extender™ Is The Most Effective Penis Enlargement System Yet!


Because it REALLY works!

If you didn’t know, tissue stretching has historically and is now a clinically proven method for safe and effective natural body modification.

Medical doctors have been widely using tissue expanders for the purpose of enlarging soft tissue and using them in countless types of reconstructive surgery.

Orthopedic surgeons are using it to lengthen Limbs.

New skin is been grown by stretching the existing living skin.

And in South America and Africa, native tribal folks have been performing ear and lip stretching as a cultural practice for centuries now.

And this is because….

Tissue stretching WORKS Well to Modify the Body!

Since time immemorial, many native tribes all over the world have been practicing body modification through tissue stretching.

And it has since been tried, tested, and proven that the use of tension or pressure to stretch skin and tissue results in the body generating more skin and tissue.

Centuries of Proof

There are countless examples from all around the world that demonstrate that the human body does respond to sustained pressure resulting from the stretching and lengthening of body tissue.

One of the best possibly known native cultures who still practice body stretching are the Pa Dong Karen or the ‘Hill People’ who live along the borders of modern-day Thailand and Burma.

They are popularly referred to as the ‘Giraffe Women’ for a very good reason.

You see, it’s their custom to have some women in their tribe wear a large number of ornamental brass rings firmly around their necks starting from a tender age of 6 to 8 years old.

youtube original user reviews indonesia accessories system amazon testimonials cdAnd slowly by slowly, they add one ring at a time, over a period of time to increase the distance between their heads and shoulders.

Although this practice takes many years, the results are simply astonishing.

According to one of their native women, the current record stands at 28 brass rings, although most women usually stop when they get to around 20 rings

This example clearly proves that soft tissue isn’t the only body part that responds to stretching and traction, but also bone tissue too can be modified over time.

More Examples of Successful Tissue Expansion

In the jungles of South America, the Suya tribesmen of the Amazon forest have religiously practiced ritual ear and lip stretching for cultural and spiritual reasons.

Young Suya tribesmen have had their ears and lips pierced ever since they were still very young, and over the next several years, they were gradually but sufficiently stretched to accommodate disks several inches across.

And the results are just INSANE

The actual total amount of stretching achieved was equivalent to a 300% increase in size or more from the original size of the tissue.

Now back in Africa, there is a tribe called Mursi who live in the Omo valley of southern Ethiopia.

Their women have always worn lip disks as a custom which they have practiced throughout the century.

While this may seem wild and primitive to outsiders, these lip disks dignified the wearers as women of status, with the ones wearing larger disks being recognized as having higher social status and more sexual maturity.

It’s crazy but some Mursi women stretched and grew their lips so big that they could actually pull them over their own heads!

Crazy right?

before and after video price in dubai review size snapdeal pictures price in indiaEven though the lip disks were intentionally worn to enlarge the size of the lower lip, the constant pressure they put on the jaw affected it over the longer term.

The jaw and teeth gradually gave way under the continued weight and pressure, slowly forcing them to arch backwards out of the usual ‘U’ shape of the jaw.

Ok….Enough of these native stories…

The lesson learned here is that…

Body Tissue DOES grow when pressured to do so, but the process DOES take time.


ProExtender For Permanent Penis Enlargement


The Pro Extender™ penis traction device is the world’s leading penis enlargement gadget.

Designed and developed in Europe by Jorn Ege Siana, M.D., a certified specialist in general and plastic surgery, the Pro Extender™ will increase the length, size, and girth of your penis using exactly the same physical principles that are used in the examples illustrated above.

All you to do is use the Pro-Extender™ for just a couple of hours every day and you’ll vividly see and feel REAL PERMANENT results in just a couple of months.

Don’t worry. Nobody will ever know you have it on because the device is low profile enough to conveniently and inconspicuously fit below your underwear.

Pro Extender™ uses the conventional principles of cell mitosis, which is basically the process by which cells divide to produce larger amounts of tissue.

The Penis extender does this by gradually and gently stretching the penis which puts a mild tension on the penis tissue, eventually pulling the tissues and cells apart.

This soft intracellular tension triggers the body to grow new cells to relieve this tension.

And that’s how your penis actually grows new tissue!

This groundbreaking penis traction device gives you complete control of both the time and amount of tension put on your dick as you pursue the optimum penis enlargement.

This allows you to safely and naturally increase your penis size without any invasive and potentially harmful surgery,

The best thing about Pro Extender™ is that although it’s recommended by doctors all over the world, YOU DON’T NEED A PRESCRIPTION to order it OR a doctor to show you how to use this amazing fresh device. It’s very simple to operate as you will see once you get it.

Do yourself and your penis a favor.

If you seriously and sincerely want to enlarge your penis safely, naturally, and permanently, then head over to their OFFICIAL Website and discover why it’s the best penis enlargement traction device on the market.

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+ Frequently Asked Questions

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Where To Buy ProExtender Review

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Pro Extender Review

Where To Buy ProExtender Reviews
Where To Buy Pro Extender Reviews





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