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I get asked a boatload. 

By guys – and girls.  

Wanna know what the most popular question is? 



“How Do I Get My Ex Back?” 

It’s the most popular. It’s also the toughest to answer.  


Lemme share a story with you. 

There was an old chess master. And one day, a young student come to him and asked for help with his chess game. 

The grandmaster was a kind and generous man, so he agreed. The student then walked the teacher over to a chessboard that had pieces all over it. 

The match had already started! 

The old master frowned and said: 

“It looks like I’m gonna have a bit of trouble helping you out since you already went ahead and made some bad moves.” 

But the old man helped the young student get out of a bind and win the match. 

A few days later, the student asked the master to help him again. The teacher smiled and agreed. Once again, the student walked them over to a board that was active. 

But this match was even further along than the first. It was almost near the end. 

This time the master refused to help. He said that even he couldn’t help avoid checkmate. 

Too many mistakes had been made up to that point. 

And the mistakes were fatal

What does all this have to do with getting your ex back? 


If you’re a clean slate, I can help you. 

That’s my life’s work – the opening game. 

But when you’ve already been playing against one girl for a while…  

you’ve made a bunch of mistakes and she’s about to take your king. 

I’m good, yet I ain’t no miracle worker. 

But like the old chess master, I’m a kind and generous soul, so I’ll try to help you out…

“Have Your Ex Chasing YOU.”

Let’s go. 

Oh! Wait! Before I forget, lemme tell you about the best course in the world on getting your ex back…

It’s called “Text Your Ex Back 2.0“ and it was created by my friend Michael Fiore. 

I can give you the principles of getting your ex back but the tactics and “how-to” applications come from Michael

I only mention Text Your Ex–Back because so many people have used it to save their relationships from the brink. 

Click This Link And Get A Sneak Preview Of The Course

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Anyways… Before I tell you how to get your ex to come running back, I have an important question: 

Are you the dumper or the dumpee? 

This matters in the beginning. But only in the beginning. 

Here’s what I mean: If you dumped her, you have to get in touch with her. 

But if you got dumped, then you have to wait for her to contact you. 


If you violate this rule, you have ZERO CHANCE of getting your ex back. 

All right, here are three golden rules for saving a relationship. 

They also apply in the pickup, business, etc., so pay extra attention. 

1. The Rule Of Space

Once you’ve separated, put some distance, space, and time between you. 

Careful: too much and she’ll forget you and move on with her life with somebody else. Too little and you won’t “give her the gift of missing you”. 

Rock it like Goldilocks and find that balance. 

She hates you right now so you need to get away. Make her forget the current you so she can fall in love again with the man she first met. 

2. The Rule Of Scarcity

Two words: “limited edition”. 

How do they change how you feel about something? 

      • Does it seem more valuable now?
      • Do you want it more? 

If something is freely available, we don’t value it as much. 

So to make yourself more valuable in your ex’s eyes. Limit access to yourself. Make yourself scarce. If your she calls you and wants to “shoot the shit”, don’t let her. 

Say: “I’m crazy busy now. Let me know if you want to meet up for a drink later this week” 

With that one sentence you’ve implanted two assumptions: 

#1: You’re a busy guy. You have a life, you have goals, and you have people to see. 

#2: You’re letting her know that if she wants to meet in person, you’re up for it. But if she just wants to chat or message, you’ve got other stuff to do. 

I hate to break it to you… 

Sex won’t happen over the phone or Facetime. 

In fact, many women use technology to “dangle ” the prospect of sex in front of men. 

She’ll send you pics of her wearing a bikini. She’ll send you a video of her shaking her ass. She’ll call you up saying she’s wet. 

Don’t fall for this crap. The only things that matter are: 

    1. Meeting in person
    2. Getting physical 

She’s trying to tempt you while keeping you at a safe distance. 

But the only thing that matters is your dick in her pussy. 

Moving on.

3. The Rule Of Negotiation

All human relationships are negotiations. And in any negotiation, the person who cares less wins. 

That’s it.  

How can you use this to get your ex back? 

Tell her what you want, set your limits, and walk away. 

If she accepts, great. If she doesn’t, great. 

You care less. You win either way. 

Make it absolutely clear that you DON’T WANT TO BE JUST FRIENDS. Make it clear that you won’t be her phone buddy or emotional tampon. 

And she can accept it or not. 

Okay, those are my three guiding principles:

      1. The Rule Of Space
      2. The Rule Of Scarcity
      3. The Rule Of Negotiation 

Violate them at your peril. 

Here’s a little bonus tip: 

one word response template pdf does it work worksheets i cannot see audio book 500 questionsJust like in chess, getting your ex back is more about avoiding catastrophic mistakes than making “winning moves.”



Here are some examples; 

      • Don’t talk about “getting back together”. Never talk about relationships or exclusivity. 
      • Don’t tell her anything about what’s going on in your life. Let her find out for herself. 
      • Don’t share your feelings with her. Don’t create an emotional bond. 

If she wants that, she has to give you intimacy. 

Guys make these mistakes all the time. And digital communication has made the problem worse. 

Technology is a powerful tool, but like any tool, it can be used or misused. 

For me, technology has ruined more relationships than it has created. Back before Facebook and mobile phones, people broke cleanly from relationships. 

They never saw their ex again. They had no idea what their ex was up to.   

Trust me, that’s a good thing. 

These days, chumps with zero game have mobile phones in their hands. 

It’s a disaster. 

But If you use technology right… it’s the most powerful thing in the world. 

You can use your mobile phone to get your ex back. 

No, that doesn’t mean calling her up at 3 am crying and telling her how much you love her, miss her, and want her back. 

I can give you a few tips on how to text your ex – back into your life,  but I’m not the expert here…

Michael Fiore is. 

He’s created the only course you’ll ever need on communication with your ex for the goal of getting her back. It’s called “Text Your Ex – Back”. 

It’s an A to Z on what to say to rekindle a relationship. 

Just send a few tested and scripted texts, at the right time… watch her interest slowly grow… and then wait for her to crawl back. 

The difference is that it will be HER idea to get back to get her. She’ll want to. It won’t be you convincing her to come back. 

It’s worked for hundreds (maybe even thousands) of guys, and girls. 

And it’s not just for texting. You can use the secrets in “Texting Your Ex Back” to massage her on Facebook,  Instagram, email, etc. 

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I hope you apply it and have wild, animalistic, breathless make-up sex. 

Your friend…

Taylor Snow


Do These 2 Things to Stay Out of the Dreaded “Friends” Zone


Being friend-zoned feels shitty – especially if it’s YOU being friend-zoned. By the girl you can’t stop thinking about.

You want to taste her pussy but she only sees you as a mate, or worse yet – a brother.

Bad combo. 

The good news is that you CAN change this – so listen carefully…

Are you listening?


Do these TWO things:

1) Prove to her that you’re different from most men
2) Prove to her that you’re are a good catch

Let us start by proving to her that you are really not like most guys

First, ask yourself this:

* What Are Most Men Doing to Attract Her?

Think of anyone that is superior in their field and you’ll soon realize that they share a common trait: They do things differently than 99% of other people.

This is especially very true in the dating world. 

The more attractive a woman is, the more men she has competing for her attention.

And can you guess what most of these men are doing?

They’re going out of their way to try and impress her and please her by becoming the kind of man that she expects them to become. 

They’re making themselves available to her all the time and going completely over the top to win her attention.

Seems like a pretty good strategy, right?


Imagine that you had a dozen people competing for your attention who were all doing nice things for you. How do you give your attention to all these people?

The answer is you can’t.

The novelty would wear off soon enough and you’d get bored. And guess what? Women get bored too.

So as a defense, women have mastered the art of keeping their would-be suitors at an arms distance: relegating them to the friend’s zone. 

Meanwhile, the man who comes along and doesn’t shower her with attention but who seems slightly disinterested, a little mysterious, and who is a little bit of a bad boy has her wrapped around his finger (and cock)


Because he gives her a sense of excitement, variety, and adventure. He also shows her that he has the confidence and strength to maintain his identity while these other guys are busy wrapping themselves around her finger.

* How Can You Stand Out?

Before going out on another date, make sure you first make a detailed list of all the ways that you usually go over the top to attract any woman want. If these aren’t things that are a part of your life or are out of character for you – then don’t fucking do it!

If it’s simply for the sake of impressing a woman, she’s probably smart enough to know that. She ain’t stupid.

Until you’re honest with yourself about these things, 
you’ll never display a genuine character, which will 
attract quality women. But once you do, you’ve taken the first step to her that you are a good catch.

We’ll cover the next two steps in the next two emails.

Just before I go, if the romance has “died” in your 
relationship, you need to hear what this Michael Fiore guy has to say now.

==> Ignite romance and get your ex back today

See, Michael’s created a program called “Text Your Ex Back 2.0” that shows you how to use tiny little text messages sent from your cell phone to turn even the biggest “romantic numbskull” into an absolute “Prince Charming.”

And to convert even the busiest “Ice Queen” into your very own romantic kitten…

Check It Out Now

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Seize The Day,

Taylor Snow




Text Your Ex Back Review

Text Your Ex Back Review

how to text your ex-back the art of using text messages to get your ex back with 53 examples

Text Your Ex Back PDF

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