Best Places To Touch A Girl To Turn Her On

Where To Touch A Girl To Turn Her On Sexually AND Trigger Huge Arousal
how to touch a woman to turn her on | where to touch a woman to turn her on sexually


Sexual touching really isn’t complicated – but it can be incredibly powerful, when done right.

It certainly doesn’t need to be as awkward as some men make it.

Touching some completely innocent places on your woman’s body can spark instant, deep arousal…

…by provoking a subconscious reaction in her brain’s pleasure center.

Whether she’s your wife of 40 years or a new girlfriend.

Find out where these zones are in the link below…

The Best Spots To Touch A Girl To Turn her On AND Trigger Instant Attraction (Use On Wife Or Girlfriend)


Remember the movie “Hitch”?

It featured a character called Albert Brennaman, who was deeply uncomfortable with the idea of breaking the touch barrier with his attractive co-worker.

Through gradual exposure and guidance from Will Smith’s character (Alex Hitchens)…

…Albert realised breaking the touch barrier wasn’t scary after all.

He was able to win his crush over (lucky guy!).

Now, Albert isn’t real.

But his experience is definitely real for men all over the world, who share his awkwardness with knowing when (and how) to touch a woman.

Perhaps you feel the same.

I’ve got a secret for you, though…

You’ve already got the skills you need to touch women appropriately AND in a way that sparks arousal.

Don’t believe me?

Think about it: we all use touch to build rapport in day-to-day-life all the time.

Even for stuff as simple as hugging family members.

It works by activating psychological triggers that confirm the other person isn’t a threat, making us more comfortable towards them.

This process has been evolutionarily hard-wired into us.

And, even though it feels like a very different kind of interaction…

…the same principle applies when you’re trying to touch an attractive woman, whether she’s your wife, girlfriend or someone else (no comment!).

Remember, she’s just another human.

Respectful touch activates the same psychological triggers, making her far more comfortable with you sharing personal space.

But that’s just the start of what’s possible through the power of touch.

Touching several other completely innocent body parts, even in normal social interaction, is going to help you take things up a notch.

These touches can trigger a chain reaction in her brain that activates genuine attraction and desire – and a craving for sex.

(Not a bad thing all things considered…)

Where are these innocent areas? Read on below to find out…

The Best Places To Touch A Girl To Turn Her On AND Make Her Want Sex

Best places to touch a woman to turn her on | best place to touch a woman to turn her on

Talk soon,


Ways To Touch A Girl To Turn Her On With A Single Touch?

You’ve seen those small hinges that swing big doors?

It turns out… that a “single touch” can hugely affect a woman the same way.

It intensifies her sexual arousal which makes her greatly attracted to you sexually.

And you know what’s the best part? It makes her wet and horny beyond her own control…

So if you’ve not been having any luck with the ladies lately, try this instead:

How to touch a girl to turn her on sexually with a SINGLE touch

The truth is, it all comes down to building her “anticipation”…

Anticipation is a powerful aphrodisiac because it makes her imagine all the naughty things that you’re about to do to her. It gets her craving your touch. And when done in increasingly erotic ways, she won’t be able to resist it.

She’s going to want to know what’s behind that “touch“…

Like a sneak peek of what to expect from you…

And when you know just how to DELIVER her expectations?

She’ll be throbbing and getting wet before you know it.

Which is why an effective “sexual escalation” tool should be ready at your disposal.

But of course, you can’t go around grabbing her butt and expecting that to work…

In fact, it’s not just her face, breast, or thighs – but some other “key areas” of her body that will quickly escalate her desire, passion, and lust…

Until she’s finally aching to have you inside of her.

Look, nothing turns on a woman better than paying close attention to the sexier parts of her body…

And the good news is, it’s going to take LESS than smooth talking to get the job done.

So if you want to eliminate your fear, frustration, and insecurity permanently…

Here’s how to touch a girl to turn her on with rapid sexual AROUSAL…

spots to touch a woman to turn her on | ways to touch a woman to turn her on

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


Best Places To Touch A Woman To Turn Her On (This Mysterious “Touch” Wets Her Pussy On Contact

“Rub her clit till she climaxes”…

“Stroke her g-spot until she squirts”…

How many times have you heard these lines?

Look – all the touches, strokes, and rubs we talk about here are self-explanatory for most guys and a child’s play for the more experienced ones.

However,  there’s one TOUCH that I’d consider purely orgasmic…

And it’s one that automatically puts a woman on the onset of intoxicating arousal – and even an “instant orgasm” – if you do it right…

The mysterious place to touch a girl to turn her on sexually on contact…

Just imagine…

Instead of going up against her sexual barriers, her objections, her reluctance, and her lack of interest… she’s now suddenly INTO YOU because of this simple touch.

And yet you do it without explicitly coming out and being in her face saying it!

In fact, this is helpful if you struggle to communicate, create intimacy, and get your partner in the mood…


One reason: Touch is the most powerful form of communication.

For instance, a study shows that long before you were born, you were able to tell the difference between when your mother touches her belly versus someone else. And, you were more likely to reach out and touch the uterus wall when your mom rubbed her tummy.

Translating this to adult speak… a woman will respond to your touch when it’s something her body “understands”.

And because she’s wired this way, she can’t help but get incredibly turned on…

And feel intimate, connected, and more in love with you.

The good news is, there’s a secret “sequence of touches” you can use again and again to get your lady in the mood for some white-hot nookie. See it here…

Almost effortless! Erotic spots to touch a girl to turn her on that burn her lust for you…

how to seduce a girl through touch | how to seduce a woman without saying a word

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


Even The Meanest Girls Want To Be Touched Like This? (Where To Touch A Girl To Turn Her on CRAZILY)


Apart from inventing scissors and painting Mona Lisa, Da Vinci was known as “ambidextrous” – because he can write in one hand and draw with the other at the same time.

Now imagine you’re bestowed with the same ability in your hands…

Where one hand gives women a sense of comfort… and the other injects a sexual hunger in her – all at the same time.

Don’t think this will work in your favor?

Well, take a quick peep at this one below…

Here are ways to touch a girl to turn her on… and it works fast!

Look, it’s no surprise that women get bored with sex after just a few months into a relationship.

With unlimited resources of entertainment, intimate encounters have become a tiring cat-and-mouse chase.

Just imagine the number of couples “playing phone tag” in the bedroom now as you’re reading this.

And yet, when you look at the other side of the fence…

Some guys that have been married for 10, 20, 30 years or more – are having WILD, passionate romps as often as they want – regardless if it’s the man or woman who initiates FIRST.

So what’s the difference?

Well, if a man’s initial approach sucks, getting sex is next to impossible.

And even if you land one, the pleasure it brings will be short-lived – and you’ll just move on to another lousy night.

In short, you can’t put the cart before the horse.

You have to have the basics down. And the good news is, I’ve found one approach that starts nowhere else but your hands…

In fact, this works deep into the female psyche that affects any “type” of women – which means…

That One Place To Touch A Girl To Turn Her On ( Even The Meanest Girls Want To Be Touched Like *This*…

where to touch a woman to turn her on sexually | how to touch a woman to turn her on

It’s true – Even if she’s the coldest diva you know, just get her sexually hungry like this and she will lap in your hand in no time.

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

Best Places To Touch A Woman To Turn Her On ( Arousal Technique That Actually Works!)


In today’s post, I’m going to explain exactly how to touch a woman to drive her wild in bed.  If you understand it, and you try it, it’s going to be game-changer for your intimate life.

In fact, I can guarantee that I will get emails from men telling me that this one email completely changed their sexual life.

I’ve been talking this week about erogenous zones, but the fact is, whether we’re talking about the nape of her neck or her G spot, if you don’t touch her the right way, it just isn’t going to work.

I have spoken with dozens of women who told me that when their lover touches her G spot it feels weird, or it’s uncomfortable, or even that it hurts.

Now if you’ve already guessed this might have to do with her state of arousal, GREAT JOB… but it’s only part of the story.

Of course, if a woman is not aroused, any diddling you do in her vagina is going to feel more like a visit to the gynecologist than wild ecstasy.  So, yes, foreplay (whether physical or just psychological) is definitely essential.

But the fact remains, that two men can do exactly the same thing to their aroused girlfriend/wife/hook-up, and have entirely different results.

And most often that difference is intent.

As strange as this sounds to many men when I first explain it, when your intent is to give her pleasure – which sounds like an entirely positive thing – the technique you are using will almost always fail.

It may sound backward, but women are much more turned on when you touch her selfishly– when you put your hands on her for YOUR pleasure, not hers.

There are 3 reasons for this, and if you take a minute to just wrap your head around these reasons, you can nearly instantly transform yourself into the kind of lover that women dream about.

1) Most humans, both men, and women are better at giving than receiving. 

Receiving without reciprocating is hard.  Imagine that you are having sex with a partner for the first time and she’s moaning and going crazy with pleasure and loving every minute of it.  Huge turn-on, right? 

Now imagine she’s just lying, not moving much at all, and making no sounds at all.  Hm.  Less fun. 

So you ask her, “Does this feel alright?”

She answers, “Oh… well… no need to worry about my sexual pleasure, I’m simply doing this to you to make you happy.”


Now, look, of course, there are some men who might hear this and find it’s a bulls-eye to their domination kink.  But for the vast majority of men, this is bad enough that he may pull out without finishing.

When a man is touching any erogenous zone on a woman, and his main intent is her pleasure, this is what she experiences.  And women tend to be extremely sensitive to this kind of thing.

2)  Arousal is contagious.

Going back to the same example above with the woman who is going crazy, moaning, having multiple orgasms… For most men, that’s so much of a turn-on that they are likely to struggle with not getting pushed immediately over the edge.  That’s because HER turn-on is… well… a huge turn-on.

This works exactly the same way in BOTH directions.

When you are aroused and completely absorbed in touching her, she FEELS it. 

When you’re absorbed with trying to make her feel something… she doesn’t.

3) Sexual Polarity.

While the first two are true for both men and women somewhat equally, this last one is really more specific to the arc of sexual polarity.  I could (and have) write many pages on this subject, but for the sake of being brief here, the nature of polarity is that masculine energy gets turned on by DOING something (watching, touching, penetrating), and feminine energy gets turned by being the OBJECT of that doing (getting watched, being touched, being penetrated).  

A feminine woman’s worst nightmare is to be laying there while a man is frantically busy on her G spot or clitoris trying to “make something happen.”  

In my last post I revealed an exact spot on a woman’s foot that can trigger a spontaneous orgasm, but again, a man who goes at it furiously trying to give her an orgasm, looking up now and then to see if it’s working, is going to just make her wish she was someplace else.

She wants to be lusted for, she wants to be taken, ravished, consumed with a man’s greedy lust.  

Touch her that way, anywhere, and see what happens.

best place to touch a woman to turn her on | Best places to touch a woman to turn her on

For Passion,



If you want more clarification and specific instructions on how to approach this with your woman, a good program for learning the Where/How/What/Which Place To Touch A Girl To Turn Her On is “Seduce With Silence System.”   

It’s a good primer with more step-by-step instructions to get you started and it’s discounted right now through the end of the weekend.

You can Check out The Silent Seduction System by clicking here. 

Follow this link to find out the best places to have sex that you haven’t even thought of yet!

ways to touch a woman to turn her on | spots to touch a woman to turn her on

Best Places To Touch A Girl To Turn Her On

Where To Touch A Girl To Turn Her On

best ways to touching a woman that drive them nuts and she doesn't move for the first time

spots to touch a girl to turn her on

ways to touch a girl to turn her on
How to touch a girl to turn her on sexually
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